Floating Transformations

Lately, it seems like I have been super fascinated with clouds. Yep, as random as that is. Lol

Life is full of changes, that’s why it’s so important to stay positive and count our blessings each and every single day!

While going for walks (and the occasional road trip), I can’t help but notice the clouds. As they drift by, they remind me of life. The clouds, being so different… from one floating body to the next… are like snowflakes, no two are alike.

Some appear to have a bright silver lining, while others don’t. Much like the ups and downs of life. And yet, the clouds still drift by, transforming and changing their shapes with the winds. Some times the clouds “cry” with their rain, while other times they make way for the sun to shine. They make things seem so simple. Which makes me wonder, why do we as humans tend to complicate things? For so many different reasons, I guess.

As I get older and face the changes that lie ahead, I am finally learning to accept that which I cannot control, embrace the unknown and love myself all the more with an open mind and an open heart. And to realize that it’s ok to smile and cry all in the same day. Sometimes even on the sunniest of days, rain can still fall. Actually, going for a nice, brisk walk in the rain can be quite invigorating, just sayin’!

Life is what we make it…. 😉

~ Sheila 💋

Here are some randomness from some of my walks… Had to share! ❤️


It’s great to be alive!!

Hope you’re all off to a fantastic start! Remember to pay it forward with those beautiful smiles and positive vibes!

Massive love to you all! YOU ROCK!!!

~ Sheila 💋

Cotton Candy Skies…..

Just a couple of photos of yesterday’s glorious morning sky above Mobile Bay in Mobile, Alabama.

Look at those beautiful cotton candy colors….. *sigh*…. breathtaking! Even saw a rainbow as I was out. Actually, saw two rainbows… One in Mobile yesterday morning and the other one when I arrived a few hours later in Tennessee.

Life is full of blessings! Enjoy and feel those amazing positive vibes, everyone!

Much love and light to you all!

~ Sheila 💋

Road Trip

Road trips are necessary, even if they’re short and sweet! They’re wonderful opportunities to take in the scenery and appreciate life even more.

Here are some awesome photos while in Pensacola, Florida. As random as they are…. the trees…. water …. clouds….. *sigh*…. Love them! 🤗

Had to share because I love you all!!

Stay blessed!

~ Sheila 💋

Breathing in the Beauty

Good morning, everyone! Waking up to another rainy day here on the Gulf Coast while sipping on some coffee. Hope you’re all off to a great start!

Last night we went out for an evening drive, windows down and jammin’ to some tunes. *Sometimes ya just gotta feel the beat!*

We ended up at a local peir as the sun was setting. The vibrant colors changing from day to night… Intense yellows to the deep oranges… Finally blending in with the rising blues. One word…. “Gorgeous!”

It’s so important to randomly take moments to stop and “breathe in the beauty”. Really makes one appreciate life all the more, don’t ya think? 😉

Here are some photos of the radiant sunset we were blessed to experience. Hope you enjoy!

Stay blessed!!

~ Sheila 💋

Ahhh…. New Orleans!!

Happy weekend, one and all!! It is a beautiful sunny day here on the Gulf Coast! Got up waaayyyy early this morning to travel three hours west from my home in Alabama to have breakfast at Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Yeah, yeah… I know what I said in yesterday’s post about eating healthy… (Actually, I have sliced bananas and apples on my dehydrator now….. Mmmmmm…. )… But on occasion I do like to indulge, and this morning I had beignets and coffee!

While in the historical city of New Orleans, I went sight seeing (like the tourist that I was…. Lol). Had such an awesome time. The sun was shining high above with the occasional cloud drifting by.

People all around, shops, art, music, street performers…. You name it!! Absolutely love the city and its active atmosphere!! Been there several times, yet each time is just like the first. If you’ve never visited New Orleans, I highly recommend it!

Walking through the French Quarters is like walking back in time. To see all of the architecture takes my breath away…. beautiful!! The horse and buggy carriages with their guided tours add to the feel of “yester year”. Everyone there is so friendly….. I can literally go on and on…. Had such a great time that I wanted to share with all of you because you all are so important to me, you make me just as blessed and happy!!

~ Sheila 💋

The following are some more photos…. 😊