Happy Thursday, everyone! Hope you are all doing well. Just wanted to share something pretty inspiring about my brother, Randy!

This weekend he is running 100 miles from Jackson to Memphis in Tennessee for a great cause to help the victims of neglect and abuse!! To read more about this, check it out at …. The Jackson Sun.

If you would like to make a donation, click onto …. 100% goes to the children!

Remember, even the simplest act of kindness can help those who are truly in need.  💕

Photograph courtesy of The Jackson Sun Newspaper.

Angelic Dakota Burke

Instead of writing this post about the paranormal, I wanted to write about a very special and beautiful little angel that has now bestowed Heaven with her radiant light. With her big, bright blue eyes and joyous smile, Dakota Burke will forever shine in the hearts of everyone.

As I write this, I can’t help but hold back the tears. Even though I never met this darling, her story tugs deeply at my heart. Dakota Burke, a playful twenty month old precious toddler, was brought to the hospital on New Year’s Eve. She was badly beaten with severe burn marks all over her body. Sadly, she succumbed to her traumatic injuries. She died just days later on January 8, 2015.

What kind of monsters could have done such a horrible thing to such an adorable sweetheart? Her own mother along with the mother’s husband, both who have been charged for the abuse and death of Dakota Burke. My stomach turns with disgust towards these two “so-called” individuals. I’m an extremely proud mother of two wonderful sons and to think of another mother taking the life of her own child goes way beyond my comprehension. When I see this story on t.v., I grit my teeth in anger and wonder why?

All the pictures I’ve seen of sweet, Dakota Burke have been ones of a little girl who was full of laughter and smiles. She appeared to be such a beacon of light, a true blessing to the world. For the remainder of the month people are turning their porch lights on every night at 6 pm in her memory. For more information and stories about this little angel, please visit the Facebook page that’s been dedicated in her honor.

Dakota Burke