The Infamous and Macabre LaLaurie Mansion

Yesterday was a gorgeous day! It started off rainy, but cleared up with a nice January coastal temperature reaching the mid seventies. My family and I decided to drive west three hours to have breakfast at one of our fave places…. Cafe du Monde.While in New Orleans, we walked around and checked out the LaLaurie Mansion. Unfortunately, we were unable to go inside, but still able to visit. It’s reported to be extremely haunted! The following tells of its macabre history….

“Tales of murder, mystery, and mayhem flow throughout the history of New Orleans, but none are more captivating than the LaLaurie Mansion. Madame Marie Delphine LaLaurie was a notable Creole socialite before tales of unimaginable cruelty and killing swirled.

The gorgeous Royal Street mansion is located in the heart of the French Quarter. The family spared no expense decorating, shipping in ornate décor from Europe. The house was the talk of the town and home to many extravagant affairs until the dark truth was uncovered.

Slaves mysteriously disappeared, never to be heard from again, screams of ungodly torture could be heard coming from the upstairs, and the Madame’s personal slave jumped from the roof to her death allegedly to avoid being taken to the room of terror.

It was thought Madame LaLaurie’s husband knew of the sadistic happenings but turned a blind eye.

As rumors of grisly behavior echoed throughout the town, the once sought after socialite was avoided, parties unattended. Since it was illegal to mistreat slaves, the Madame was forced to relinquish hers. However, they were given to family members and she acquired back a few at a time.

Although whispers of slave mistreatment swarmed through the town, the reality of Madame LaLaurie’s insanity was unearthed in 1834 when a fiery blaze started in the kitchen uncovered dark secrets as it swept through the mansion. According to legend, the fire was set by a slave trying to commit suicide because she could no longer endure the torture of the lady of the house.

During the cleanup, more than a dozen slaves were found chained upstairs, maimed and tortured. Both men and women, some strapped to a makeshift operating table while others were confined in cages, human body parts were scattered around. Heads and human organs thrown in buckets, other body parts were placed on shelves next to whips and paddles.

After a mob showed up to ransack the mansion, the LaLaurie’s fled town never to be heard from again. Since then, blood curdling screams can be heard at all hours of the night, figures can be seen floating around.” ~

The following is a photo of the LaLaurie Mansion. Even with it’s dreaded history, the location is still very beautiful. And just after the first photo, are additional ones we took while we were visiting New Orleans. Love that architecture!!!

Stay blessed, everyone and know that you are all loved!

~ Sheila 💋

The LaLaurie Mansion


Ahhh…. New Orleans!!

Happy weekend, one and all!! It is a beautiful sunny day here on the Gulf Coast! Got up waaayyyy early this morning to travel three hours west from my home in Alabama to have breakfast at Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Yeah, yeah… I know what I said in yesterday’s post about eating healthy… (Actually, I have sliced bananas and apples on my dehydrator now….. Mmmmmm…. )… But on occasion I do like to indulge, and this morning I had beignets and coffee!

While in the historical city of New Orleans, I went sight seeing (like the tourist that I was…. Lol). Had such an awesome time. The sun was shining high above with the occasional cloud drifting by.

People all around, shops, art, music, street performers…. You name it!! Absolutely love the city and its active atmosphere!! Been there several times, yet each time is just like the first. If you’ve never visited New Orleans, I highly recommend it!

Walking through the French Quarters is like walking back in time. To see all of the architecture takes my breath away…. beautiful!! The horse and buggy carriages with their guided tours add to the feel of “yester year”. Everyone there is so friendly….. I can literally go on and on…. Had such a great time that I wanted to share with all of you because you all are so important to me, you make me just as blessed and happy!!

~ Sheila 💋

The following are some more photos…. 😊