Today I Am Compassionate.

Good morning, everyone! Hope you all are well.

Just laying out some affirmation cards to pull one for today and out of the whole deck one card, one single card, was upside down.

Now, when doing a reading with tarot, an inverted card can have a different meaning than its upright position, but since this deck isn’t tarot, I feel in my heart that the meaning is the same regardless if it’s upright or not.

And the card that I was drawn to reads, “Today I am compassionate. Today I will reach out and help another person feel better about themselves.”

What a beautiful card. Love what it says!! And I hope that by sharing this with all of you, it will help inspire someone to be compassionate and “pay it forward”, even with just a smile. 😊

One never knows what a simple gesture like a smile can do for someone in need. To “pay it forward” can mean anything… and not necessarily monetarily. To “pay it forward” can be the warm embrace of a much needed hug, to sit and have a laugh with an old friend, to merely open the door for a stranger while entering a building… So many wonderful things can be done when one “pays it forward”. And by doing so, hopefully it can inspire that person to do the same…

The world can be a beautiful and compassionate place, one positive act at a time…. 🤗

Love & Light! ~ Sheila 💋


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