Fall In Love With Being Alive

Feeling those beautiful positive vibes and counting my blessings each and every single day!


Floating Transformations

Lately, it seems like I have been super fascinated with clouds. Yep, as random as that is. Lol

Life is full of changes, that’s why it’s so important to stay positive and count our blessings each and every single day!

While going for walks (and the occasional road trip), I can’t help but notice the clouds. As they drift by, they remind me of life. The clouds, being so different… from one floating body to the next… are like snowflakes, no two are alike.

Some appear to have a bright silver lining, while others don’t. Much like the ups and downs of life. And yet, the clouds still drift by, transforming and changing their shapes with the winds. Some times the clouds “cry” with their rain, while other times they make way for the sun to shine. They make things seem so simple. Which makes me wonder, why do we as humans tend to complicate things? For so many different reasons, I guess.

As I get older and face the changes that lie ahead, I am finally learning to accept that which I cannot control, embrace the unknown and love myself all the more with an open mind and an open heart. And to realize that it’s ok to smile and cry all in the same day. Sometimes even on the sunniest of days, rain can still fall. Actually, going for a nice, brisk walk in the rain can be quite invigorating, just sayin’!

Life is what we make it…. 😉

~ Sheila 💋

Here are some randomness from some of my walks… Had to share! ❤️

The House of Spirits

It was nearly eight years ago when we started looking for a house to buy. He and I decided to look at the local listings separately and whatever house we both liked with our separate searches, we would go and look at them.

Oddly, with he and I both separately looking (did not know each other’s choice), we were drawn to the same exact house. Was this particular location, with a house not even twenty years old at the time, calling out to us? Maybe, but whatever it was, we knew we had to check it out.

The land, being barely an acre, was covered by lots of big trees. This 1200 square foot house sat off the road a bit. With its four white columns in the front, the one story brick structure had a certain comforting charm about it. Huge windows that allow in all the beautiful sunshine….. Love!!

We scheduled a viewing appointment with the realtor, who ended up becoming a very dear friend…. actually, more like a family member now. (Southern charm and etiquette have their ways of bringing people closer together.)

The day was a Monday, just after Thanksgiving, when we drove out to the house. As we were nearing the property, barely entering the driveway, we began to feel an energy coming from this place. It was so inviting, which made us want to see it even more. There was a “presence” we couldn’t explain. Our younger son was with us, and he was just as eager as we were.

As we approached the house, the realtor standing there with his warm smile, welcomed us inside. Like I mentioned, the house is barely 1200 square feet so it didn’t take long to view it. The open floorplan has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The stained glass lighting fixtures in the kitchen made me squeal like a little girl because I immediately fell in love with them. That made the guys laugh at me. I told them it was a “girl thing”. Lol

The location is right outside city limits, yet close enough to everywhere and only nine miles from the beach! It’s quiet and the neighbors are awesome.

After purchasing the home, we had to do several things… paint the interior, fill in places in the sheetrock where previous residents had hung photos and other decorations on the walls… those types of things. As we did these, we could feel the presence of something otherworldly, like being observed. And occasionally, hearing and seeing things. Like one time, I was walking into the master bathroom and to my right, just in my ear (and I was home alone), I heard a male’s voice faintly say, “Hey”. I turned my head and couldn’t find anyone. Other times, shadows seen out of the corners of our eyes. A strong female presence has been felt many times, an older lady who seems to be the observer, in my opinion. And a few times recently, I have seen a man wearing a light blue checkered shirt also observing me.

However as crazy as all this sounds, nothing malevolent has ever been felt. We have paranormal investigative equipment and have conducted some sessions to communicate. Our findings have proven conclusive. We feel that our home is a transient spot for spirits to come and go. I believe our dog has even picked up on things as well because he has made certain gestures that have validated our belief. And being a psychic and Empath, I can’t discount what I “feel” and “know”.

Here are some photos of our home.

Cotton Candy Skies…..

Just a couple of photos of yesterday’s glorious morning sky above Mobile Bay in Mobile, Alabama.

Look at those beautiful cotton candy colors….. *sigh*…. breathtaking! Even saw a rainbow as I was out. Actually, saw two rainbows… One in Mobile yesterday morning and the other one when I arrived a few hours later in Tennessee.

Life is full of blessings! Enjoy and feel those amazing positive vibes, everyone!

Much love and light to you all!

~ Sheila 💋

How do you recharge?

Hi, everyone!! I am so excited about writing this post that I am going to jump right into it! 😊

Yesterday I got a lot of fresh, beautiful produce, so today what am I doing?? Dehydrating!! Green beans…. carrots ….. and cucumbers (which make a yummy alternative to potato chips!).

Anywho, I love eating healthy and promoting the importance of doing so. If you and I are connected on Facebook and Instagram, then you have seen a lot of my posts about homemade goodies. I try not to use butter (I use unsweetened applesauce instead when baking), egg whites instead of egg yolks…. Flourless recipes….. And sugar substitutes that do not contain aspartame. I am also a HUGE fan of produce, rather than processed foods which contain a lot of unhealthy ingredients that I can’t even begin to pronounce. So, with that being said…. If they’re big, super crazy words that ya can’t pronounce and it’s an ingredient that’s man-made, then it probably shouldn’t be put into the body.

Besides, produce…. Made by our beautiful Earth, so full of healing and healthy nutrients…. Amazing benefits…. And the colors of the produce!! I mean, look at what I got yesterday, those vibrant colors!! And so YUM!!

And yesterday I sauteed romaine lettuce… Which makes a delicious side dish!! So easy to make, I love it!!

Eating healthy and taking care of ourselves is extremely important in keeping our mental clarity in check. It helps us to focus on our abilities better. I know it helps me with being an Empath and psychic. Why? Because eating a lot of unhealthy fats, sugars and carbs make me feel sluggish and “Blah”… But eating right and drinking plenty of water help me feel on top of my game.

In recent years I have been taking better care of myself and listening more closely to my body. Which has helped heighten my psychic awareness and empathic ability all the more. My abilities are “finer tuned” now, meaning that I can pick up and sense things more easily.

So, see how taking care of ourselves is so important? I finally have….. I used to eat pop tarts and drink chocolate milk every morning…. Then, drink a soda with a bag of chips for lunch… And junk food throughout the day…. I felt horrible and it took me a long time to realize it was because of my daily food intake.

I still like to eat Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream on occasion, and other sweets…. But in moderation. And that is perfectly ok. But I do feel way better making the healthier choices in life.

In the following photo is what I am dehydrating today. My veggies have been lightly coated with garlic salt and pepper, and onion powder. I have the machine set at 158° and it should take around ten hours or so (maybe a little under, I’ll check periodically) until they’re fully dehydrated. And in the photo is a glass of cucumber infused water…. Mmmmmm……. 🥰

Staying fit and healthy for psychic awareness….. Life is beautiful!!

Stay blessed, everyone. You are all much loved!!

~ Sheila 💋