Vampires: Bloodthirsty or Energy Fed?

Recently I watched the classic 1987 vampire film, The Lost Boys. Great cast, awesome storyline and a killer soundtrack! I was just eleven years old when I first watched it on the silver screen and it was at that young age when my fascination with the fanged creatures emerged.

The Lost Boys, a group of reckless youths embracing their immortality that try their best to recruit an unsuspecting newcomer into their bloodthirsty ranks. Reluctantly he resists, but with a struggle so defiant that he almost gives into temptation. The forces of good and evil battle it out with a nail biting ending that’s sure to satisfy the hunger of any horror fan.

I have honestly watched this movie so many times that I’ve seriously lost count. But every time that I watch it, it’s like watching it for the first time all over again. I loved the eccentric grandpa, especially when he used Windex as aftershave right before he left to go out on a date with the widow Johnson. That scene cracks me up every time! The grandpa even said one of my favorite movie quotes… “One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach; all the damn vampires.”

However alluring these creatures of the night may seem, romanticized by some of Hollywood’s finest, in the paranormal world a similar creature has been reported to exist.
It’s often referred to as an “energy vampire”. Unlike its popular counterpart, the energy vampire doesn’t have pearly white fangs that are waiting to pierce the warm flesh of its victims to taste the crimson nectar that we call blood. These preternatural beings are said to appear as shadows without any definite shape or form. How they “feed” is by finding a host (someone that the energy vampire can psychically latch onto) and drain the individual of their energy. This supernatural creature can emit negative energy that weighs its victim down emotionally, mentally and physically. Their victim can experience a great deal of exhaustion, possibly a lack of appetite and even depression that can become so intense through time that professional help may be required.

Having a positive mindset will strengthen one’s well-being and a fierce belief in one’s inner light can easily negate anything that’s negative. There’s an ethereal beauty that resides in the light within us and there is nothing that can darken our will power as long as we remain strong!

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15 thoughts on “Vampires: Bloodthirsty or Energy Fed?

  1. My first vampire film was “Nosferatu” and I was just eight. Shouldn’t have watch it and I got hell scared! LOL

    Later, I watched “Fright Night” of 1985 – I really love it. So classical and so simple. I really do not admire the re-make and with all its camera tricks and stunts.

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  2. I caught part of “Lost Boys” in a hotel room in 1990 when I was about eight or nine. Cable television was a foreign, luxurious concept in those days– and I was impressed.

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  3. I loved the movie ‘Lost Boys’. You are right – it does have a great sound track. So, is this energy vampire the same as Shadow People, or are there characteristics particular to them?

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    • In my experience, I’ve encountered many shadow people throughout my life and never felt anything like what people have reported feeling from energy vampires. With me, I consider shadow people as watchers. I’ve never felt anything draining from them. I’m an empath and can feel emotions pretty easily.

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      • We have a SHadow Man in our hallway. We see him out the corner of our eyes. But I have never felt anything from him but just being an observer or a watcher. Even the dogs don’t seem to be bothered by him.

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  4. Unfortunately there are far too many Energy Vampires for my taste and they lurk everywhere. It is easy to be pulled into their realm because fighting sometimes seems futile. We can not succomb. We most conquer this beast at every turn. Once you start the path to join, it is ever more difficult to reverse fields.

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  6. I have had a lot of experience with energy vampires or psychic vampires, they are also people and are very draining. They draw off the good energy from good souls and this makes the good weak and powerless whilst the vampire is energised.

    Shadow people you may not feel them interact with you but they cause more harm than the vampires, they create the chaos in your life. The ochestrate many misfortunes in your life. They live on the Astral Plane can easily be invoked.

    My prayers help with protection against these creatures in reality they are demons. Both the vampire person and the entity can be very had to get rid of.

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