A Leafy Connection

Hi everyone! Hope you are all well. It has been a wonderful day so far. Transplanted this little beauty from a group of wild ferns that were growing outside our house.

Also, clipped pine straw from the yard to make mulch.

Doing things like this really make me feel more connected with Mother Nature. ❤️

The Earth is full of so many bountiful gifts!

Stay motivated and stay blessed! You all are amazing!!

~ Sheila 💋


(A watercolor painting by Sheila Renee Parker.)

Aside from being a writer, you all know that I’m also an artist. I find inspiration in the simplicity of many things, from a passing breeze carrying a leaf in mid-air to the exquisite beauty of human life. And when that inspiration strikes is when I’m compelled to paint. The following painting is one that I created a few nights ago, a depiction of Mother Earth. I’ve respectfully given it the title, “Gaia”.

Hope you all enjoy….. ~ Much Love & Light!!!


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