The Power of Positive Affirmation: Positively Amazing!


What a fantastic way to live, bringing forth one’s own positive energy to create a sense of empowerment. Now I know that life isn’t always a bowl of Hershey Kisses, but each and every single one of us has the ability to manifest great things in our lives.

On a television show that I’ve recently viewed, the host was conveying a very inspiring message. It was right after I finished writing “Hearing Angels”, an article about angelic communication. I was already feeling a great deal of positive energy when I started watching what was on t.v., but for some reason the show really pulled me in. The entire thirty minutes of its air time was one continuous uplifting message. I was in such awe because of the timing. It was like a message of affirmation…. a positive reinforcement of what I had just finished writing prior to the show.

It helped me to better understand that we all have this remarkable sense of power within us. A strength that resides deep within our well-being that yearns to surface so that each of us can manifest our dreams, birthing them into reality.

All we have to do is be positive. I know sometimes that’s not easy to do. Trust me, I’ve had my share of hardships too, but whether or not to let that weigh me down was my choice. And I chose not to let it weigh me down. Instead, I allowed those difficult times to show me how to better myself, not just for me, but for those around me as well.

Energy is all around us, good and bad. Stay strong and stand for what you believe in. Focus on all that is good and positive things will happen. Have faith and know that the power of positive affirmation does exist.

Light will always prevail!


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My Online Stalker

Yes, I unfortunately have one. This particular individual has created several online accounts through various social media to attempt defamation of my character. He is being rude, crude and viscous. His ongoing harassment has been continuing for quite a while and I have blocked him in every way possible.

He has even gone as far as to create imposter accounts wrongfully using my name. He has purposely and publicly disrespected people with whom I’m associated. Why? Because he’s trying to bully me. He’s upset because I won’t respond to him.

How this person and I met was online. He and I have never met face to face. He seemed to be sincere, so I trusted him. As time passed, his moods started changing… becoming obsessive. One minute his mood was light, then the very next moment, the complete opposite.

He would always apologize for his moods, but as time progressed, he became worse. So I started distancing myself from him and blocking him. And since then, this person continues to harass me by online stalking.

This is a horrible situation that I feel terrible about and I’m so sorry that this individual has lashed his anger out towards people that I hold dear. His rants have targeted many people who have supported me, not only on social media, but also on sites like Goodreads and Amazon where he has personally made derogatory comments about me and my writing. I’ve had to report his harmful posts there as well.
Please, if anyone sees anything disrespectful or suspicious, notify the proper channels and report what you see.

Any form of abuse, regardless of who it’s with, should never go unnoticed. If you find yourself in a similar situation, please contact the proper authorities. Report any and all suspicious behavior. And take a stand by blocking abusive tweeters, reporting them and not engaging. Why would anyone want to engage with an abuser? Abusers feed on nice people who think there must be something they can do to help when there is actually nothing anyone can do to help the abuser if the abuser is not willing…. the abuser has to be willing to seek help. It’s sad that some people strive to make themselves bigger by attacking people they perceive to be vulnerable.

With my situation, the proper authorities, including the law enforcement agencies, have been notified and police reports have been filed. Yes, I have actual legal case numbers at hand. Every little thing this individual has horribly said about me has been copied and personally given to the law enforcement agencies. The proper authorities are well aware of who this individual is.

… so, I have said what I have to say about internet abuse and stalking. Thank you everyone for your positive words of support!

Interview with Nadine Mercey

Today I’m welcoming Nadine Mercey from Destination America’s amazing television series, Ghosts In My House. Thank you, Nadine for stopping by!


Sheila ~ Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Nadine ~ I’m actively working to change the way people think about health. My résumé is backed by leading doctors and directors of the current health care model. For 10 yrs I’ve been gathering global leaders, scientists and researchers in forming new wellness platforms in business, healthcare and schools. I’m a director of the World Alternative Health Council and Canadian National Autism Foundation and a mental health advocate.
Currently spending my time writing, filming and producing film stories and teaching this in a multi- media platform to help people transition into healthy long lasting relationships. I am the host of a TV show for Discovery Communications in the USA. I love researching the fine line between the rich and the poor…and proactively being part of the solution.



Sheila ~ What is a high vibrational healer? And how did you discover that you had this ability?

Nadine ~ Do you ever short circuit electronics?… that’s me! My energy so I’ve discovered works on binary 111’s. I naturally am a source for high energy that has the ability to release thought form feeling and emotions in others that tends to be a source of dis-ease in people. I don’t look at the medical diagnosis/(the labels)…I have an ability to see/sense vibrations in people’s energy fields. Consciously I can work with your energy, so that you are aware of what you can’t sense…to shift to make the right choices for you. When they do at their own free will…my energy seems to be able to transition the lesser vibrations away. This process enables the client to physically heal themselves.


Sheila ~ Do you believe that we all have special abilities? And if so, what advice would you offer to those who are aware of their special gifts, but might be too afraid to embrace them?

Nadine ~ We all are conduits for energy, yes. Especially if you are congruent to humanity and doing what is right for the highest and best interest of yourself and others around you. Electronic currents flow from the ground to the sky. They can flow naturally and the body can store them if you are a balanced individual.

My advise: learn to become congruent! Say what you mean and mean what you say. Stay open and watch your shadow/archetypes (you know old language …how you got that cookie out of the cookie jar from mom and dad…)

Be curious about yourself! Be kind to yourself and others. Judgment is so hard on our energy fields. Reconcile your energy before you go to bed and wake up new and refreshed in the morning. Eat well, exercise, meditate. Most important …MAKE CHOICES …not make a choice is a choice…you can’t make a wrong one?



Sheila ~ Was there ever a time that you might have considered blocking your special gifts?

Nadine ~ Sure! I’ve cried rivers and oceans … “why me…give this to my neighbor”! To have a dream about your husband and wakening to know that that relationship is un healthy. My family has been pretty judge mental of me in the past. Don’t worry mom and dad, I’m not leaving the “tribe”.
It’s most difficult setting boundaries…people unconsciously compete for energy all the time. It can be challenging separating the learning…who’s does this belong to…? As a true healer, it’s hard for me to say no and a I love you. Some days I just want to shut it off and watch a movie and hang out and eat pizza with a friend. You just can’t shut if off. You never know what someone will prophetically say or ask you. I’m always aware and ready to connect a dot. I run on altered states and ready to help people…Theta they say almost always. It can be challenging to do business. People always take the time to share their hurt stories…and they come undone when I’m trying to get things DONE! ? I’ve seen grown businessmen cry at a fine dining establishment to confess. I’m still single…to date someone like me you really have to be able to look at yourself…you know have your s#*t together (in a world that is changing so much that is a task in itself in which I would love to block the gift)…it’s not that bad looking into my eyes?



Sheila ~ What was it like having a career in real estate and having your abilities? Was there ever a time that prevented you from working with a particular property or an unsettling location?

Nadine ~ NOPE! I am a very strong business person. I know my worth and my client’s worth. The people/events/energy in homes seek me to help. I respect this. I don’t sneeze without consulting my energy to make choices in business/real estate! Intuitively I found dozens of raw land for potential development outside the urban boundary in 2006. Currently I’m securing offers on the largest tracks of land ever to sell in Northern Ontario. You have to be intuitive to be working on these deals…. against all odds they are the only ones the government has and will pass outside of the boundaries. I’m so glad I worked on my intuition to get these jobs done for the highest and best interest of both the seller and the buyer. The buyers I find also with my intuition.


Sheila ~ Your exciting new television series on Destination America is called Ghosts In My House. What are some of the highlights of working on the show?

Nadine ~ Wow! I never meet the owners of the home. I don’t know what city, home, or why we are going there. That task is exciting in itself. Prior to getting to the location, I will connect with the energy of the home and pin point who called me in and why. Sometimes it gets me searching for physical objects in my own home…that drives me nuts! 2 months later going to a home on location, I found the object. THAT was NUTS! We have revealed to the owners helpful ways to empower themselves. I find it rewarding to be able to language it for them. That show was shot in 2011. I just watched it yesterday. It freaks me to the accuracy of the details I get when in an altered state. I can still feel the very same energy and had to meditate last night to get it off. People don’t realize how thought feeling and emotion can effect us….for a very long time. Today’s TV audience can be very sophisticated. They also can “tune-in” to the truth. They know when they have been hoodwinked! BIGGEST highlight of this show is it gets people to relax in their own homes, and brings answers to questions they have had. It’s a confidence builder! THAT is the highlight for me.



Sheila ~ How do you mentally prepare yourself before going to a location?

Nadine ~ I LOVE that question, thank YOU! Two hrs before (in make-up prep) I love spending time with Jasmine. She grounds me. No one else can be in the room. THEN I leave her (she can’t come because she has grounding energy…) and get into the car with a driver to the location one hr before taping. Only the driver and I C-R-A-N-K up the tunes …rock…that I can sing too or play air guitar too. The base, Middle C tunes calls in my energy and calls in the owners energy. I don’t speak. I don’t think…I totally get into my zone and connect to spirit / my higher self this way. Then
The only ones that can come into the home with me are my camera man, Chris and sound guy, Luke. I’m used to working with them. Their energy is amazing. I’m strict about no messing too many people around me. I want to be pure in the readings.


Sheila ~ What steps do you take when it comes to preventing any type of negative energy from attaching itself to you?

Nadine ~ I don’t think about it honestly. It’s more important to know who I am…



Sheila ~ You’re also an author. Can you tell us about your books?

Nadine ~ Yes. Deeper Souls Less Shoes was about my awakening between worlds. What I thought made me happy in my choices being in the material world…you know buying shoes as therapy. Many crisis moments happened, I got sick, divorced, dreams and visions were lounder! My children started talking another language to me… It was BUSY. I was unhealthy. The only thing I could do was to surrender to it ALL. Take time for myself to go within to the silence to arrive and how to heal myself inside out. The book was written 2000 – 2006.

So much has changed since then. I just finished (I believe) the next book.
The Goddess Wears Nada. It’s a continuation of the first.

Wanna know what’s creepy…? I was told the first and second book (before I realized I would write a 2nd) would be a movie. A man (whom I have never met) in a foreign country sent me a movie script. He has been waiting for me for a few years. He wrote a script …yes, it was about my life. Since then I’ve partnered with Francis Ford Coppola’s ex-CEO on another film. He asked for the book to read…gulp. He’s interested in the energy. In the first book I met Clint Eastwood…he’s been watching me since and picked up the book to read. Who knows where this is going…I’m very curious.

Lately, the energy is pulling me to Scotland/England…I’ve been granted the opportunity to own a royal artifact. When I get there in the next month or 2, this will start book 3. (and hopefully meet the gentleman who wrote the movie script…) We shall see..



Sheila ~ What’s next for Nadine Mercey? Any upcoming events that you’d like to share?

Nadine ~ I rrreeeaaallllyyyy want to do events!!!! Once this business foundation building settles a bit. Nothing more rewarding than connecting with people eye to eye…face to face! (whoops…I think I just threw it out there…)

Thank you kindly for the questions. I hope I have helped to spark
many creative thinkers to help heal themselves and others…

with love


Nadine is actively working to change the way people think about health. Her resume is backed by leading doctors and directors of the current health care model. Nadine has a talent for gathering global leaders, scientists and researchers in forming new business models to help people change their communities. Nadine with her creative perceptions is very eager to share this information to create new business models in the business world to support their systems. Nadine is a director of the Canadian National Autism Foundation, volunteers at long term health care facilities in Toronto and works with CEO’s of leading teaching hospitals. Leading researchers of associations and global business leaders seek to partner with her.

Nadine is the 1st healer in Canada to be recognized by insurance companies without the direction of a physician; 1st natural healer to be recognized by leading directors and scientists of the Canadian Mental Health Association, Nadine is a valuable source for new information in the new biological model of Epigenetics.

Nadine is a TV Host Discovery Channel appearances, Destination Amercia, Netflix, The Marilyn Denis Show, CTV National News, Canada AM, CP 24, SBS Belgium, A K2 Estonia, VB UK Ltd., Les Chaines TAstral Canada, PCable France,A&E Latin America, VProduction LLC Russia, Norway, Costa Rica.




Deeper Souls Less Shoes (book)