Incubus & Succubus: Erotic Dream or a Deviant Reality?

There are still a lot of people out there who haven’t heard of these lascivious creatures, while there are others who shun away from the sheer notion of them. And yet, there are those of us who are lured into their provocative legends.

An incubus is a demon who allegedly climbs on top of women who are sleeping in attempt to have sex with them. The female counterpart of an incubus is referred to as a succubus. She acts seductively in the same manner as her counterpart, however her victims are sleeping men.

Incubi and succubi (plural for incubus and succubus) are supposedly extremely attractive, charming and know exactly how to persuade their victims into their lustful trap. Legend states that these erotic demons lie on top of their helpless victims while they sleep and enter their dreams causing nocturnal emissions to occur. Many believe that the purpose of the incubus is to impregnate women, while the succubus’s purpose is to drain the souls of men. Superstitions claim that if a relationship with either of these demonic entities is formed, then it can lead to severe health issues and possibly even death.

Reports of incubi date way back to 2400 BC during Mesopotamia times. It was rumored that the hero, Gilgamesh’s father was Lilu, an incubus that supposedly aroused women in their sleep with his erogenous ways. The men from that era had their version as well, the succubus referred to as Lililu. Another tale comes from the Malleus Maleficarum in 1486 written by Heinrich Kramer. Kramer wrote that a succubus’s purpose was to seduce her victim and collect his semen. Then, the incubus would take the semen and use it to impregnate his female victim. With this theory, it gives explanation as to how demons sire children. These alleged children were called cambions who were often born cursed with birth defects and a sensitivity to the supernatural.

Versions of the incubus are known worldwide. In South Africa, their version is referred to as Tokolosh. In Germany, their version is an Alp and in Chile, they call theirs The Trauco. And succubus versions known worldwide include the Huldra in Scandinavia, the Siren in Greece and even the widely known mermaid.

Many scientists theorize that victims of succubi and incubi could quite possibly be the unfortunate victims of actual sexual assaults. And that the elaborate stories of such creatures were created to help conceal the truths behind the heinous realities.

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~ Sheila Renee Parker on Twitter @sheilarparker.


26 thoughts on “Incubus & Succubus: Erotic Dream or a Deviant Reality?

    • I suppose that could be a possibility. Stupors can be caused by so many different things like severe malnutrition, certain types of medications and other things like that…. I’m sure there are people that would report having stupors caused by the paranormal as well.


  1. Well written also well researched. There are just to many out there that make light of all this and/or think it’s a big joke and scary tails to tell others. I am ever so aware of all the energies that surround all of us daily it is very nice to see yourself openly presenting and backing up with research. I applaud your efforts.

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  2. This is a very en lightning post for me. Thanks for sharing. In the middle of my worst psychotic state, I was locked away in the drunk tank or suicide cell in the county jail. I had no mattress and no blanket. I was given a bucket to shit and piss in and a plastic jug of ice water to last 24 hours or longer. I refused to eat. I refused any medications offered because the Judge hadn’t sent me to the institution with an order to take any psych meds yet.

    I believe in such demonic entities, even though modern science would just say, well, that’s just LaVancia being crazy again. What they don’t know and what they definitely never experienced is that when I was in that cell for over a month, I displayed what the psychiatrist term glossolalia as well as catatonia. Glossolalia in the Christian world is the ability to speak in tongues and a part of catatonia is when a person freezes up into a particular position.

    What I remember very vividly was taking off all my clothes. I couldn’t keep them on. They stayed off. I spoke in another language as I was laying on my back stiff as a board and I could feel someone raping me. The setting was in a jungle somewhere and I cried out tears of agony for I knew that the only reason they were raping me was to get me pregnant and then to later take my child.

    I later experienced the “hallucination” of being in a “catatonic” position and I was in the birthing position with my hands clutched to my knees. I cried and begged for them to please don’t take my baby…but I knew it was pointless…sure there are two theories that can explain all that: one is the right brained analytically book smart mind that says my brain was attempting to process the fact that I had drowned my own son in the bathtub; the other, is more metaphysical in that there really are spirits on the other side, both good and evil ones…

    I also remember standing alone in my suicide cell and I sensed, I couldn’t “see” or “hear outloud” the spirits, but I just Knew they were there to help. My deceased grandma, my deceased grandfather, as well as a great aunt I was close to as a child, along with other beings from what I call the light. They are the ones who brought me some comfort during those lonely agonizing months, early in jail, as I was waiting on a bed to open at the institution.

    Sure, some may write it all off as a “delusion” and “hallucination”; however, I honestly think there’s more to it. The scientist say our chemicals get “imbalanced” in the brain and they have a few clues that could trigger that; however, they don’t know, nor can they predict, when or why this happens. I think you have to have a spiritual belief to answer those tough questions. And to me, this would have to be grounded upon my own experiences and not just what I’ve read or is “normal” for my society.

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  3. Although I have heard the words many time, this is the first time I have read a definition of the words or been exposed to a description of their supposed acts. Great article.

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  4. Theres also a somewhat famous instance of an incubus attack on a woman named Doris Bither. She was sexualy assaulted a number of times by a unseen force. The 1974 (i think was the year) movie called The Entity was based on her story.

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  5. Interesting article. Believe it or not there are many that have experienced encounters with spirits that sometimes turn erotic. I am one of those that has had a visitor like that.

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  6. Very well researched.. I have written a bit of fiction on this topic.. Immediately however, sleep paralysis ( which I suffer from came to my mind) I realize it is different, but even though I have researched sleep paralysis I still have questions and I could go on and on reallly! But I will keep reading.. Thus far, your blog fascinates me.. Caro

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