“Yin & Yang’s Convergence”

“Live the light, love the dark and embrace everything in between.” ~ Sheila Renee Parker


A way of life that I openly talk about. To “live the light” (as in my above quote) I’m simply referring to living a life doing what feels right deep within the heart. To harm none, including oneself, and live a good life.

When I say, “love the dark”, I mean to acknowledge that which is often misunderstood. “And embrace everything in between” refers to being open-minded about the paramount existence of both, light and dark.

The below painting is my most recent one titled, “Yin & Yang’s Convergence”. I personified both Yin and Yang to demonstrate their intimate bond, for even they know how important they are to each other.



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Yin & Yang's Convergence

(“Yin & Yang’s Convergence”. A watercolor painting by Sheila Renee Parker)


7 thoughts on ““Yin & Yang’s Convergence”

  1. Interesting reversal of the traditional symbol, where yang, representing the male or animus, is white, and yin, representing the female or anima, is black. The taijitu, symbol of the tao, recognizes how they complete and complement each other. A man who has yet to embrace his anima cannot be complete, nor can a woman who has not accepted her animus.

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