“Spooky Random Fact: #20”

“Spooky Random Fact: #20”

 “Wiccaphobia” … now this phobia is rather interesting to me…..

Why? Because of my own personal beliefs and spiritual journey. Wiccaphobia: which is the fear of witches and/or witchcraft. I am Wiccan, a solitary one who practices the use of white magic, and there’s definitely no reason to fear anything I do. I only believe in promoting love and light. I am well aware of those who practice dark magic, and I also stay away from them. However, that doesn’t mean that I fear them.

But respectfully, it’s easy to fear that which one doesn’t understand. It takes strength, courage and faith to overcome adversity. That’s why I always encourage educating oneself. It helps to eliminate misinformation and eradicate fears.

To learn more about other phobias, including Samhainphobia: which is the fear of Halloween, read more at Phasmophobia: A Ghostly Fear.





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7 thoughts on ““Spooky Random Fact: #20”

  1. I’m not Wiccan myself, but I find it fascinating and have a couple of books on it. I think one thing that drives people’s phobia of it is this ridiculous misconception that it’s synonymous with Devil worship. I was reading about this misconception and the writer said that one of the funny things about this misconception is that Wiccans don’t even believe in the Devil!

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    • Right?! I am Wiccan and I don’t believe in the Devil. However, I do believe in negative entities, but that doesn’t mean that they’re the Devil. If that were the case then negative people would be the Devil, too…. (I’m only speaking on my own personal beliefs here, not to dance on anyone’s toes, nor be disrespectful towards anyone else’s beliefs.)


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