Interview with GP Haggart

Today I’m welcoming author and demonologist, GP Haggart. Thank you, GP for stopping by!



Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am an author and theologian who has been involved with spiritual warfare since my first encounter with a demon in 1997. You know that ending phrase at the end of paranormal shows, “An exorcism was done in the house.” Yep, that’s me.



Why the paranormal?

I never attempted to associate myself with the paranormal community. I have always been a part of the church community. One day word spread about me to some paranormal groups who were confronting demonic cases and they asked me for advise. I then thought, “Hey, this paranormal community is growing quickly,” at the time, “I should write a book to help them with demonology.” I thought, “What better way to help more people.” Then, some online radio buffs contacted me to be on their shows and things took off. Next thing I knew producers were calling me for demonic advice and nearly got my own show. I look back now and thank God I didn’t. People are very opinionated these days and I just do not care to deal with the BS of slander and defamation that comes with the negative aspects of the paranormal community. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve made many friends in the paranormal and have a lot of fun talking with people in it. There is a sense of belonging the paranormal community has about it which is attractive.



What’s it like being both a pastor and a demonologist?

I was a pastor from 2003 to 2012. I do not pastor anymore and still get called by a few ministries to pastor for them but I have my reasons. When God calls me back to pastor I’ll do my best to be ready. To be both a pastor and a demonologist was intriguing. I investigated the cases and being an ordained minister at the time I would just cast out the demons right there; unlike most demonologists who wait for clergy to see evidence and get through their objective diagnosis.



You’re the demonology consultant for The Travel Channel’s, The Dead Files. Can you share with us one of your most frightening experiences?

The Demon War episode was frightening for the family. Amy determined the spirits there were demons and mainly in the little boys room. They were also plaguing the boy, and I felt for him. As a father, I love children and basically brought the heavy artillery in to keep those demons out. About the only thing you see me do on that episode is use the Orthodox intense burner because the producers really like the looks of it; that just cleansed the home. What I actually did that you don’t see that cast the demons out was the use of anointing oil from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem on entry areas, and Holy soil wrapped in scripture placed in cracks outside the home. Needless to say they never came back and the boy is safe.



How do you prepare yourself for an investigation? And how do you protect yourself from any demonic activity?

I don’t usually investigate: paranormal investigators provide me with materials I need to study a case and make a determination of what applications to use to cast out demons. I have dealt with mostly stage 4 (The Advanced Stage) and stage 5 (The Dangerous Stage) and to be honest, the stuff I’ve seen makes you humble before God and hope He is there protecting you. You have to have faith in spiritual warfare. Most new comers to demonology get excited and go looking for demonic cases; I don’t. I hate this field, and am only involved because I have the knowledge and experience necessary to know what the demon is doing, what they are after, and how to remove their rights. There is nothing exciting about this field. I have experience so much spiritual warfare I was diagnosed with PTSD. People who get involved in demonology and spiritual warfare need to realize evangelism (love, spreading the gospel) is most important. You’ll know you are spreading the gospel right when the devil sends a demon your way. The knowledge of spiritual warfare is for defense purposes, not offense. Jesus and the apostles never went looking for demons, demons looked for them and showed up to try and divert attention away from the message of Jesus Christ. They hate Jesus. I recall one demon told me during an exorcism that he hated all the “Jesus crap.” When we spread God’s word and a demon shows up to put a wrench in our ministry, that is when spiritual warfare knowledge is needed: other than that the devil does not deserve any attention.



You’re also an author. Can you tell everyone a little about your books and where they can be purchased?

My books seem to be every where and for some reason they are very popular in Britain. But anyone can type my name in Amazon and there they are. I write a Mechanics series, volume one and two on demonology are out there, volume 3 I’m still writing and Mechanics of Angelology should be out in 2016. I wrote my testimony titled The Ekballist, about my life struggles with the demonic. I also wrote a few financial books to help people with money; used to be a financial rep too. I write a fantasy novel series titled Dragon Slayer, which chronicles the Pendragon family line from beginning to end.



If someone is in need of a demonologist, how can they contact you?

I’m on Facebook mostly and take a lot of questions, and consult. Most of the Paranormal groups in the Great Lakes region know me also.



What would you consider as a positive highlight from being a demonologist?

I have witnessed God’s providence. If you don’t know what that is, it is where God allows something to happen to you to strengthen and build you up for something in the future. You’re there wondering why events are happening to you but months or years down the road something happens in which you are prepared for. For me I suffered demonic possession in 1997 and look where I am today: using my experience to put a wrench in the devil’s plans for people.



What’s next for GP Haggart?

I would like to write a few more books on demonology and call it good. Then concentrate on writing novels. Continue to consult on cases, take extreme cases no one can handle as usual, and be a loving father to my son. I’m working on my masters of theology right now and ultimately would like to work on a doctorate. I may even be involved in a new show consulting on demonic cases. Oops, said too much. LOL



Any words of advice?

It takes a big man to cry, but it takes a bigger man to laugh at that man. Just kidding. LOL
Always keep in mind demonic activity is a smoke screen; know what the demon is really after. And if you’ve ever been abused, please seek help. Most of the cases of possession I’ve handled always involved sexual abuse of some kind. No one should go through life with emotional pain.





GP Haggart




Slumbering Terror

The door cracks open, a light shines through.
Boney fingers appear and I don’t know what to do.

I’m frozen still, trembling with fright.
Been stuck in this room for more than a night.

A frail body emerges with a smell that’s grotesque,
Carrying what might be a meal at best.
“Thought you could eat.” Their voice simply implies.
Then they remove the tray’s cover and that’s what makes me cry.

Before me, a vision so vile,
Causing me to taste my own stomach bile.
My urge to erupt becomes quite clear.
“You don’t like what I made for you, my dear?”
The feeble one asks then becomes enraged.
This four wall prison feels like a cage.

“Why are you doing this?” I tearfully implore.
“Because you are my pet.” They reply while walking out the door.
The sound of locks quickly engage,
Reminding me that I am their hostage.

I begin to convulse and scream obscenities I feel,
Trembling so badly that I wake from this wretched ordeal.

It was just a dream, a nightmare, a fright
That kept me from peaceful slumber all through the night.

(Poem by Sheila Renee Parker)


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Slumbering Terror


Friday the 13th

Eeekkk!!!! It’s Friday the 13th!!! Hope you’re not superstitious…. 😉

Every time the 13th comes around and it lands on a Friday I get this sense of excitement, like a random burst of energy. It might sound crazy, but I love it, it’s great!! Superstitions circling this particular day have been in existence for centuries. It has always fascinated me how so many people take certain precautions to avoid such unlucky behavior that is associated with this mysterious day.

If you’re not familiar with the term paraskevidekatriaphobia, it simply refers to the fear of Friday the 13th. Unfortunately, there are those who are seriously afraid of this day and their reasoning is just as unique as the individual is who possesses the fear. In fact, they can be so affected that they will disregard normal routine by staying indoors, taking the day off from work and some are so extreme that they won’t even get out of bed. There is belief that the Middle Ages could possibly be the origin of such a superstitious day, birthing from the story of Jesus’ last supper and crucifixion where thirteen people were present in the Upper Room on the thirteenth of Nisan Maundy Thursday, the night prior to Good Friday which was the day of Jesus’ death. While doing some research, I discovered USA Today’s article, Friday the 13th: 5 things to knowI checked it out and found it to be quite informative, thought you might, too.

This frightfully intriguing day has never created nail-biting experiences for me. Actually, when I was a senior in high school, I remember prom being on Friday the 13th. I didn’t go and it wasn’t because of superstitious belief either. I chose not to go because it was the first weekend of The Crow’s release and I wanted to see the film instead. The theater was completely packed, it was awesome!!! Loved it!!! In case you don’t know the film, here’s the intense trailer……



But in all seriousness, if you are superstitious…. then by all means, I give you the utmost respect when I say this…… avoid anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. Tomorrow is Saturday the 14th…. have a beautiful weekend. Stay safe!! Much love & Light!


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Interview with V. Duwane Ledbetter

Today I’m welcoming paranormal investigator and author, V. Duwane Ledbetter. Thank you, Duwane for stopping by!


V. Duwane Ledbetter holds a PhD. in Philosophy Specializing in the Paranormal Sciences, C.P.I. (Certified Paranormal Investigator). He is the founder of the Russellville Paranormal Investigation, LLC organization. Duwane is a freelance investigative writer who is mostly interested in paranormal activity stories. He enjoys helping and working with those who have experienced an incident of the otherworldly nature. His writings are based on actual paranormal phenomenon experiences. He writes in the fictional genre for readers who love to be taken on adventures like the paranormal investigator himself. He is married to wife Linda and they both live in Russellville, Arkansas with their two dogs, Candy and Marceline. He is a retired veteran of the United States Army. He has four sons Duwane III a former Marine, Ryan U.S. Navy, Christopher U.S. Army, Matthew his youngest son who is a member of the RPI – Russellville Paranormal Investigation team, and two step-children Corey Light a Computer Graphics & Design Tech, and Amber Light currently attending Arkansas Tech University.


Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I like to write about actual paranormal experiences, but I am working on factitious short stories. LOL! I think that I have always been curious about the paranormal from an early age. However, like most families we were never to talk about anything supernatural by nature. I served in the U.S. Army until being medically retired in 2004, as with anyone at the ripe old age of 34 I became depressed and very closed off to people. One day in 2009, I believe it was, I decided to forgive everyone and everything so maybe I could become a better person. I did! In short, some memories started reappearing and made me very curious of what I was meant to do. Founded the Russellville Paranormal Investigation, LLC organization in 2012 and decided to get state approval so I then legalized with the state of Arkansas in 2013. The emphasis with the RPI is to help individuals and business in need.



You have a PhD that specializes in paranormal sciences. What exactly is Paranormal Science?

Love the question Sheila. Every group has a way of doing investigations. Paranormal Science is the study of theories relating to ghosts, spirits, Malevolent Inhuman Spirits or (MIS). PS studies included the types of hauntings, true nature of orbs, types of equipment and how to use them, how to conduct an investigation, and the roles of team members. What trigger objects are and how to use them. The role of belief dealing with the paranormal phenomena, parapsychology, remote viewing, para-anthropology, psychokinesis (PK) and Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis (RSPK), working with psychics and mediums, how to do cleansings, Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), and so much more. The PS course study even included the Parapsychology and Ufology side so that we are able to investigate all things paranormal.



You’re the founding member of the paranormal investigative team, Russellville Paranormal Investigation, LLC. Share with us a little about your team?

My team is a great one. We work great together. I could not ask for a better investigative team. It was just me for the first couple of years, well my sons and I anyways. The team actually started I believe in 2014 after some of my members now, had joined me on my first ever-paranormal activity tour in Booneville, Arkansas as spectators. I guess they liked what the RPI offered in terms of what the organization stood for. What a night that one was.



What are some of the most frightening experiences felt or witnessed by you and your fellow investigators?

The Booneville paranormal tour was my first tour and it had some scary moments for sure. However, one of my most freighting experiences was back when I was a child about 10 years old when I found cattle in the field mutilated. I remember lights the night before in the sky. I even remember the feeling of weightlessness not being able to get back to the ground, as I would just float up into the night sky. Abduction, I do not know, but I do know that I remember being scared of sleeping at night in my room. However, the demon cases have had some heightened fear to the ticker meter.



Do you follow the same routine with each investigation or do you vary with your techniques depending on the situation?

It really depends on the situation. For instance, not all cases are the same. No matter how similar they seem at the time, they are very much different in every way. The questionnaires that a client fills out are a baseline for the paranormal. With this form, styles questioning you only need one form for Hauntings, UFO’s, and Cryptozoology. What the RPI deals with is all things Paranormal! Hauntings, UFO’s, Cryptids, and Demons. Though all cases involve some of the same characteristics, not all cases are handled in the same manner. The RPI is prepared for any type of paranormal infestation.



What’s your favorite pieces of equipment to use during an investigation?

The equipment we most frequently use is the Fuji digital camera, the Olympus digital voice recorder, and a full spectrum video recorder; however my favorite piece is hands down the K-II EMF Meter. I like it for the simple fact I can turn it on place on a mantel, bed, or just about any place I’d like, walk away to a spot still in the room start recording for EVP’s and still be able to monitor the readout for changes



What kind of places do you and your team investigate and if someone wanted to contact you in regards to a possible investigation, how would they be able to do so?

As I stated earlier in the first question, we offer help to individuals and businesses in need of answers. If someone needs our help they can contact us by phone (479) 567-5651 or email If someone is in need of help we offer our services in Arkansas and the surrounding bordering states. There are no charges for our services or help and if we take you on as a client, we are with you until the end never leaving anyone to deal with the problem alone. We do however; ask for monetary donations to help with costs and expenses. Donations are always a blessed welcome.



You’re the author of the book titled, Paranormal Stories. Can you tell us what your book is about?

Paranormal Stories is about my first ever-paranormal tour. Taking 40 plus individuals through the halls of an old Southern Hospital in Booneville, Arkansas to a haunted Inn in Pottsville, Arkansas back in 2014. The stories between the pages are the actual accounts of the individuals with nothing changed. Even a couple personal stories of a friend I went to high school with and myself.



Where can readers purchase their very own copy of Paranormal Stories?

You can purchase a copy with an autograph from me along with a matching t-shirt at:
Amazon paperback or Kindle devices:
Barnes and Noble paperback:



What’s next for V. Duwane Ledbetter?

I am currently working on my first fiction styled book about The Paranormal Investigator, right alongside the second installment of the Paranormal Stories series. Of course, I am still conducting investigations, tours, and always looking for ways to help my local town.



Any words of advice you’d like to share?

Being a Paranormal Investigator is a rough thankless job at times and comes with no compensation. However, my compensation is knowing that I have helped someone in need. Especially when it deals with a malevolent inhuman spirit, like as a demon. You must always protect yourself against the darkest and most fowl of evil for you never know what you are dealing with until you start your interrogations. Never treat spirits unkind or harass them in any way. Treat the spirits, as you would want the person next to you to treat you. Always with respect! Never go into a place without permission, never go in alone, and never think you are alone – for you are not! If you would like to join up with a group, research how they conduct their investigations or ghost hunt, making sure that they are true to the cause. Always learn something new; never think you know everything there is to know about the paranormal. I am always going to classes, expos, conventions, joining other tours, other groups on investigations, and reading every book I can on everything paranormal.The Spirit Within is a shining example of what I am referring to on research. No matter what the subject or story is, there is always something to help you somewhere down the line.