“Spooky Random Fact: #20”

“Spooky Random Fact: #20”

 “Wiccaphobia” … now this phobia is rather interesting to me…..

Why? Because of my own personal beliefs and spiritual journey. Wiccaphobia: which is the fear of witches and/or witchcraft. I am Wiccan, a solitary one who practices the use of white magic, and there’s definitely no reason to fear anything I do. I only believe in promoting love and light. I am well aware of those who practice dark magic, and I also stay away from them. However, that doesn’t mean that I fear them.

But respectfully, it’s easy to fear that which one doesn’t understand. It takes strength, courage and faith to overcome adversity. That’s why I always encourage educating oneself. It helps to eliminate misinformation and eradicate fears.

To learn more about other phobias, including Samhainphobia: which is the fear of Halloween, read more at Phasmophobia: A Ghostly Fear.





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Vegas Supernatural: 2 Year Anniversary Event!!!


Join Reverend Shawn Whittington, host of Vegas Supernatural and I as we go LIVE tomorrow (Monday, October 16th) at 5 p.m. PST / 8 p.m. EST for the exciting celebration of Vegas Supernatural’s 2 Year Anniversary!!!!

And in honor of this phenomenal show and to get a spooky jump-start on the Halloween season, we previously had a contest of people submitting their ghostly tales…. and the winner having their terrifying tale read LIVE on the show!!! Well, with all the bone-chilling entries, we came across a tie between two frightfully, scary stories!!! We loved them and we know you all will, too!! I mean, c’mon…. who doesn’t love a story full of thrills and chills, right?!

I’ll even be sharing one of my ghostly, poetic creations that was based on one of my very own personal paranormal experiences!

This a very exciting time for Reverend Shawn Whittington and his fantastically, awesome radio show, Vegas Supernatural!!! Not only is Reverend Shawn and his show extremely informative, but he creates a radio experience that is well beyond extraordinary! Hope you all will be able to tune in as we celebrate this momentous occasion!!


Vegas Supernatural: http://kcorradio.com/KCOR/Vegas-Supernatural-Shawn-Whittington-KCOR-Digital-Radio-Network.php


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/2024119131153934/?acontext=%7B%22ref%22%3A%22108%22%2C%22action_history%22%3A%22null%22%7D


CONTEST: Have Your Horror Story Read LIVE On Vegas Supernatural!!!

Unleash the beast within and enter for your chance to win!!!


To have your bone chilling story read LIVE on Vegas Supernatural! That’s right all you ghosts and ghouls! Do you have a freakishly frightening tale that’s been dying to get out? Then, unleash that beast! It’s time to release the monster lurking inside you! Is it scratching beneath the surface, just begging to be heard? Make it wait no more! We want to hear what it has to say!


As we all know, the Halloween season is vastly approaching! And in honor of this spooky holiday, I along with host Reverend Shawn Whittington of Vegas Supernatural, are having a contest!


In a thousand words or less, let that ghoulish creature of yours have its turn to speak. Turn those words into the most terrifying tale you can create. But remember folks, let’s keep that monstrous creativity a bit at bay and no vulgarities in your tale. We still have to show our monsters who’s boss!



On Monday, October 16th I will read the lucky winner’s scary story live on air, on Vegas Supernatural with host Reverend Shawn Whittington!

Submit your spooky tales to…. Contact Sheila Renee Parker

Deadline for this awesome contest is Wednesday, October 11th!!!! Remember…. The scarier, the better….. and bring those nightmares to life…. We want to be terrified!!!



Happy Halloween!!!

I know it’s a day early, but I just wanted to take a very special moment to wish you all a Happy Halloween! As I’ve said before, this is my absolute fave time of year. The temperatures become cooler, warm Autumn smells fill the air and holiday baked goodies tend to be at their yummiest!

Carving pumpkins has always been a huge tradition with my family. The creativity involved just adds to the excitement. And then… there’s the baking of the pumpkin seeds! Right before putting them in the oven, I like to add some sea salt to give them a little extra bit of deliciousness. Oh, and did I mention that as we carved pumpkins yesterday, we baked nearly three dozen peanut butter cookies. Yes, we did and I would love to share them with you! 🙂

There’s also the marathon of fave horror movies to make this haunted holiday all the scarier. Earlier in the week I recorded Masque of the Red Death (a short story by Edgar Allan Poe) starring the late, great Vincent Price. A true classic in my opinion, another fave. Since my childhood, I’ve always loved the works of Poe and his creative ingenious as he brought out an eerie darkness that has resonated amongst his fans.

With so many different fun things going on this time of year, I decided to explore the stores to see what I could find to add to this season’s decorations. A couple of weeks ago I went shopping and found an adorable, yet simple, witch’s hat. (An image of this sweet addition is even included at the end of this post.)

When I got to the register, the cashier asked, “Are you gonna be a witch for Halloween?” I casually laughed and answered, “I already am one.”

She jokingly replied, “I thought you were kidding.” I grinned while shaking my head and told her, “Actually, I’m Wiccan.”

Then, we had a brief conversation about spirituality. The young lady was very cool and extremely open-minded.

The encounter made me giggle because of its innocence, which made me want to share it with you. As I always say, “Be Original. Be True. Be YOU!” 😉 )O(


Alright, everyone, I’ve shared with you a few of mine and my family’s Halloween traditions, would love to hear what are some of your favorite things that you like to do? Don’t be shy, this is an open-minded site where everyone is welcome to share!


Blessed Samhain! )O(

Love & Light,                                                                                                                         Sheila




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Pumpkins my son and I carved yesterday. 🙂



Happy Halloween!

Just a quick little note to wish you all a very Happy Halloween….. Blessed Samhain…  Dia de los Muertos, All Saints Day…. however you choose to celebrate this weekend… be safe, be blessed and enjoy!

Since Wednesday, my son and I carved a couple of fun jack-o’-lanterns and baked some yummy salted pumpkin seeds! I even infused several pine cones with cinnamon essential oil to welcome the warm fragrance throughout our home. Tomorrow, we’ll be attending a local festival followed by an evening of watching a spooky movie or two. Not only is this a jovial time of year, to me it’s also quite special, spiritually. So, from our home to yours…. much love and light!



Hear are the awesome jack-o’-lanterns that my son and I carved and the yummy salted pumpkin seeds that we baked!

jack 2

jack 1



And here’s a video that I’ve discovered titled, Halloween Around The World. Wanted to share it with all of you…. I found it to be rather interesting… 🙂




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Haunted Silhouettes

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend! For those of us who are in the Northern Hemisphere, the Autumnal Equinox is vastly approaching. The season of cooler temps, warmer clothing and hot apple cider that’s stirred with those little cinnamon sticks. My absolute favorite time of year! Around the corner…. cozy hayrides, Halloween parties and Harvest festivals, can’t wait!!

Yesterday, I got a jump start on decorating my home for the upcoming season… yeah, I’m like a kid when it comes to these things. lol. Made a new tablecloth with some burgundy satin fabric that I picked up from Hobby Lobby. As a centerpiece for the table, a carved out artificial pumpkin with artistically arranged autumn foliage that sticks out from the top of the pumpkin. Also, I laid out matching place mats on the table in front of the chairs. Throughout the rest of my home can be found more whimsical decorations from silly faced jack o’lanterns made of plaster to a metal haunted house with flashing colored lights. Of course, I wouldn’t dare leave out a few witchy things… twig brooms and such…  And all the while doing this, the delicious aroma of cinnamon filled the air. Did I mention this is my favorite time of year?? lol 😉

Aside from doing all the above, I even got some supplies together and did a little homemade project. I’m a huge fan of arts and crafts and several days back, I discovered online how to create enchanting Halloween lanterns. I actually did the project a few days ago and enjoyed every minute of it! These adorable painted jars were so much fun to create. It can be done as a one person project or as a family fun time. I was so excited about doing this, as simple as it was, that I just had to share it with all of you!

I could tell you in detail how I painted these little whimsies, but that wouldn’t be fair. I believe in giving credit where credit is due. So, here is the wonderful site where I made the discovery. If you choose to take on this little project, I hope you enjoy it just as much as I did! Here is the site…. Enchanting Halloween Lanterns

And here are pics of the lanterns that I painted……

jars 7

jars 6

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