Intelligent & Residual Hauntings: What Are They?

(Originally published on August 3, 2014)


Ok, everyone’s heard of Casper the Friendly Ghost, right? You know, the cute transparent guy who floats around through walls? If all the hauntings were as adorable as him, then that would be pretty amazing and all the little kiddies wouldn’t be so afraid of the things that go bump in the night.

Well, let’s take a step back and face reality here. Some hauntings can be pretty frightening and down right mind-numbing. Did you know that there are actually two known types of hauntings? Yes, intelligent and residual…

An intelligent haunting is when the spirits can interact with the living, a type of energy that DOES have consciousness. These spirits may find ways of communication much like the ways discussed in my previous blog titled, The Afterlife ~ A Corporeal’s Transition, or the spirits can often communicate through the use of a voice box; a tool that is used to collect electronic voice phenomena (EVPs). Spirits of intelligent hauntings are known to interact with the living by attempting physical contact as well. For instance, spirits can be playful in nature and a person may feel their hair being pulled or a gentle touch when no one else is to blame for the action. However, other spirits of intelligent hauntings may not be as friendly and the living can experience a sense of malevolence and often these types of spirits are more negative with their contact and might even try to inflict harm upon the living. Many people do try to provoke this type of haunting and I strongly recommend using extreme caution because one never knows what can happen. So, be wise and be careful.

The second type of haunting is known as a residual haunting. It’s more like a supernatural experience that resembles a recording of past energy. For instance, like hearing footsteps walking down an empty hallway when no one is there. It’s believed that in a location where someone has released a large amount of energy or heightened emotions were experienced and the energy attaches or “imprints” itself. As a result of the abiding energy, individuals in the future may get to experience seeing a type of “recording” of these events. Some signs of a residual haunting may be the absence of interaction from the spirit. As if the spirit doesn’t acknowledge the presence of the living person. The spirit will almost seem totally oblivious to anything that’s occurring in it’s presence.

Another sign of a residual haunting is the energy that is felt can often be quite intense for the individual experiencing it, but this isn’t anything that should be feared. The energy can also be the result of the interruptions to electricity and electrical appliances. It’s also very possible for things in the immediate area to change. For example, doors opening and shutting. Once again, this is simply energy. The spirit is completely not applying any conscious effort to these activities.

Throughout the years, I have experienced both types of hauntings. They were very mild in nature and I never felt threatened. I’ve heard footsteps jaunting down an empty hallway and creaking down an old set of stairs. I’ve seen electrical disturbances when there was no accountable reasoning for anything else. I have even experienced the gentle touches from spirits on several occasions.

So, now you know there are two kinds of hauntings. If you’ve had any experiences, please feel free to comment and share! 🙂



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23 thoughts on “Intelligent & Residual Hauntings: What Are They?

  1. Mine was a residual haunting. Years ago I worked as a desk clerk at an old hotel complex, and was on the night shift. A guest needed some extra pillows in one of the smaller buildings at about 2 a.m. On my way back, I was cutting through a back path to the main hotel.

    As I approached from behind the main hotel, I approached a wing that had the restaurant. Though the restaurant had been closed for hours, it was fully lit up, and I could see couples in formal clothes waltzing to music only they could hear. My steps slowed, but I kept drawing closer. Clear as day, I could see the couples dancing, and others laughing and joking with one another, though there was no sound whatsoever. I watched for some time, as if watching an old black and white movie on the TV with the sound off, in mute astonishment. There was no fear, no horror. It was just a window back to an evening that was perhaps in the 1920s or 1930s. It was beautiful, but it made me feel like I was no longer in my own skin.

    The next morning, I told one of the old-timers, and she told me that anyone who worked there for any length of time had seen such things, or had been told about them by someone who had.

    It wasn’t frightening, but it was clearly a supernatural event.

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  2. Great blog post. My home is very haunted. Not only do I live in a house that is 116 years old but I am a medium who attracts Spirits and I have three children in Spirit. I have experienced malevolent hauntings by lower entities but most of my hauntings are benevolent as they are by my children, other family members and friends and acquaintances. My oldest son is quite the prankster. I have a lot of problems with electricity and technology in my home.

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  3. Reblogged this on A Healing Grief and commented:
    I have been very ill this past month but I am hoping to return to blogging very shortly. In the meantime, I have found a very good and interesting blog post to share with you all.

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  4. Not sure if residual hauntings can travel the world with you, but the residual hauntings you describe have been with me where ever I’ve lived. England, Germany and now here in the US. Very persistent! Usually just doors opening and closing. Electrical appliances breaking….and sometimes shadows, usually going up the stairs.

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      • That is what I was going to say also. You may be like me where Spirits follow you where ever go. Last Halloween I was having so much fun with all the extra Spiritual activity that, as I was driving down the road, I was waving to the Spirits that I saw. My son, who is in Spirit, said, “mom, don’t do that. You know they are all going to follow us home.”

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  5. the group (two males, a female and child possible a female also) are intelligent and very interactive with me. They move around, talk and even argue with each other. It’s like they are bored where they’re at. I’m like you, I’ve never felt threatened or in fear, but it gets annoying after a while.

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  6. Lets add some more twist here. Assuming ghosts are the souls, disembodied conscious or whatever remains of a person after death, here is something to consider. Humans are not the only humanoids to walk the planet, could there be a possibility these other species of humans to exist in earth past to had died to still have their spirits dwelling around to this ever day?

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  7. I too have experienced both. I’ve heard footsteps throughout the night, running water, lights turning on and off, doors unlocking on its own, radio blasting. I’ve only had a physical encounter twice where I could see their figure. Spooky right? I’ve also felt the presence of some dark ones..those ones actually scare me.

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