My Online Stalker

Yes, I unfortunately have one. This particular individual has created several online accounts through various social media to attempt defamation of my character. He is being rude, crude and viscous. His ongoing harassment has been continuing for quite a while and I have blocked him in every way possible.

He has even gone as far as to create imposter accounts wrongfully using my name. He has purposely and publicly disrespected people with whom I’m associated. Why? Because he’s trying to bully me. He’s upset because I won’t respond to him.

How this person and I met was online. He and I have never met face to face. He seemed to be sincere, so I trusted him. As time passed, his moods started changing… becoming obsessive. One minute his mood was light, then the very next moment, the complete opposite.

He would always apologize for his moods, but as time progressed, he became worse. So I started distancing myself from him and blocking him. And since then, this person continues to harass me by online stalking.

This is a horrible situation that I feel terrible about and I’m so sorry that this individual has lashed his anger out towards people that I hold dear. His rants have targeted many people who have supported me, not only on social media, but also on sites like Goodreads and Amazon where he has personally made derogatory comments about me and my writing. I’ve had to report his harmful posts there as well.
Please, if anyone sees anything disrespectful or suspicious, notify the proper channels and report what you see.

Any form of abuse, regardless of who it’s with, should never go unnoticed. If you find yourself in a similar situation, please contact the proper authorities. Report any and all suspicious behavior. And take a stand by blocking abusive tweeters, reporting them and not engaging. Why would anyone want to engage with an abuser? Abusers feed on nice people who think there must be something they can do to help when there is actually nothing anyone can do to help the abuser if the abuser is not willing…. the abuser has to be willing to seek help. It’s sad that some people strive to make themselves bigger by attacking people they perceive to be vulnerable.

With my situation, the proper authorities, including the law enforcement agencies, have been notified and police reports have been filed. Yes, I have actual legal case numbers at hand. Every little thing this individual has horribly said about me has been copied and personally given to the law enforcement agencies. The proper authorities are well aware of who this individual is.

… so, I have said what I have to say about internet abuse and stalking. Thank you everyone for your positive words of support!


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  1. You are the second author within a two week period with this same problem. As a public figure I know you worry for your work, but anyone that knows about you and your profession should be intelligent enough to know that isn’t your style. Good luck with law enforcement and know me, as one of your followers wish you nothing but the best.k

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  2. You may also consider taking those copies of his abuse to a civil lawer and filling a civil suit for slander and defamation of charater. But dont worry we all know how wonderful you and your works are. No moron will be able to change that 😀

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  3. Well as a young person being on the receiving end of this kind of abuse online. I connected immediate and want to pursue this individual and place harassment his way. I will not though so do not worry. You did the right thing though by seeking help through the law, it is safe and will make him think at least. For every post and write up that is done a person draws a target on there face for a malicious user on the net to abuse or do something meaner. My advice is always be safe and think your moves out on the net and seek out reason with this person. Best of luck in seeking peace from him.

    Thanks for reading,

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  4. Sheila this is awful!!!! It sounds like you are doing everything you can to make sure this doesn’t continue or escalate. It reminds me of this show I watch on Investigation Discovery channel – called the Web of Lies. Have you seen it? There are some really scary people out there.

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  5. Sheila, I am sorry that you’ve had such trouble. I went through a similar thing in the UK, with a client who stalked me via the telephone, even going so far as to; give me false names when trying to get readings.
    Have you done all the usual spiritual protective measures like: Getting your guide to talk to his guides, doing a cutting-cords, setting up a reflective bubble, with a 3 x 3 return of energy/harmful thoughts?
    Also, I’m sure you’ve had a sit-down with your highest guide, and tried to connect with the past-life where he/the situation originated?
    Take care, and my thoughts are with you ❤

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  6. I am saddened to hear you are being subjected to this harassment, but encouraged that you have chosen to speak to it from a position of strength and shared a strategy to manage the situation. It‘s good to remember there is a bit of bad mingled with the good, and to check ourselves to be sure we are acting with kindness in a venue that offers anonymity but is still made up of people with passions and hopes that are due respect. Sometimes we stand together.

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  7. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    This is a tough read as it is always hard to hear about someone, just like us who writes, blogs and uses social media being harrassed. A lesson for us all and I suggest that you read Sheila Parker’s post and be careful.. Thankfully the vast majority of people that we make contact with are genuine and well meaning… however there is always that one.. as in life.

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  8. Shelia, thank you for bringing awareness to others of such victimization in this day of Social Media. Education is the first key in the line of defense for those who do not know how to defend themselves. You are a true hero.

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  9. Please accept my sympathy for all you are going through. It’s worse because it’s all digital – no face to face. Cyber stalking is horrific. Keep blocking him, putting your message out there. I hope this situation resolves itself.

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  10. This is scary, Sheila! I know of what you are going through. I went through the same incident once with someone at the other blogsite I was before. I don’t know if you know Xanga, but it was there when it started when a stalker came across my path. He followed me too, to the other blogsite “blogster”.

    He came around likea nice blogger, but then it started getting worse when he commenting on every of my profile pics and started to send private notes/messages that he wants to see a photo of me being naked.

    Later, he threatening me he would follow me where ever I go and he found me via Facebook where he terrorized my family and friends. He copied my pic and pretending to be me on other websites.

    It was horrible because I was not the ONLY ONE and he chooses few of victims and calles us as “The Sellective”. I do not know what that means but it is really so pervert.

    But I am not scared and thank God that he is on the other side of the world. I asked him once where does he stay and he was pretty excited that he thought I am interested in him, finally. I told him no. I said I will send a few of my FBI friends in search on him and marked him as a terrorist in the Net.

    Since then, he had left me alone. But the thought that he did that and copied my pics and perhaps has still some of it on his walls or in his computer, freaks me out … Who knows what he will do with it at all???

    You take care, Sheila … There are always evil people in the world of Internet … *HUGS*

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  11. thank you for sharing your terrible experience. It will be helpful to others who experience stalking. Unfortunately, with the global world as small as it is, this is more prevalent than ever. Blessing to you and best wishes for a complete resolution to this situation. May this person be stopped and caught by their own slip-up. So Mote It Be.

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  12. This was an awful situation, but now a year has passed, and i’m hoping things have improved? It is absolutely awful you had to go through this. 😦

    CJ x

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