Little Miss Pollyanna

Ahhh…. Little Miss Pollyanna….. to live day to day with a positive attitude…. to try one’s best to help spread the ever so needed energy of positive vibes. …. to negate all that is negative to help the world be a better, brighter place. Not a bad way to live. At least, not for me anyway….. lol…. however….

There are those out there who have tried to imply that I’m “too bubbly”. That I’m too much of a dreamer, always with my head in the clouds. Well, all I have to say to that is… I am extremely proud of the cheerful person that I am! I have come a loooonnngggggg way to be the woman that I’ve become. And yes, I am a dreamer, but I am also a realist. I know when to set boundaries when it comes to the fantasy world. Will I ever stop being silly and goofy? Not a chance in Hell!!! 😉

Now I’m sure you’re all asking, “Why is she writing a blog post like this?”. Because on occasion a random person, here and there, has come forward to me with their negative verbiage and try to deflate my positive attitude. For some peculiar reason they think I’ve never had any of life’s issues. (Trust me, I’ve never been immuned to life’s challenges.) BUT…. I, just like anyone else, have the choice to rise above adversity. I will not allow anything negative to get the best of me, and I am well aware of how people and things are.

I think it’s hilarious that my positive disposition has actually bothered some folks. For them to literally reach out to me (especially when they don’t even know me) and try to dim my ray of sunshine?! Their comments have completely no effect on me. I use them to help me to be even stronger, to rise even higher as an enlightened individual. I honestly hope those who live negative lives are able to one day find peace and happiness in their hearts.

Some people are truly such sad individuals to try to bring others down. Now I promise my intentions are not to be petty with this article, nor play any childish games by calling out naysayers. All I am doing is reminding people how important it is to have a positive mindset and how much better it can, and will, make someone feel!

Being cynical only implies that one hasn’t discovered the inner strength or harmony needed to see the brighter side of things. There is a sense of awakening, even a sense of empowerment, when one finally embraces both, Light and Dark. As I often like to say…. “I love the Dark as much as I love the Light. There is such a beautiful balance.”

For all you beautiful people out there with your radiant smiles…. continue to shine for all the world to see! YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! And for all you naysayers…. you just need a BIG FUZZY HUG!!!! LOL…. 😉


Have a blessed weekend, everyone!

Love & Light, Sheila





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7 thoughts on “Little Miss Pollyanna

  1. I’ve spent a big part of my morning reading hateful comments, so it is hard not to get a little cynical in such divided times. Thanks for keeping your positive light burning 🙂

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  2. Years ago I thought that positive people were faking it because there was no way that anyone could be happy for real. Then I discovered that it was indeed possible. People speak from their own current reality. If they can’t see how it’s possible to be happy, they’re telegraphing their needs!

    I just published a post about someone who was offended by an exclamation point I had used! While I went through a couple of days questioning my punctuation usage and wondering if I was inadvertently offending people through my liberal use of them in all my posts, I finally realized that they made me happy and was how I expressed myself. If a punctuation mark is offensive, then my blog will continue to offend.

    Be yourself! That’s the only person you can be!

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  3. Thanks, Sheila. It’s true that negativity and cynicism are more “toxic normal” in this culture. Along the way, I’ve heard a few people using PollyAnna as a diss, which, to me, is kind of like folks who call people “Peaceniks” or “Treehuggers” (“You mean you’re against peace, or trees?”). Maybe it’s the negative brain bias and the fact that it might actually take some work to cultivate and stand for the “silver lining”, hope, joy, magic, the beauty or positive elements that are actually also in existence (or “part of ‘reality’). I’ve also noticed that it’s ingrained in the polarity and divisiveness that’s been sown, where some folks get really defensive or angry if you’re an “and/both” or don’t join them in the rant against everything. So yeah, definitely shine the PollyAnna (we know that it can be part of being a ‘realist’ too! And/both. 🙂

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