Interview with James Wraieth

Today I’m welcoming James Wraieth from Ghostly Cowboy Productions. Thank you, James for stopping by!


Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Believe it or not this is the hardest question I am asked. Not because I mind answering, I just never know what to say. I’m no one special, I’m just me. A husband and father first, everything else second. A Cherokee/Irish country boy from the south. I have been involved with the paranormal and strange for nearly 26 years. I was a bull rider until an accident that doesn’t allow me to ride anymore. A magician, I love all things magic. David Copperfield and Lance Burton are some of my biggest hero’s. I love antique cars, Horses and cattle. But mainly my life revolves around my family.



How did you get into the paranormal?

I have always been interested in the strange and unexplained since I was little. But when I was fifteen I had an experience with an entity that changed the way I thought about the paranormal. For nearly a week there was an entity that would wake me at night and tell me it was going to get me. And this wasn’t a ghost, it was something else, Something old and dark. Like a corner in a closet that no matter how bright a bulb you used it never lit up. I was terrified I couldn’t move I couldn’t scream, couldn’t do anything but lay there and pray inside my head.

And people say oh sleep paralysis. But no I was as awake as I am right now. Still chill’s me to remember that thing. But my mother and grandmother went to bat for me and got rid of it. After that I wanted to learn everything I could about the paranormal, the supernatural, pretty much anything that went bump in the night, legend or otherwise. I wanted to not just learn about it but understand it and the effects those things can have on our daily lives.



What kind of places do you investigate?

Pretty much anywhere, Forests, buildings, homes, cemeteries. But any time I do a residential home I never present findings or discuss it with anyone but the people living there. As I would not disrespect someone or their privacy like that.
And I don’t do a lot of cemeteries as to me it’s somewhat disrespectful to the final resting spot of someone’s loved ones.

When I do a cemetery I go out of my way to make sure it’s performed with the upmost respect by my self and my team. We do not provoke or agitate the spirit’s there and no one is allowed to step on graves or take anything away from them.

But other than that not much is off limits to me. As the more places I am willing to go the better my chances of learning from them.



What is your most frightening experience?

Hmm the most terrified I have ever been I wasn’t even on an investigation. I was in my early twenties and had been over at my sisters house one night watching movies just goofing off, And needed to run to the store for something. I went out of the house and started to my car when I noticed something felt wrong. Bad wrong. As I got closer to my car the feeling became much stronger.

There sitting in the drivers seat of my car was death. And I don’t mean a dark spirit or a entity I mean death. It was shrouded in black not like a robe but like a mass of black smoke or mist is the closest I can think of to describe it. When it raised it’s head and I saw what should of been it’s face I knew without a doubt what I was looking at.

There was no face just this deep black blank spot. It was literally like looking into nothing. Like an empty portal into forever. No face no stars no evil red eyes nothing just endless nothing. That’s the only time I have ever been scared to the point of crazy panic. I mean no thought other than the primal urge to flee. Even with the thing in my room it was no comparison to this.

When I finally came back to my senses I was in my sisters house and she had just smacked the crap out of me about 3 times. Because I was just screaming and crying. That is the most frightening thing I have or probably will experience in my life.



You have a new show called, Southern Mysteries. Can you tell us about that?

Sure, It’s the first show that I or my team have ever done. So we are defiantly new to this lol. I am Producing and releasing it on youtube. As well as a weekly talk show on blog talk radio. But the south is full of great mysteries, legends and places considered to be some of the most haunted places in the world. And there’s also a nearly endless supply of legends and strange happenings that’s not known or showed anywhere. And our team wants to investigate and share as many of these as we can with anyone that is interested in those types of places.



What was the inspiration behind creating Southern Mysteries?

Ever since I started my journey into the paranormal I wanted to learn all I could and help others who might have had their lives changed by something paranormal, supernatural, spiritual what ever you want to call it. There are many paranormal shows out there but the majority of those in or about the south or southern culture, Are done almost comical in their nature. They are full of bearded slang using stereo types. Sure they are entertaining and funny to watch which maybe is their goal I don’t know.

But to me that does a huge disservice and dishonor to those out there truly interested in these strange phenomenon. And to the people whose lives have been touched or changed by them. I want and hope that our episodes can show these mysteries in a more serious light.

Where people can get information, validation and answers they may be seeking. As well as interact with us have fun and even get help if they need it. So I would have to say that’s the inspiration behind the show.



Southern Mysteries has a trailer that can be seen on Youtube. I’ve viewed it and found it to be quite interesting. Mind sharing the link so that others can learn what Southern Mysteries is all about?

Not at all, would be glad to. You can find most of the information about our show, our group, what we are working on, And links to all our relevant pages at our blog site. Our goal is to eventually make our blog a one stop shop for all things related to what we do. But until then here are all of our sites.

Stop by, check us out, let us know what you think.



What methods do you use while conducting an investigation?

Our methods depend heavily on what type investigation it is. It can vary greatly from place to place. But there are some basic principles we always follow. Be Respectful. Never take anything at face value or assume anything. If it can be debunked then we want to do that. We aren’t just looking for evidence but also the truth. Be it paranormal or natural. Fact or hoax. We want to know the truth behind it not just what happens there.

I have three wonderful researchers that gather as much knowledge as they can about anywhere we go. Both reported happenings and historical significances. We always try to get as much information gathered on our investigations as possible. Sometimes over several days or even weeks. Photos, video, audio. Any type of recorded data we can get.

We also try devices such as apps, sound triggers. item triggers, environmental conditions. Tracking and hunting techniques in some cases. Pretty much whatever we think will get us the best results. While at the same time being as respectful and safe as possible.



If someone is experiencing paranormal activity and is in need of help, how can you be contacted?

If someone is in need of help or has questions about a personal situation with the paranormal they can contact us via private message on our facebook page and we will respond asap.

Anything discussed via private message will not be shared or discussed anywhere openly. All private communications will remain so unless the party contacting us releases it themselves.

If they just have questions or thoughts about the paranormal strange or anything like that. They are more than welcome to post a message on any of our sites. Facebook, Our blog or our youtube and radio pages.



Any words of wisdom you’d care to share?

Don’t let fear of the unknown be it paranormal or everyday life stop you from living it to the fullest. Be respectful and live your life with honor. Care about those around you living and gone. And they will care about you.

Life is going to be hard, its going to suck at times. But if you keep fighting and never bow down to that hardship even in failure you have already won the battle.

And last but not least, We are all human, we are going to screw up. It’s not what or how many times we get knocked down that matters. It’s how many times we get back up that counts.



James Wraieth


Southern Mysteries


6 thoughts on “Interview with James Wraieth

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  2. And I truly hope you never do. I wouldn’t wish it on an enemy. Because If you ever do trust me it leaves it’s mark. It’s not something you can misinterpret nor forget.

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    • I hear you about being marked, James. I, too, have had some life-changing experiences. Experiences I still can’t talk about to this day. Please take care and stay safe always. We are following you now and looking forward to watching your videos and reading about your experiences. 🙂

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