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Tune in tonight at 7 p.m. CST – 8 p.m. CST and join us in our free chatroom! C’mon on, everyone let’s have some fun!! Host, Jerry along with co-host, Allan and I are gonna be chatting up some weird topics all about the paranormal! Can’t wait, it’s gonna be an awesome show!!


Be there or be scared!! ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ฑ



~ Sheila








Just a quick shout out to The Calling (ย  for inviting me to join their team as co-co-host! Last night was my first show working with co-host, Allan Yerxa Sr. while host, Jerry Ayres had to take some personal time off.

Much love to all those who tuned in and also joined in the chatroom!

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Also…. A gracious shout out to for giving us a shout out on their Tide Podcast!! Thanks so much, you are beyond amazing!!!







Hey everyone remember to tune in tonight and join us in the free chatroom on! We’d love to hear from ya!!


It’s gonna be an awesome show!!!








Hey, everyone! Super stoked about some exciting news and as you all know, I always have to share with you!

Back before the holidays I was the guest on an awesome radio show called The Calling on, not once, but twice host, Jerry Ayres and co-host, Allan Yerxa Sr. gave me the amazing opportunity to be their guest. It was an honor for me and we all had such a blast!

Well, they’ve reached out to me again, but not with the invitation of being their guest…. oh no… Here’s the extremely exciting part!! Ya ready?!?! Jerry and Allan have asked me to join their team on The Calling!! YES and I am super stoked!!! I will be joining them on their show as a co-co-host, filling in from time to time! What an awesome opportunity!


Hope you all can join us and tune in to The Calling on! This Wednesday night will be my first night as co-co-host and I can’t wait, we’re going to have so much fun!! And join our chatroom as well, we love hearing from you!!


~ Much Love & Light, Sheila






(Sheila Renee Parker. Author. Artist. Empath. Paranormal Researcher.)







HAPPY 2019!!!

‘Tis a wonderful, bright new year is now upon us! Make the absolute very best of it! Let this be the new beginning to something extraordinary, something so fantastic that it will continue to mesmerize you for years to come!

Don’t just make plans…. Make them happen! Carpe diem, baby!!! ๐Ÿ’‹


Much Love & Light! ~ Sheila ๐Ÿ’•








Life is Good!!!

Life is good! Wait…. scratch that! Life is FABULOUS!! Happy Sunday, everyone! Just stopping by with some positive vibes, wishing you all the very best that this fabulous day has to offer!

Remember, regardless of what we may have going on in our lives (on a crazy level or other), there is always a beautiful light to be seen. We simply have to remind ourselves that we are awesome enough to endure life’s random challenges no matter what! We are strong, we are survivors and we will always prevail!

However the cookie may crumble, eat it up and enjoy!! Make the best of everything for it all happens for a reason. Accept it, learn from it and continue to shine on for all the world to see! Let your radiance light the way for others so that they can do the same as well. Pay your awesomeness forward!! Together we can make this world a brighter place!!


~ Much Love & Light, Sheila ๐Ÿ’•





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(Sheila Renee Parker. Author. Artist. Empath. Paranormal Researcher.)