Ahhh…. New Orleans!!

Happy weekend, one and all!! It is a beautiful sunny day here on the Gulf Coast! Got up waaayyyy early this morning to travel three hours west from my home in Alabama to have breakfast at Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Yeah, yeah… I know what I said in yesterday’s post about eating healthy… (Actually, I have sliced bananas and apples on my dehydrator now….. Mmmmmm…. )… But on occasion I do like to indulge, and this morning I had beignets and coffee!

While in the historical city of New Orleans, I went sight seeing (like the tourist that I was…. Lol). Had such an awesome time. The sun was shining high above with the occasional cloud drifting by.

People all around, shops, art, music, street performers…. You name it!! Absolutely love the city and its active atmosphere!! Been there several times, yet each time is just like the first. If you’ve never visited New Orleans, I highly recommend it!

Walking through the French Quarters is like walking back in time. To see all of the architecture takes my breath away…. beautiful!! The horse and buggy carriages with their guided tours add to the feel of “yester year”. Everyone there is so friendly….. I can literally go on and on…. Had such a great time that I wanted to share with all of you because you all are so important to me, you make me just as blessed and happy!!

~ Sheila 💋

The following are some more photos…. 😊


4 thoughts on “Ahhh…. New Orleans!!

  1. I’m glad I caught your post today! I didn’t realize I followed another Alabama dweller! I’m a little more north but wish I lived a few hours drive from New Orleans. I couldn’t imagine being that close to such a beautiful & history-filled city!

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