Interview with James Wraieth

Today I’m welcoming James Wraieth from Ghostly Cowboy Productions. Thank you, James for stopping by!


Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Believe it or not this is the hardest question I am asked. Not because I mind answering, I just never know what to say. I’m no one special, I’m just me. A husband and father first, everything else second. A Cherokee/Irish country boy from the south. I have been involved with the paranormal and strange for nearly 26 years. I was a bull rider until an accident that doesn’t allow me to ride anymore. A magician, I love all things magic. David Copperfield and Lance Burton are some of my biggest hero’s. I love antique cars, Horses and cattle. But mainly my life revolves around my family.



How did you get into the paranormal?

I have always been interested in the strange and unexplained since I was little. But when I was fifteen I had an experience with an entity that changed the way I thought about the paranormal. For nearly a week there was an entity that would wake me at night and tell me it was going to get me. And this wasn’t a ghost, it was something else, Something old and dark. Like a corner in a closet that no matter how bright a bulb you used it never lit up. I was terrified I couldn’t move I couldn’t scream, couldn’t do anything but lay there and pray inside my head.

And people say oh sleep paralysis. But no I was as awake as I am right now. Still chill’s me to remember that thing. But my mother and grandmother went to bat for me and got rid of it. After that I wanted to learn everything I could about the paranormal, the supernatural, pretty much anything that went bump in the night, legend or otherwise. I wanted to not just learn about it but understand it and the effects those things can have on our daily lives.



What kind of places do you investigate?

Pretty much anywhere, Forests, buildings, homes, cemeteries. But any time I do a residential home I never present findings or discuss it with anyone but the people living there. As I would not disrespect someone or their privacy like that.
And I don’t do a lot of cemeteries as to me it’s somewhat disrespectful to the final resting spot of someone’s loved ones.

When I do a cemetery I go out of my way to make sure it’s performed with the upmost respect by my self and my team. We do not provoke or agitate the spirit’s there and no one is allowed to step on graves or take anything away from them.

But other than that not much is off limits to me. As the more places I am willing to go the better my chances of learning from them.



What is your most frightening experience?

Hmm the most terrified I have ever been I wasn’t even on an investigation. I was in my early twenties and had been over at my sisters house one night watching movies just goofing off, And needed to run to the store for something. I went out of the house and started to my car when I noticed something felt wrong. Bad wrong. As I got closer to my car the feeling became much stronger.

There sitting in the drivers seat of my car was death. And I don’t mean a dark spirit or a entity I mean death. It was shrouded in black not like a robe but like a mass of black smoke or mist is the closest I can think of to describe it. When it raised it’s head and I saw what should of been it’s face I knew without a doubt what I was looking at.

There was no face just this deep black blank spot. It was literally like looking into nothing. Like an empty portal into forever. No face no stars no evil red eyes nothing just endless nothing. That’s the only time I have ever been scared to the point of crazy panic. I mean no thought other than the primal urge to flee. Even with the thing in my room it was no comparison to this.

When I finally came back to my senses I was in my sisters house and she had just smacked the crap out of me about 3 times. Because I was just screaming and crying. That is the most frightening thing I have or probably will experience in my life.



You have a new show called, Southern Mysteries. Can you tell us about that?

Sure, It’s the first show that I or my team have ever done. So we are defiantly new to this lol. I am Producing and releasing it on youtube. As well as a weekly talk show on blog talk radio. But the south is full of great mysteries, legends and places considered to be some of the most haunted places in the world. And there’s also a nearly endless supply of legends and strange happenings that’s not known or showed anywhere. And our team wants to investigate and share as many of these as we can with anyone that is interested in those types of places.



What was the inspiration behind creating Southern Mysteries?

Ever since I started my journey into the paranormal I wanted to learn all I could and help others who might have had their lives changed by something paranormal, supernatural, spiritual what ever you want to call it. There are many paranormal shows out there but the majority of those in or about the south or southern culture, Are done almost comical in their nature. They are full of bearded slang using stereo types. Sure they are entertaining and funny to watch which maybe is their goal I don’t know.

But to me that does a huge disservice and dishonor to those out there truly interested in these strange phenomenon. And to the people whose lives have been touched or changed by them. I want and hope that our episodes can show these mysteries in a more serious light.

Where people can get information, validation and answers they may be seeking. As well as interact with us have fun and even get help if they need it. So I would have to say that’s the inspiration behind the show.



Southern Mysteries has a trailer that can be seen on Youtube. I’ve viewed it and found it to be quite interesting. Mind sharing the link so that others can learn what Southern Mysteries is all about?

Not at all, would be glad to. You can find most of the information about our show, our group, what we are working on, And links to all our relevant pages at our blog site. Our goal is to eventually make our blog a one stop shop for all things related to what we do. But until then here are all of our sites.

Stop by, check us out, let us know what you think.



What methods do you use while conducting an investigation?

Our methods depend heavily on what type investigation it is. It can vary greatly from place to place. But there are some basic principles we always follow. Be Respectful. Never take anything at face value or assume anything. If it can be debunked then we want to do that. We aren’t just looking for evidence but also the truth. Be it paranormal or natural. Fact or hoax. We want to know the truth behind it not just what happens there.

I have three wonderful researchers that gather as much knowledge as they can about anywhere we go. Both reported happenings and historical significances. We always try to get as much information gathered on our investigations as possible. Sometimes over several days or even weeks. Photos, video, audio. Any type of recorded data we can get.

We also try devices such as apps, sound triggers. item triggers, environmental conditions. Tracking and hunting techniques in some cases. Pretty much whatever we think will get us the best results. While at the same time being as respectful and safe as possible.



If someone is experiencing paranormal activity and is in need of help, how can you be contacted?

If someone is in need of help or has questions about a personal situation with the paranormal they can contact us via private message on our facebook page and we will respond asap.

Anything discussed via private message will not be shared or discussed anywhere openly. All private communications will remain so unless the party contacting us releases it themselves.

If they just have questions or thoughts about the paranormal strange or anything like that. They are more than welcome to post a message on any of our sites. Facebook, Our blog or our youtube and radio pages.



Any words of wisdom you’d care to share?

Don’t let fear of the unknown be it paranormal or everyday life stop you from living it to the fullest. Be respectful and live your life with honor. Care about those around you living and gone. And they will care about you.

Life is going to be hard, its going to suck at times. But if you keep fighting and never bow down to that hardship even in failure you have already won the battle.

And last but not least, We are all human, we are going to screw up. It’s not what or how many times we get knocked down that matters. It’s how many times we get back up that counts.



James Wraieth


Southern Mysteries


Mark & Debby Constantino

By now I’m sure that many of you have heard about the tragedy involving EVP researchers, Mark and Debby Constantino. Sadly, they died yesterday. Here is the link where more information can be found about the shocking discovery.

Such a devastation that still leaves me in a state of disbelief. I’ve been a huge fan of theirs for a long time. Mark and Debby were both respected and well known in the paranormal community. Together they made appearances on Ghost Adventures and Paranormal State where they assisted with investigations. The Constantinos shared so much wisdom and insight that will never be forgotten.

According to the police reports made, domestic violence played a horrific part in their marriage. Something that is absolutely heartbreaking to discover. My heart goes out to the Constantinos and their loved ones. Mark and Debby will certainly be missed…..

National Domestic Violence Hotline (website)        1-800-799-7233 (phone number)





Darkness cannot prevail when light shines!



Haunted Silhouettes

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend! For those of us who are in the Northern Hemisphere, the Autumnal Equinox is vastly approaching. The season of cooler temps, warmer clothing and hot apple cider that’s stirred with those little cinnamon sticks. My absolute favorite time of year! Around the corner…. cozy hayrides, Halloween parties and Harvest festivals, can’t wait!!

Yesterday, I got a jump start on decorating my home for the upcoming season… yeah, I’m like a kid when it comes to these things. lol. Made a new tablecloth with some burgundy satin fabric that I picked up from Hobby Lobby. As a centerpiece for the table, a carved out artificial pumpkin with artistically arranged autumn foliage that sticks out from the top of the pumpkin. Also, I laid out matching place mats on the table in front of the chairs. Throughout the rest of my home can be found more whimsical decorations from silly faced jack o’lanterns made of plaster to a metal haunted house with flashing colored lights. Of course, I wouldn’t dare leave out a few witchy things… twig brooms and such…  And all the while doing this, the delicious aroma of cinnamon filled the air. Did I mention this is my favorite time of year?? lol 😉

Aside from doing all the above, I even got some supplies together and did a little homemade project. I’m a huge fan of arts and crafts and several days back, I discovered online how to create enchanting Halloween lanterns. I actually did the project a few days ago and enjoyed every minute of it! These adorable painted jars were so much fun to create. It can be done as a one person project or as a family fun time. I was so excited about doing this, as simple as it was, that I just had to share it with all of you!

I could tell you in detail how I painted these little whimsies, but that wouldn’t be fair. I believe in giving credit where credit is due. So, here is the wonderful site where I made the discovery. If you choose to take on this little project, I hope you enjoy it just as much as I did! Here is the site…. Enchanting Halloween Lanterns

And here are pics of the lanterns that I painted……

jars 7

jars 6

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The Emergence

Life is full of wondrous possibilities that are waiting for each of us to explore. We are all unique in our own special ways. Regardless of our differences, whether they are spiritual, visual or even political, we are all powerful individuals who deserve the absolute best that life has to offer. The Universe is a magical expansion of one’s desires. Believe in yourself and great things will happen!

Three extraordinary words to live by are “Believe. Achieve. Succeed.”  because together they can be used to create the solid foundation of one’s goals. First, we must believe in ourselves in order to know our own self-worth. After we discover that, then we can move on to achieving our life’s dreams. With the right amount of hard work and determination, our goals can and will be reached. Never allow the words “I can’t”  be a part of your vocabulary for they show weakness and lack of strength. Choosing positive words in a daily routine will guarantee a positive outcome. When you believe in yourself, you can achieve ultimate greatness and by doing that, you will succeed in discovering your inner most strength to empowerment.

Energy is all around us, good and bad. Stay strong and stand for what you truly believe in. Have faith and know that the power of positive affirmation does exist.

Here’s an idea, how about finally waking up one day to a bright new future. One where happiness and positive energy paves the way. Find the strength deep down inside that empowers each one of us to listen to that inner voice that yearns so badly to be heard. The voice that’s tapped into the Universe, giving everyone that unique connection, nudging us to move forward onto something better, leaving all that is negative behind… strengthening us to rise above all the adversities that try to weigh us down. Why not be that daring Phoenix that rises high above the ashes, soaring into something greater and causing one’s dreams to blossom into a beautiful reality, allowing us to discover the spirit within.

Darkness cannot prevail when light shines!

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Interview with GreenTara

Today I’m welcoming clairvoyant and spiritual advisor, GreenTara. Thank you, GreenTara for stopping by!



Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m a Mom, a sister, daughter, granddaughter, aunt, friend, foe, partner, co-worker, acquaintance, professional, and like everyone else I wear a mask. I wear a mask to hide my true self, my true feelings, my true thoughts and my true appearance. Until recently, I felt as though I was constantly swimming against the current. Struggling to find my place in society and life, hitting road block after road block and experiencing one disappointment after another. Financial struggles, loss of employment, issues with women, issues with men, among a plethora of other struggles. An overall feeling of disempowerment. It was hard to identify my strengths and gifts.

I prefer not to share too much about myself personally out of fear of the physical unknown. Just know that I am an ordinary human being who experiences the same joys, fears, trials, and other life events the same way anyone else does. I am vulnerable and strong, I am shy and outgoing, I am happy and sad. I am not looking to gain anything other than the ability to help other souls in their journey.

I come from a long line of spiritually gifted women, although I am probably the first to open up to the criticism and potential ridicule of an endeavour like this. The hard part for me, is talking about myself and putting myself out there advertising my services. Becoming GreenTara has allowed me to finally become who I was meant to become. It has pushed me out of my comfort zone to confront insecurity, fear, potential criticism, while at the same time allowing me to use my divine gifts, experience enlightenment and spiritual transcendence. I have not done this alone. I am fortunate to have the unconditional support of family and friends and a partner who has encouraged me to use my gifts. I am attempting to remove my mask, as difficult as that may be and I am making it my purpose to help others embrace themselves and join me in removing their masks.



How did you discover your abilities?

My abilities have always been there. As a little girl, I used to “make up” stories about people that I would encounter. These stories would play like a movie in my head and I always assumed that everyone else was able to do the same thing. I doubted my uniqueness. Aside from my never ending interest in all things spiritual or occult in nature, I pushed these thoughts aside and avoided talking too much about them. The older I became and the more life I experienced, the more awareness I had of my empathic and intuitive abilities. It wasn’t until I experienced a time in my life of pure devastation and was left an empty shell that I truly began to embrace my gifts. I had to be completely broken down, with a feeling of complete emptiness and nothingness before I was able to experience my metamorphosis and allow my soul to authenticate itself.

This started during my lowest time when conventional medical means of providing relief just didn’t seem to work and in fact, worsened the situation. I sought the help of a very special woman who was a gifted healer who focused on Reiki and shaman healing modalities. She not only helped me through this transition period, but she recognized my gifts and guided me in my current direction.

I started to read as many books I could get my hands on, attend workshops, goddess meditations, healing circles and dove head first into the spiritual community. I learned about the Akashic Records after having a reading done and ended up meeting a woman who has become my mentor. I had finally found the vehicle for how to use my gifts to help people. I realized that these stories that were playing in my head when I would look at people were in fact, real stories. Nothing in my life has come easier or more naturally for me. I continue to grow every day spiritually, trusting more and more in my empathic and intuitive abilities. There is nothing more satisfying than the feedback I receive from my clients about the tremendous amount of relief, understanding and completeness that floods them after a reading. There is no greater gift than one that gives back.



What is intuitive healing?

I’m sure there are many different definitions and thoughts on what intuitive healing is. My interpretation and implementation of intuitive healing is by using the senses to identify energy imbalances in the body. More specifically, the emotional body. I believe that people begin to heal when they become aware of things, especially when it comes to things that they feel, but are unable to explain. I use my intuitive instincts to help people become aware of the root causes for their imbalances, issues and unhealthy patterns of behaviour. When this awareness happens, people can take responsibility for their circumstances through understanding and acceptance and from there the true healing begins.



You refer to the Akashic Records when conducting your readings. In your words, what are the Akashic Records and how do you access them?

The Akashic Records are basically the energetic data base of the soul. Every soul has it’s own record and that record contains every choice that has ever been made by that soul. A choice refers to every thought, feeling, action and intention. Kind of like that stuff on our computers that we wish we could delete permanently, but are forever stored in the virtual information super highway and have a way of creeping up, resurfacing and wreaking havoc on our lives. I access the records by shifting my consciousness while in a meditative state or slight trance and reciting an ancient prayer to bring complete awareness to the records. From that point, I use a pendulum to dowse for answers to specific questions and scribble down any impressions, thoughts, feelings, sounds or smells that come to me. I use the same method while cooking my famous spaghetti sauce, but unfortunately this method hasn’t been as successful when it comes time to boil the pasta. Finally, I allow myself to sit back and watch the specific stories of past lives that are still influencing people in their lives today. I can tell you that there are times that you would not enjoy being a fly on the wall!!

When I access the Akashic Records, I take myself through a self guided visualization in which I envision a massive, beautiful, ornately carved wooden door. I walk through the door and experience a feeling of inner peace that is indescribable. The room looks like one giant, angelic library containing infinite numbers of old books. In the centre of the room is a table and it is on this table that I lay the record of my client for the reading. I do not access the records of anyone without their prior consent. The most important part of this room are the two Akashic Record Guides that help me to locate the soul’s information. I could spend hours in the Akashic Records and actually have to set an alarm to rouse me from my meditative state as I have been known to spend more time than I realized I was spending or had meant to. The warm, peaceful feeling and access to whatever information I desire is incredibly alluring. I access the records outside of a client’s reading for personal reasons, more specifically I look for information to help me on my spiritual path.



Being an empath, what methods do you practice to protect yourself from any negative energy that you may pick up while doing a reading?

To be honest with you, I don’t try to protect myself from negative energy because it’s this negative energy that’s contributing to the disruption in my client’s life. While I’m meditating and dowsing for information about a client’s past lives, their past life stories play like a movie in which I’m standing right there only not visible to the souls present. I can feel the fear, heartbreak, anguish, hurt and other emotions and physical sensations. I need to be able to allow myself to feel this in order to accurately portray the particular event that I’m witnessing. After every reading, I perform an energy clearing on both the client and myself in the form of a ritual and a prayer.

In day to day life, I believe that our abilities as empaths are truly attributed to having a higher consciousness of the oneness of us all. We are able to project and reflect the thoughts and feelings of others because these thoughts and feelings are something that we have experienced before, in either this lifetime or most likely past lifetimes. We cannot identify with something that is not within our frame of reference. If we try too hard to block this consciousness then we are denying both ourselves and others the opportunity to heal.

I recharge myself by spending time alone, in meditation. I smudge my home often, using locally grown, Northwestern Ontario sage and infuse my home with Reiki energy. I carry crystals on me, in my purse and display them strategically around my house. I practice daily mantras, in particular the GreenTara mantra which is a mantra of compassion and action, and calls GreenTara as a protector who comes to our aid to relieve us of physical, emotional and spiritual suffering. “Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha”.



What are your views about the paranormal?

I have always had an intense interest in the paranormal. As a child, I devoured Stephen King and other scary novels, watched every horror movie I could get my hands on, played with Ouija boards and was obsessed with haunted houses, alien abduction stories and any stories coming from people with experiences with ghosts. When I was younger I even used to try and hold seances by candlelight. I am to this day, always on the hunt for anything considered to be haunted and have many haunted places on my bucket list to visit, however I am much too aware of things now to be brave enough to even attempt a seance or play with a Ouija board. Nowadays, with the readings I am doing, I am clearing my clients of present and past life entity attachments should they happen to be carrying one around with them.



In your bio on your website you mention “soul level”. What does that mean?

When I refer to soul level, I am referring to a soul’s divine attributes as they were at the soul’s very inception. It’s pure, clean, virginal, untouched and unsullied. As time goes on, we become watered down and influenced by society, our families, religions, friends among others. We put on a mask, but forget the cape and become what we’re expected to become or what we think we should become and over the time of many lifetimes, we forget who we truly are. We become involved in a fight against our divine nature which leaves us feeling disillusioned, dissatisfied and uninspired. Embracing the divine gifts we have at soul level leads us to a life of completeness and abundance.



What are the types of services that you offer and can you give a brief description of each one?

I offer a number of different types of readings depending on the needs and interests of the client.

Complete Soul Profile

This is sort of a two part reading and the most popular type of reading I offer. With this reading, I access the Akashic Records to find out my client’s soul’s original energetic qualities. I also determine what kinds of issues from their past lives are still causing a disturbance in their lives today and then go right back to the past life when the choice was made. Through conscious awareness of the choice that was made, the client is able to be cleared of the energy that is blocking them. We also explore the client’s divine gifts and discuss how they could be used to create better conditions in their life today. This reading is offered in time blocks of 60 minutes, 90 minutes and 120 minutes. The additional time is to allow us to explore more in-depth information and answer more questions that may arise.

You can also request a Complete Soul Profile on a child or on a spouse.

Akashic Records Reading

During this type of reading, I access the Akashic Records while the client is on the phone and I answer questions that the client may have based on the information that I receive. Most of the time, this type of reading will relate past life events to what may be going on with the client in present day. This reading is offered in blocks of 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 120 minutes depending on how deep and how much information the client would like.

Relationship Reading

This is similar to the Complete Soul Profile only it involves more than one person. This helps both parties to understand one another at soul level. This can be a romantic or intimate relationship, a parent and child, siblings, friends etc. During this type of reading we can explore the past lives that you’ve lived together. This may help to make sense of any disharmony, conflict and issues that may be arising or have already arisen. This reading can also help clients understand each other’s divine gifts and how to support one another in life.

Akashic Meditation

An Akashic Meditation is a guided meditation in which I guide you into your own records and assist you in exploring your own story and past lives. This reading is only offered in a 30 minute block of time as that’s just about the maximum amount of time that someone new to the Akashic Records would be able to spend at one time.

Spiritual and Self Love Coaching

When it comes to Spiritual and Self Love Coaching, we access the information from the Akashic Records to design an individual path of manifesting, transcendence and transformation. This is all client driven depending on their area of intention and desired area of abundance. I always start the Coaching process with a Complete Soul Profile so we can use this soul level information to assist us on this journey. This is offered in one hour sessions and a package of four is offered at a reduced rate.



For those who would like to have a reading, how would they be able to contact you?

Telepathic means are usually the best way. Focus your intention on getting a hold of me and expect a call within twenty four hours!


There are various “contact me” links on my website, you can send me an email to or you can contact me through the facebook page



Any positive words of enlightenment you’d care to share?

Be brave and take off the mask. Take responsibility for the choices in your life that have lead you to your current circumstance and become the Creator of your own Experience. Trust your instincts. If a potential choice gives you a feeling of lightness then that is the right choice. If a potential choice makes you feel heavy inside then you might want to explore a different choice. Lastly, if you’re experiencing poltergeist activity in your home, you might want to consider calling the Ghostbusters.





Green Tara