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Send Sunshine: “My husband and I were excited to expand our living areas in 2012 since we live in the Pacific Northwest where rainy days are commonplace. We built our house in 1999 on a virgin piece of forest land. The remodel allowed our granddaughter to run or ride her tricycle around a makeshift track, circling the kitchen island and through the family room.

Her energy level was exceptional at the age of two and would have my husband race her in looping circles, constantly. Living with us, every day, she would chant, “Chase me, chase me.” On occasion, I’d give in but, personally, being out of shape and tired easily; the routine most often saved for her grandfather. She awoke before the birds at 5 am and was ready to, “run, run, run,” or drive her trike like an Indie car racer, narrowly missing more than one occasional obstacle.

At this age, she used single words and was working on developing full sentences. Her favorite lines were those above, “chase me,” “run, run, run,” and, “lady.” She’d grab my husband by the arm and have him follow her as they’d laugh and begin their laps. She made sure he stayed a certain pace behind her and continued to call him “lady.”

They’d giggle, pretend he was a monster, take water breaks and begin all over.

The year went on, and her vocabulary grew, she gained a small Pomeranian who joined the melee, barking like a wild thing in pursuit of the two-person parade. Imagine, whizzing past you a slick pink tricycle tricked out like a Harley Davidson, a tireless granddad jogging behind it while the sun has hours before it’s yet to rise and a crazy, yapping fluff ball whose foaming mouth and low-growled frenzy would lead one to believe he carried rabies.

One day while trailing her, my husband decided to ask, “Babe, why do you always call me, Lady?” she briefly looked back, responding out of breath, “No, no, she’s behind you.””



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Lori Davies: Hallway on the fourth floor, you could hear her crying. The halls flooring took away my husbands equilibrium. The creepy feeling of someone you can’t see or acknowledge. The cold spots and the ghost boy in the elevator. So my story goes like this, January 26th, 2018 checked in at 4 p.m. waited for the elevator that only holds 5 people. Me being sensitive I love these old buildings. I can hear them but they don’t know this I don’t let on. A young boy 17 or so rides the elevator. He loves to see the people get on and off. He rides and like a small child you can hear him say “wee” it’s very interesting. The hall to our room was dark and deserted. I faintly heard a woman weeping. I didn’t let on I heard her until we were in the room, I told my husband I heard a faint whimpering like a crying lady. I pushed it into the back of my head and we went on our mini vacation. We got familiar with our room and unpacked a few things before going for dinner. While walking down the hallway on our way out I heard the lady crying but of course could not see her. We kept moving on and reached the lounge for dinner and I told Brian I heard her, and he proceeded to tell me how off he feels. We enjoyed dinner and conversations before returning to our room. It was quiet on the way in however our night turned into a story. 2:15 a.m. she came into our room, 4ft 11in long blackish hair very tiny frame wearing a long wavy night gown. She tells me she was in love with James a prominent gentleman who was married with a family. She told me of her meetings with him 3 or 4 times a week and this had been going on for moths. Her name was Elizabeth and she was a woman of the night and she kept James company the majority of the week. He was either a banker or worked with paper like the newspaper or something. She was in love with James and tells me how he had planned to leave and go further south for work and Elizabeth was so upset by his news. Elizabeth thought he would stay with her and marry her but he already had a family. This news came as such a shock that the night she found out, she ran a bath and slit her wrists with a straight blade and died. She roams the hotel waiting for him to return and she is so angry that she let herself feel so abandoned. She enjoys the people coming and going because she feels less alone. Elizabeth visited my husband and I every night we stayed there. She woke Brian up at 3:30 a.m. by shaking him. And she would rub my hand and arm usually around 2 a.m. She informed me of over 30 spirits at the Basin 2 of which are a couple who parishes in a fire, and 2 teenage boys 17 and 18. Needless to say the 4th floor is a very good place for speaking to Elizabeth and the elevator is a good place for one young man who loves to ride. We only shared the story of Elizabeth because that’s all I would allow in my space, but I learned of a woman in love who still roams the halls of the 1905 Basin Hotel.”

(Photo by Lori Davies)