Mark & Debby Constantino

By now I’m sure that many of you have heard about the tragedy involving EVP researchers, Mark and Debby Constantino. Sadly, they died yesterday. Here is the link where more information can be found about the shocking discovery.

Such a devastation that still leaves me in a state of disbelief. I’ve been a huge fan of theirs for a long time. Mark and Debby were both respected and well known in the paranormal community. Together they made appearances on Ghost Adventures and Paranormal State where they assisted with investigations. The Constantinos shared so much wisdom and insight that will never be forgotten.

According to the police reports made, domestic violence played a horrific part in their marriage. Something that is absolutely heartbreaking to discover. My heart goes out to the Constantinos and their loved ones. Mark and Debby will certainly be missed…..

National Domestic Violence Hotline (website)        1-800-799-7233 (phone number)





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10 thoughts on “Mark & Debby Constantino

  1. Sad and shocking to hear. We didn’t know Mark and Debby personally, but watched their enthusiastic evp work on GA. May they Rest in Peace.– Paul & Adrian Hill — Light in the Dark Paranormal

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  2. I’ve seen just about every episode of Ghost Adventures and this is truly a tragedy on so many levels. But as soon as I read this, I had an intuitive hit. Those that delve regularly in the paranormal must understand that they are bing impacted energetically and spiritually by their work and by the entities that they get in contact with. So on one level, I am not surprised because I know that they had contact with violent entities. There is caution to be found in their story for thise that have ears to hear…..

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  3. Just a note of caution on the possibility of their work being in any way responsible for this tragedy. Family dysfunction on many levels could have pre-dated any paranormal activity they engaged in. One or more members of a family or couple with some kind of personality/emotional disorder probably began that path in childhood. Adult experience only tends to exaggerate it if its not properly recognized and managed. Then again, I’d be the last to say that their work couldn’t have been at least in part responsible. In this life, we’ll never know…

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