“Yin & Yang’s Convergence”

“Live the light, love the dark and embrace everything in between.” ~ Sheila Renee Parker


A way of life that I openly talk about. To “live the light” (as in my above quote) I’m simply referring to living a life doing what feels right deep within the heart. To harm none, including oneself, and live a good life.

When I say, “love the dark”, I mean to acknowledge that which is often misunderstood. “And embrace everything in between” refers to being open-minded about the paramount existence of both, light and dark.

The below painting is my most recent one titled, “Yin & Yang’s Convergence”. I personified both Yin and Yang to demonstrate their intimate bond, for even they know how important they are to each other.



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Yin & Yang's Convergence

(“Yin & Yang’s Convergence”. A watercolor painting by Sheila Renee Parker)