A Curious Encounter

Is it possible that there are individuals who can “see” things that others cannot? The term “seer” is often used when describing an individual with this supernatural ability. Seers claim to possess the ability of premonition – foretelling the future. But, what about those who have the ability to see the past of others just by looking into their eyes or maybe even by a simple gesture like a handshake?

I have personally spoken with people who were quite adamant about having this special capability. They discussed how they were able to discern whether or not someone was trustworthy. Even going into detail about how they could “see” into the questionable individual’s past without actually knowing or ever meeting them.

At one of my book signings for my novel, The Spirit Within, I was graced by the presence of a sweet, elderly woman. Her eyes were gentle and kind. Her smile was genuine with her softly spoken words. After approaching the table where I was signing copies of my book, she began asking me about the synopsis of my novel. Her interest was welcoming with her charismatic ways. Then, this beautifully aging woman leaned across the table towards me, closing the gap so that our conversation could be heard by only us. “I can see things, you know.”  She said quietly. “Yeah?”  I smiled in return. Without saying a word, the woman nodded. Her focus was direct and I quickly got a sense as to where the conversation was headed. A brief moment passed before she continued, her eyes looking around making sure that no one was listening. She very quietly whispered to me, “You used to be a white witch.”  I gazed upon her with question in my eyes. “I’m talking about in a former life. You helped people.”  She said as she began backing away from the table. “Trust me, I see things that others don’t.”  The sweet lady spoke as she walked away.

Curiosity quickly consumed me because I found her rather interesting and wanted to converse with her more, but was unable to. Why did she feel the need to say such things to me? Who knows? But I know one thing for certain, that her words were heartfelt and with her came a wonderful, positive feeling. She definitely made a lasting impression on me that I will never forget.


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~ Sheila Renee Parker on Twitter @sheilarparker


A True Warrior!

Talk about some serious girl power, this amazing chick has it all! Inner strength, wisdom and true beauty that mirrors on the outside as well. Her smile lightens up any room she enters and her positive energy is highly contagious!

She is a dear friend of mine, and has been for years, but honestly…… I’ve always considered her more like family. She’s my sista and SHE ROCKS!!!!

Her name is Lindsay and on January 12, 2022 she was diagnosed with Burkitt Lymphoma, which is a form of nonhodgkins lymphoma. Unfortunately, if not treated in time, Burkitt Lymphoma can be fatal. BUT….. Lindsay is a fighter!

She’s followed doctors orders without fail. She’s had 18 chemo treatments, two blood infusions and an iron transfusion. As she continues to fight, she has to endure 18 more chemo treatments. And with each hospital visit, she has to stay for three days.

Lindsay is such a strong woman with her amazing wife Jonica by her side every step of the way. Lindsay is also blessed to have so many wonderful family and friends who all give her endless amounts of support.

Lindsay is never one to ask for anything….. she’s always so kind and selfless. However at a time like this, she really would appreciate the help from others. She is employed and is such a hard worker, but due to Burkitt Lymphoma, she’s had to miss work.

A GoFundMe page has been created to help her in her time of need to assist her with medical bills and so she can take the much needed time off from work – stress free – to get the proper rest to keep her strength up and win her battle.

I am reaching out to everyone to get all the support that Lindsay deserves. So please check out her GoFundMe page at https://www.gofundme.com/f/w8p75k-lindsays-cancer-battle . Any amount is greatly appreciated!

Thank you all for always being so amazing, you are definitely much loved! ❤️

~ Sheila

Donations greatly appreciated for Lindsay Hall at https://www.gofundme.com/f/w8p75k-lindsays-cancer-battle