“Ignorance is Bliss”…. or is it just annoying?

Ok, I’m about to start talking in regards to something that I normally don’t bring up, simply out of respect because I am an open-minded individual. BUT…. something happened yesterday evening that has prompted me to speak a tad forward. Now, I’m not posting this to tick anyone off or to dance on anyone’s toes, but I just wanted to write about it. (Ahhh…. the beauty of free speech….)

Yesterday I was at home having dinner with my family when, all of a sudden, my doorbell chimed. We were puzzled a bit because no one heard anyone pull up into our driveway. After a brief moment, my husband grabbed our excited, little furbaby so he wouldn’t go scurrying out the door upon me opening it. Once the front door was opened, I was greeted by an elderly man with two *barely* male teenagers, all dressed in their Sunday’s finest. Suddenly, I was well aware of the impending speech, but respectfully allowed the older man to begin speaking. He started off by briefly introducing the young lads who accompanied him, then continued to introduce himself. They were from a local church going “door to door to spread the word” and to invite us to their religious establishment. The two young men to his side were obviously feeling somewhat nervous with their awkward smiles. I returned the gesture just to show no disrespect, then I looked back at the elderly one who was trying to hand me a small pamphlet from his shirt pocket.

As I politely interjected his speech, all I said was this….. “Not to be disrespectful or anything, but we’re not interested in what you have to offer.”

The man paused, looking confused and asked, “Why? You don’t believe?”

I replied, “No, not like you do.”

With a stern face he continued, “Oh, but you will when you’re in hell for not believing.”

Quietly, yet still respectfully for the young lads’ sake, I quickly smiled back, “That’s your belief, not mine.” 

The old man tried to say something else, but then I graciously stepped back, still with a smile and told the three standing at my door to “Have a good day.” The older man respectfully said the same, for my family and I to have a good day as well. I nodded and then closed the door.

It made me a little irritated because I thought, “how dare he say I was going to hell for not believing the same as he did.” But then it came to me. He actually inspired me to write this article about it. Why? Not to complain, but to be more open about my beliefs. I’m a Wiccan and I am damn proud of it, too! Yes, I am a white witch. I used to hide my beliefs out of fear because of close-minded individuals like him, but I will do it no more. The older I get, the more I realize I am my own individual and I am the only one who’s in control of my life. The fear of others and their beliefs will not control who and what I am.

I proudly follow the Wiccan Rede, “An It Harm None, Do What Ye Will”. Which basically means, not to cause or bring any kind of harm to others (including one’s self). I am a very spiritual person. Yes, I work with crystals, incense, candles…. white light…. and I even communicate with the Angelic Realm quite regularly. And no, Angels aren’t just “Christian based”. Angels are beautiful messengers for anyone and everyone regardless of their beliefs.

A couple of days ago my friend and I were out getting some tattoos. I got a small one behind my left ear. It’s an Angelic symbol meaning “Listen Within”. I chose the design because it symbolizes something that is very dear to me, the voice within us all. Like I said, the older I get the more I realize things. And I am starting to focus more on listening to the messages that I receive from the Angelic Realm, my spirit guides and my higher self, instead of listening to all the clamorous nonsense and negativity that tend to plague society.

Since I’ve been doing so, I find myself more at peace. I’ve become even more open-minded with an even greater sense of understanding. Of course, I still get irritated with certain things, after all… I am human with human emotions, but because of narrow-minded people like the older gentleman from yesterday with his biblical message, I am more open-minded and now speak more freely about who I truly am. A proud Pagan and I don’t feel the need to go “door to door” to spread positive vibes. I do it with the simple gesture of a warm smile with the feeling of love and light.

I’m sure the man’s intentions were sincere, as close-minded as they were, but people like him have to understand that not everyone believes as they do. And because of that, it doesn’t mean that the rest of us are “going to hell”.

I am at peace to say that the bible handler’s message did inspire me, just not in a way that he intended.

Be proud of who you are and never let anyone tell you any differently! They’re the ones who have to live with their small minds, not you! So go out there and stand for what you believe in!


Positive Vibes Only, Baby!! 😉


~ Love & Light, Sheila





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Here’s a photo of my new tattoo… An Angelic symbol meaning “Listen Within”….

Here’s a photo of my new tattoo… An Angelic symbol meaning “Listen Within”….




38 thoughts on ““Ignorance is Bliss”…. or is it just annoying?

  1. nice tat. I’ve heard the same thing because I was raised Roman Catholic. we worship idols, don’t yanno? I still roll my eyes at that one even tho I’m no longer practicing.

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    • I was raised as Baptist, which made it all the more difficult for me at first, to speak openly about my spirituality. And yes, I now roll my eyes as well… lol

      And thanks for the compliment on my tat!


  2. Beautifully said! When they came to my door and found that I ascribe to no organized religion and I am a psychic medium they felt the need to visit me more often even though I have very strong “faith” (knowing). As I said on Twitter. I eventually had to hang a sign on my door warning of my intentions to phone the police if they returned. Beautiful, beautiful blog piece! Written with grace, love and decorum.

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  3. As a Baha’i, I view Hell as an allegorical place. The idea of being cast into the innards of the Earth, for eternity, is just not logical. Angels are beings that serve all humanity, and besides, people who worship the natural are paying homage to the Divine, just as much as those who worship based on a sacred text, revealed by a Messenger.

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  4. Well said, glad you didn’t let this elderly man’s words get to you. We don’t tend to get that much of this sort of door-to-door spread the word kind of thing much here in the UK, but I always just politely say no thanks and that’s that if I answer the door to them.

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  5. You handled it well. It’s difficult to process, especially on your doorstep, someone trying to recruit you to their belief system. You feel a bit cornered actually. On the street you can just breeze past them and smile and say no thanks and they’re gone in a second, but at the door you really do feel confronted. When I lived in the UK we had callers regularly. Most would be polite and leave the moment I said no thanks and refused their books. Some would press you a little to find out your beliefs. In answer I’d say I was very spiritual but didn’t want to follow a particular religion. No one was ever rude to me or pushy so I can’t grumble really. I knew some people who put signs up on their doors, No Cold Callers / Religious Callers. Good idea, but for me it ruins a perfectly nice door 🙂 Anyway, well played, and that’s a sweet tattoo as well, congrats!

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  6. Unless you conform to their extremely narrow minded vision of what Christianity is about you are immediately judged an heretic. They could do with taking a few lessons from the bibles they so proudly carry!

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  7. Well said, Sheila. There’s no need to be anything but polite, but just say ‘No Thanks.’
    Unfortunately, the Christian religion has become narrower and narrower as the years go by. Much of what these people preach is far from what Christ would say.
    And well done for standing up and expressing your beliefs.

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  8. On several occasions I’ve had long winded conversations with Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons. I don’t accept their beliefs, but I’m happy to discuss what they believe and why they believe it, and like you I’m polite when they call. Things do get a bit weird when I introduce the subjects of quantum mechanics and vampires and when I told two Mormons I didn’t actually exist they gave me a funny look and left.

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  9. You were far more cordial than I would have been. I find that kind of behavior so presumptuous and frankly, disrespectful. Especially during dinner time!! I once chased a couple of those types off my property and told them if they trespassed again, I’d call the cops. I’m sure they “forgave” me, in their holier than thou kind of way. Grrrr.

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  10. It sounds like you handled it very well; It’s always hard for me to find the balance of being polite but direct. I like the tattoo. I’ve never known a “white witch” and didn’t realize they were so attractive. 😉

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  11. This is a very good article Ma’am, it is a well written good read. I have read the ‘Wiccan Bible’, many years ago but by no means am I an expert on all the things that you do and don’t believe in. Even though I am a devout Christian I believe the Christian faith is all about love for everyone, not hate. We as people will never know about others beliefs and knowledge they do or don’t posses if we only speak to others with hate in our hearts. Knowledge and love begets more knowledge while hate only begets more hate no matter whom the possessor there of is. I look forward to reading more of your article, maybe I will learn somethings from you too. I hope that you and your family have a great weekend.

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