A Fascinating Event!!

This past Thursday I hosted another wonderful speaking event. Met some great folks with extremely inquisitive minds. The interactions were absolutely phenomenal! People were taking notes as well as offering their own insights. The energy in that meeting room was definitely intense. What an awesome feeling! A beautiful lady even shed some tears as she recapped her personal life.

The day started off with some pretty heavy rain, but that didn’t stop the people from attending. Each speaking event that I host is entirely different, just like snowflakes, there are no two that are alike. As with other events, we discussed the different types of hauntings (residual and intelligent), shadow people and the sensitivity of animals with spirits, but this time, we discussed more about spirit guides and other protective beings. One individual opened up about some rather troubling moments in their life when they were just a small child and how this person started seeing a gray mist that would occasionally make its presence known. I asked this individual if they had ever seen anything of the sort prior to the troubling moments and the person said no. Then, I asked if they ever experienced any malevolence from the gray mist and did anyone else see it as well? The person again said no, that they were the only one to see it and since that young age, the person hasn’t seen the gray mist anymore. The individual said that the house they were raised in was an old farm house. The individual did state that the family dog would growl in the gray mist’s presence and even at one time, this person felt the blankets being pulled when they were in bed, but nothing more than that happened. The origin of the gray mist was never determined. Like the person said, they never felt any malevolence from it. So, who knows what it could have been? Perhaps a protective spirit watching this individual when they were a child in a time of need?

We also discussed the power of positive affirmation and supernatural abilities like natural healing, clairvoyance and of course, being an empath. Plus, how to open the channels to accepting the gifts that we are given and not to be afraid of them. I always recommend meditation. I truly believe it helps relax the mind and strengthen the spirit within us. Meditation has helped me out a lot. One person who attended the event laughed and said that meditating makes her fall asleep. Everyone in the room assured her that it was ok and it was her body’s way of telling her that she needed the rest. I must admit that I’ve nodded off during meditation, too. I know lots of people have and it’s perfectly ok.

Another topic we discussed was the Akashic Records and how Edgar Cayce referred to them during his readings. To discover that the majority of the group was already familiar with this subject was quite impressive, I loved it! Tarot, runes and tea leaves were other “reading” methods brought up during our discussion and so was the pendulum.

The speaking event lasted two hours and every minute of it was beyond awesome! The interactions weren’t only informative, but entertaining as well!!!



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