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At my speaking engagements people ask me all sorts of questions regarding the paranormal like “can animals sense spirits” or “are all ghosts bad?”. Why not have that same opportunity here as well. I want to be able to give everyone a place where they can ask questions and openly discuss the paranormal…. a type of haven without ridicule… So, if you have a question or would like to discuss a topic regarding the preternatural world, then please feel free to ask or share.

The following are some of the questions that people have asked me at my speaking events.

1. What are some ways to help ward off negative energy?

As simple as this sounds, I get asked this a lot. There are actually lots of different things that a person can do to help guard against anything negative.

Saging (a.k.a. “smudging”) can be very effective and is very easy to do. All one has to do is get a bundle of sage and light one end of it. Blow the flame out and fan the burning smoke (this can be done with the use of a feather) throughout the area needing to be cleansed of negative energy. Many people choose to repeat a mantra as they do this. The mantra is primarily chosen by the individual and includes positive words of reinforcement. Also, the use of certain kinds of incense like dragonsblood and sandalwood can be used much in the same way as doing a smudging with sage.

Another way to help ward off negative energy is by “cleansing” the home with sea salt at the base of windows and doorways. This can also be extended out to the perimeter of one’s property to help create a protective barrier that blocks out anything negative.

Calling upon Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels is another effective way to help maintain a positive atmosphere. In my belief, I like to use the protection of white light. I find it pretty easy to do. All I do is envision a “protection shield of white light” encircling me.

Like I tell people, there are so many ways of removing negative energy. My suggestion is to find a way that works and practice it. Find comfort with it and know deep within the heart that there is empowerment in all that is positive.

2. Several family members have seen the spirits of deceased loved ones, but a certain family member may not be able to. Why is that?

Often the deceased will be seen by loved ones. Their spirits are seen by the bereaved sometimes for closure purposes, but there are times when the deceased will not make their presence known to certain individuals simply because the spirit may feel that their living loved one may not be “ready” to see them, there may be fear creating the block that prevents the encounter from happening.

The loss of a loved one is never easy for anyone, including the dead. We, the living, have lost them, but they’re the ones who lost their lives and for many deceased, the acceptance of passing away is more difficult to swallow than it is for the living. It’s possible for the dead to go through a grieving period as well.

3. Can animals be sensitive to the paranormal like humans?

I strongly believe that this is possible. I once talked with a lady who had a cat. Along with her family, she and the cat lived in an older house whose previous occupants also had a cat that had unfortunately died in the home. Prior to moving into the house, the lady said that her cat was sweet but very “stand-offish”. Then after they moved into the home, her cat started becoming very affectionate and wanted to be held all the time. It would act strangely around certain parts of the house as well. The lady told me that she believed that her cat was trying to hoard all the attention from the ghost cat of the previous tenants.

4. After someone who was considered a good person dies, can their spirit become malevolent?

Yes. For example, this can happen to victims of violent crimes that resulted in death. Therefore, causing them to feel as if they were horribly robbed of their life, creating mixed feelings of confusion and rage. With these distraught emotions, a happy person could quite possibly become the opposite in the afterlife.

5. Can the negative energy of someone living manifest itself into a malicious entity?

Unfortunately, this can happen. Someone who is deeply depressed and saddened can bear a great deal of negative energy. This dark energy emitted from the individual’s body can become so “weighed down” and “heavy” that it manifests into a separate entity that attaches itself to the depressed person. Therefore, the creation of something malevolent can be born even without the intentions of the individual.

At my speaking events, I encounter so many inquisitive people, and from them, I also learn. Knowledge is never ending… and understanding… well, that goes without saying…. having an open mind is key to understanding the unknown.

“Wherever there is darkness, light will always prevail.”
~ Sheila Renee Parker




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11 thoughts on “Questions & Answers

  1. Thank you so much for following me. I am a rank beginner, and you are my first follower. I really needed the encouragement, and you made my day!

    Your blog is beautifully done! I hope you won’t mind if I use your blog as an example to follow.

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  2. Congratulations. This blog is wonderful. I’m really fascined by Paranormal, when I was child I saw a monster in the darkness when I was preparing myself to sleep and until today I do not know the reason of the experience. Well, so since that time until today I’m more close to discovere what he was wanting with me. I will continue reading the Blog. Good stuff and preparation. Cool!

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  3. I wish you could read my blog “Hope you are not superstitious” on my website and tell me what YOU would make of it. It was VERY real. I had a few other experiences and must admit that I really got scared of my apparent ability. I prayed that this ‘curse’ was taken from me. Now I’m sorry since I’m more comfortable with it.

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  4. I would really like to experience something. Not something that I feel like I might have experienced, or something that makes me wonder if I imagined it. I don’t want to be told that if I imagined it, it was probably real, to trust my instincts, that some people are sensitive and some are not, etc. I come from a long line of pyschics which seems to have ended with me. But the urge to experience, to connect, persists. I would like to experience something that is undeniable. Is this possible?

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