Hearing Angels

Hearing angels…. ahhh…. not something that’s quite that simple to discuss. It should be easy, but it’s not. There are so many skeptics out there who are quick to scoff at those who say they can communicate with the ethereal beings. So quick are those to pass judgment upon the things they don’t understand.

But for those who truly believe in such communication, they say that it is very real. Angels are all around us, waiting eagerly to assist. They are willing to provide guidance and assurance. All one has to do is simply ask and the angels are happy to help. With them they bring light and love. A sense of comfort that offers warmth with all that is positive.

I am actually one of those people who deeply believes in angelic communication. I openly admit this to let those who keep quiet, know that it’s ok to talk about it. For years I never said a word regarding the subject because I was too afraid of what others would think, but then I discovered that there were other people who could do the exact same thing. Talk about a relief, finally! I know some people probably think I’m crazy and I’m ok with that, but I know what I believe in my heart to be real.

Angelic messages are always uplifting, never anything negative. Angels are full of compassion and their mission is to help. I constantly feel their presence twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. It’s amazing and encouraging, a wondrous sense of enlightenment. I also have a spirit guide with whom I communicate on a regular basis. She’s always around me, never leaves my side. When my father passed away a few years ago, she comforted me and helped me heal.

Like I said in the beginning, this isn’t an easy topic to discuss because there are so many skeptics, but I truly feel blessed with what I sincerely believe.

People have asked me how can they talk with their spirit guides as well. I have merely answered by telling them how it happened for me. It was years ago and I was going through a rough patch in life. Then, I just turned to my faith. I’ve never considered myself a religious person, but I’ve always maintained my spiritual beliefs. During that difficult time was when I asked for assistance. That’s when my spirit guide made her beautiful presence known. I saw her in my mind’s eye. The image was very clear, as if she was literally standing before me. She spoke to me telepathically. Her lips never moved. There was an ethereal white light about her and I knew from that moment on, that she would always be there. A comfort that still gives me solace each and every single day.

People have asked me countless times if spirit guides are good or evil when I talk about my guardian. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I felt comfortable enough to openly discuss the relationship that I have with my spirit guide. I’ve often been asked, “How do you know if it’s really your spirit guide or something malevolent pretending to be good in order to mislead you?” 

Every time I’m asked that this is what I say, “I’m an empath. I can very easily pick up on energies, both good and evil. My ability never lies. I can also communicate with the Angelic Realm. My angel radio is always on.”

How I know that my guardian/ spirit guide is good is because her presence is always warm, loving and full of positive energy. She’s extremely comforting to me. Her ethereal light doesn’t have to be seen in order for me to know that she shines. It is felt and radiates deep from within.

I was once told by someone attending one of my public speaking events that I shouldn’t openly talk about being able to communicate with the angels. When I asked the gentleman why, he replied, “Cuz people will think you’re crazy.” And actually, that was what kept me quiet about the subject for a long time… the fear of what others thought. But after a while, I got the courage to put that fear behind me and be strong. I am happy to talk about angelic communication and if someone thinks I’m crazy, then that’s on them… not me. I’m happy with who I am. I am proud of my gift and I refuse to hide it. I embrace this beautiful ability and I am here as a lightworker to help spread the messages that the angels want me to convey.

That is why I know my guardian is purely of love and light. There is absolutely nothing “evil” or “malevolent” about her. Anything evil, even when pretending to be good, cannot be felt purely of love and light. Evil is cold and dark no matter how hard they may try to mask it, I can easily feel the difference.

Years ago when I openly embraced the relationship with my spirit guide, I asked her her name. She warmly answered, “Mary.” And every time I talk about this, it gives me goosebumps, but in a good way, like I can feel her positive vibes even stronger. Now to be honest, communicating with the Angelic Realm did make me question myself in the past, simply because I was more reserved about it. Why? Because I was so full of questions.

As time has moved on, I now feel even more empowered with a higher sense of understanding. So, with all that being said…. Is how I know that my guardian/ spirit guide is definitely good and not evil. Remember, evil cannot be purely of love and light regardless of how hard they may try to manipulate. Always trust your instinct. Your instinct will never lie to you.




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