My First Paranormal Experience

I was a small child, just barely school age when I had my first experience with the paranormal. I’ve never spoken publicly about it until now, not even at my public speaking events nor book signings have I ever brought up the incident of which I’m about to tell you. Yes, I’ve openly discussed my encounters with shadow people, being touched by spirits, my ability of being an empath and also my ability of angelic communication, but never openly discussed my first recollection of a paranormal encounter. Why? Because to many people, it may sound a bit macabre and strange.

Like I said earlier, I was a small child when it happened. A little girl all dressed up in Sunday clothes right after church services were over. The day was sunny and warm, and the church members were carrying on lighthearted conversations as they were walking out of the building. As my family conversed, my attention was oddly drawn towards the cemetery for no apparent reason, which was only a few feet away. This church was a small, country one with not a very big congregation at all. So the atmosphere was safe and there was no cause for concern as I walked towards the graves. The ground had been undisturbed for quite sometime, meaning that there had been no recent funerals to speak about. Yet, I was undeniably drawn to a particular grave for which I had no connection with. The deceased wasn’t a family member, nor a friend. In fact, the individual had been dead for many years prior to our joining the church. But as I neared the grave, I began to detect a very faint smell. It was one that I had never experienced before, quite fragrant and soft. The inviting smell drew me even closer to the peaceful plot.

Now keep in mind that no one followed me and that everyone from the church were several feet away, meaning that the scent from their perfume/cologne dissipated as I walked away from them. However, this new scent grew stronger as I approached the grave. It was so beautiful and intriguing that it made me want to investigate its origin. The headstone was void of any floral arrangements that would give plausible cause for the unexplained smell. So, I continued to let my nose lead the way which made me only inches above the ground. At this point, I was literally sniffing the Earth that was immediately below my nose. Only grass separated me from the dirt. Yet, this inconceivable fragrance had become even stronger. In my innocent mind I started seeing brief images of bones, like I was looking down into the grave below. Was I led to this spot by the deceased individual? Perhaps what I was smelling was the beautiful fragrance they wore when they were alive. Maybe the spirit of the deceased noticed my gift and wanted to connect with me.

I wanted so badly to take my little fingers and dig into the dirt so I could find out more, but was abruptly stopped upon my grandmother’s discovery. And ever since then, every time I see bones, I’m quickly reminded of the beautiful fragrance I’ve never experienced again. The incident still remains a mystery to me, a fascination that I will never forget.

~ Sheila Renee Parker

How do you recharge?

Hi, everyone!! I am so excited about writing this post that I am going to jump right into it! 😊

Yesterday I got a lot of fresh, beautiful produce, so today what am I doing?? Dehydrating!! Green beans…. carrots ….. and cucumbers (which make a yummy alternative to potato chips!).

Anywho, I love eating healthy and promoting the importance of doing so. If you and I are connected on Facebook and Instagram, then you have seen a lot of my posts about homemade goodies. I try not to use butter (I use unsweetened applesauce instead when baking), egg whites instead of egg yolks…. Flourless recipes….. And sugar substitutes that do not contain aspartame. I am also a HUGE fan of produce, rather than processed foods which contain a lot of unhealthy ingredients that I can’t even begin to pronounce. So, with that being said…. If they’re big, super crazy words that ya can’t pronounce and it’s an ingredient that’s man-made, then it probably shouldn’t be put into the body.

Besides, produce…. Made by our beautiful Earth, so full of healing and healthy nutrients…. Amazing benefits…. And the colors of the produce!! I mean, look at what I got yesterday, those vibrant colors!! And so YUM!!

And yesterday I sauteed romaine lettuce… Which makes a delicious side dish!! So easy to make, I love it!!

Eating healthy and taking care of ourselves is extremely important in keeping our mental clarity in check. It helps us to focus on our abilities better. I know it helps me with being an Empath and psychic. Why? Because eating a lot of unhealthy fats, sugars and carbs make me feel sluggish and “Blah”… But eating right and drinking plenty of water help me feel on top of my game.

In recent years I have been taking better care of myself and listening more closely to my body. Which has helped heighten my psychic awareness and empathic ability all the more. My abilities are “finer tuned” now, meaning that I can pick up and sense things more easily.

So, see how taking care of ourselves is so important? I finally have….. I used to eat pop tarts and drink chocolate milk every morning…. Then, drink a soda with a bag of chips for lunch… And junk food throughout the day…. I felt horrible and it took me a long time to realize it was because of my daily food intake.

I still like to eat Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream on occasion, and other sweets…. But in moderation. And that is perfectly ok. But I do feel way better making the healthier choices in life.

In the following photo is what I am dehydrating today. My veggies have been lightly coated with garlic salt and pepper, and onion powder. I have the machine set at 158° and it should take around ten hours or so (maybe a little under, I’ll check periodically) until they’re fully dehydrated. And in the photo is a glass of cucumber infused water…. Mmmmmm……. 🥰

Staying fit and healthy for psychic awareness….. Life is beautiful!!

Stay blessed, everyone. You are all much loved!!

~ Sheila 💋