Should you ever find yourself victim….

“Should you ever find yourself victim of other people’s bitterness, jealousy, lies and insecurities, don’t let it bother you. Remember… things could be worse, you could be them.” ~ Attitude to Inspiration


A Ghostly Perspective

This next post was inspired by a film that I’ve recently watched titled, The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia. The film is based on a true story and here is its description: “A historic Southern home’s new residents come face to face with a malevolent force.”

While watching, that was when it dawned on me that I was already familiar with the people portrayed in the film. I had seen them on other paranormal shows talking about their story and discussing the daughter’s ability of clairvoyance and communicating with the dead.

After I finished watching the film, it got me to thinking about ghosts and why some of them seem to be so malevolent. Perhaps their spirit isn’t actually malevolent at all. Maybe they just seem that way because they are trying to convey a message to the living. And after countless failed attempts of communication with the living, the ghosts become enraged because they have something to say but have no way of reaching the other side.

I know it may sound crazy, even far-fetched, but it made me think. So, by the time these ghosts finally find someone with whom they are able to communicate, they’re ready to unleash all their built-up emotions. And with the rush of feeling (and the fact that they’re dead) it’s easy to understand why the living can get so terrified by a paranormal encounter.

It makes total sense to me. Put yourself in their position. One day you’re walking down the street and all is well, then unfortunately something tragically out of the blue happens and you’re no longer part of the living. You’re now on the other side. You’re terrified, freaking out and you have no one to turn to. You try so hard to communicate with the living, but nothing – nadda. You try and try until one day your persistence finally becomes successful when you’re able to communicate with someone. But by this time, when you’re able to speak to a clairvoyant or whomever, you’ve got all this rush of excitement and that’s what scares the living because it becomes too overwhelming for them to handle.

Now this isn’t me in any way, shape or form, discarding all malevolent entities as non-malevolent. Extreme caution should always be utilized when investigating the paranormal because there are evil creatures/beings on the other side. So, be careful!

But the film did make me think and I wanted to share……


Season of the Witch

It’s that time of the year again! Halloween is just around the corner, love it…. My fave holiday!

Fall weather is here…. Pumpkin spice and everything nice…. Ghosts, goblins, spooks and ghouls… And the ever enchanting witch. Magic is definitely in the air!

I, myself am Wiccan. I practice white magic. So with that being said, I hold a very special place in my heart for witches.

One of my fave songs is a cover by Lana Del Rey titled, “Season of the Witch”.

Also, I just finished a shadowy sketch of a witch. Added a soft pink for her lips… Kept it simple.

Sketch by Sheila Renee Parker

“An it harm none, do what thou will.”

Blessed be, everyone!

~ Sheila 💋

The Power of Positive Affirmation: Positively Amazing!

What a fantastic way to live, bringing forth one’s own positive energy to create a sense of empowerment. Now I know that life isn’t always a bowl of Hershey Kisses, but each and every single one of us has the ability to manifest great things in our lives.

On a television show that I’ve recently viewed, the host was conveying a very inspiring message. It was right after I finished writing “Hearing Angels”, an article about angelic communication. I was already feeling a great deal of positive energy when I started watching what was on t.v., but for some reason the show really pulled me in. The entire thirty minutes of its air time was one continuous uplifting message. I was in such awe because of the timing. It was like a message of affirmation…. a positive reinforcement of what I had just finished writing prior to the show.

It helped me to better understand that we all have this remarkable sense of power within us. A strength that resides deep within our well-being that yearns to surface so that each of us can manifest our dreams, birthing them into reality.

All we have to do is be positive. I know sometimes that’s not easy to do. Trust me, I’ve had my share of hardships too, but whether or not to let that weigh me down was my choice. And I chose not to let it weigh me down. Instead, I allowed those difficult times to show me how to better myself, not just for me, but for those around me as well.

Energy is all around us, good and bad. Stay strong and stand for what you believe in. Focus on all that is good and positive things will happen. Have faith and know that the power of positive affirmation does exist.

Light will always prevail!

~ Sheila 💋

The Figurines: Revisited

A few years ago I wrote an article about a doll collection titled, The Figurines. Now this collection consisted of two pilgrim dolls, a boy and a girl that once belonged to a family member that had passed away decades ago. Why I wrote about the figurines was to share with you their haunting little tale of how they both were placed, side-by-side and facing out, yet for no plausible explanation, my mother and I would find the figurines turned completely around with their backs to us.

This happened more times than I could remember. My mother and I tried to rationalize the bizarre phenomenon, but were never able to come up with any answers. The only thing she and I could honestly attribute it to was our family member with whom the figurines had originally belonged to. Perhaps it was our loved one’s way of simply saying hello because we never felt a sense of malevolence with any episode of the figurines’ paranormal activity.

When I wrote about them, I included an online image that I discovered to help illustrate my experience. Since then, my mother and I have discussed the dolls and she has actually found the original figurines that she had kept away in a box in storage for safe keeping. And guess what?? She handed them down to me! Not long before the holidays began, I received my mother’s package containing the pilgrim boy and girl figurines. The following image is what they really look like. I’m very excited about sharing this with all of you!

After removing the figurines from the package, I conducted a proper cleansing by using sage and all has been well! Haven’t experienced anything otherworldly since the figurines’ arrival and I have been, and will continue to be, extremely pleased to have them proudly displayed in my home for everyone to see!


Thought for Today….

If someone gave you a rose, would you admire it for its beauty? Or would you criticize it for its thorns? 🤔 Or, would you appreciate the purpose of the thorns and understand the protection that they provide the flower from harmful predators?

Simple post, but life is all about perception. Have a great day, Happy Friday all you wonderful people!

~ Sheila 💋

Letting go……

“Letting go ……” Two simple words, yet they speak absolute volumes.

When two people argue, it’s easy to constantly go in circles, going around and around over the most vicious of things. One person trying to outdo the other with constant arguing, by comparing the past with the present. Of course, we always want to have the last word, it’s in our nature to do so in order to prove a point. But is that something that’s truly wise to do? Or, is it better to just simply “let go”?

By letting go even the simplest of things, we no longer let them have power over us. Whatever happened in the past, even if it was yesterday, that’s still in the past. Today is the “present” … for a reason… It’s a “gift”, an opportunity for better things. “One day at a time”, as cliche as that sounds.

Unfortunately, we as individuals tend to focus and overthink things. Is that something bad? Not necessarily, because in order to have mental clarity, we do have to think about things, but to constantly let our minds roll around and circle day after day, the same negative energy, is not a healthy process. So, if we focus on said things, then that means that we are not allowing ourselves to move forward, and to strengthen our minds and become the amazing people that we truly are meant to be. Often times we tend to focus too much on things. If we learn to let go and embrace the moment, we will feel so much more at peace. At least that’s what I have learned. If a person keeps thinking about things, then they are not allowing room to improve and grow from the experience.

I used to be so bad about always wanting to have the last word and win an argument, but then that was my ego getting the best of me. And throughout the years, I have learned to grow from those negative energies, and try my best each and every single day to be more positive. I no longer have to have the last word during any type of discussion / argument. I actually try my best to avoid confrontation.

Communication vs. Confrontation…. Communication is an important tool, something that we should all practice, but once it leads to confrontation, that’s something totally different. So anytime I feel that communication is becoming heated, or escalated, I try to collect my thoughts and back down. Now, does that mean that I am conceding and letting the other person win? Absolutely not! But, I’m just learning and growing from that experience because I refuse to let negative energy bring me down to that level. Why? Because I don’t need that kind of energy and neither does anyone else. So, by letting go of anything negative is an empowering practice!

Here’s a little something I practice quite regularly…. A quick breathing technique that I love is …… Slowly inhaling through the nose for a count of five and as you’re doing so, breathing in positive energy.. Hold that breath for a count of ten (making sure to fill the lungs with oxygen and allow the abdomen to open up with the lungs) and embrace all that is good. And then, exhaling that breath out the mouth for another count of five, releasing negative energy. And there you have it…. “Letting go….” 😊

Stay strong, stay blessed and remember.. YOU ROCK!!!

~ Sheila 💋

Taking a moment to “just breathe”… and feeling those amazing positive vibes…. ❤️