The Valentine Lover

(Poem by Sheila Renee Parker)


The clock strikes twelve, it’s finally midnight.
Valentine’s Day has arrived.
Alone in the bed I await as the minutes slowly tick by.
Every year, this day belongs to only he and I.

Myself, I willingly give to him.
And in return, he pleasures me with salacious sin.

Suddenly, the moment is here
and I feel his presence near.
Taking his time, he enters the bed down by my feet,
kissing each toe beneath my satin red sheet.

Then, with his lengthy tongue he trails up my leg
causing me to moan and slightly beg.
He continues upward with his warm lips,
pausing ever so briefly between my hips.

My body quivers and he grins.
Paralyzed by my weakness, I allow him in.
He penetrates my being with all that he is,
consumed by desire I am rendered speechless.

Together we flow, our rhythm as one.
With amorous energy our bodies hum.
His kisses are hard, deep and long
as the sensual night lingers on.

Hours later the morning sun appears
as my sweet beloved gradually disappears.

Prior to leaving, he makes it very clear
that only one night a year
there is no other,
the Incubus is the Valentine lover.



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~ Sheila Renee Parker on Twitter: @sheilarparker.

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Incubus & Succubus: Erotic Dream or a Deviant Reality?

There are still a lot of people out there who haven’t heard of these lascivious creatures, while there are others who shun away from the sheer notion of them. And yet, there are those of us who are lured into their provocative legends.

An incubus is a demon who allegedly climbs on top of women who are sleeping in attempt to have sex with them. The female counterpart of an incubus is referred to as a succubus. She acts seductively in the same manner as her counterpart, however her victims are sleeping men.

Incubi and succubi (plural for incubus and succubus) are supposedly extremely attractive, charming and know exactly how to persuade their victims into their lustful trap. Legend states that these erotic demons lie on top of their helpless victims while they sleep and enter their dreams causing nocturnal emissions to occur. Many believe that the purpose of the incubus is to impregnate women, while the succubus’s purpose is to drain the souls of men. Superstitions claim that if a relationship with either of these demonic entities is formed, then it can lead to severe health issues and possibly even death.

Reports of incubi date way back to 2400 BC during Mesopotamia times. It was rumored that the hero, Gilgamesh’s father was Lilu, an incubus that supposedly aroused women in their sleep with his erogenous ways. The men from that era had their version as well, the succubus referred to as Lililu. Another tale comes from the Malleus Maleficarum in 1486 written by Heinrich Kramer. Kramer wrote that a succubus’s purpose was to seduce her victim and collect his semen. Then, the incubus would take the semen and use it to impregnate his female victim. With this theory, it gives explanation as to how demons sire children. These alleged children were called cambions who were often born cursed with birth defects and a sensitivity to the supernatural.

Versions of the incubus are known worldwide. In South Africa, their version is referred to as Tokolosh. In Germany, their version is an Alp and in Chile, they call theirs The Trauco. And succubus versions known worldwide include the Huldra in Scandinavia, the Siren in Greece and even the widely known mermaid.

Many scientists theorize that victims of succubi and incubi could quite possibly be the unfortunate victims of actual sexual assaults. And that the elaborate stories of such creatures were created to help conceal the truths behind the heinous realities.

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~ Sheila Renee Parker on Twitter @sheilarparker.