“Spooky Random Fact: #2”

“Spooky Random Fact: #2”

The ominous number 666….. To many, this number automatically brings fear due to certain beliefs and popular society’s portrayal of negativity. However, according to the Angelic Realm (a realm that I work very closely with), this dreaded number actually has a very empowering meaning behind it.

The Angels (yes, those beautiful Light Beings from above) convey a very important message associated with the number 666. And no, it’s nothing demonic either, so lay that fear to rest.

When the number 666 comes to us, it’s a message for us to take a step back to re-evalute our current condition and learn to let go of the fear and material things that tend to take us off our spiritual journey. It’s a message that we need to bring our focus back to our hearts and learn to listen within so that we can reach a level of higher learning of love and compassion. You can say that it’s like a “warning” message that we are being too negative with our thoughts, therefore the path of our daily lives, and that we should regain control by reinforcing ourselves with the positive energy of love and light.

So, if you ever find yourself seeing this number, don’t fear it. Stop what you’re doing and take a moment of reflection and see how you can change your life for the better by incorporating the power of positive affirmation.

Always remember love and light, my friends!




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11 thoughts on ““Spooky Random Fact: #2”

  1. 666 has been one of my favorite numbers since some years ago I was called the Anti-Christ in a public meeting for convincing my fellow planning and zoning board members to follow the rule of law as opposed to the “good old by boy” system of ignoring codes by playing favorites with locals. I can even spell my name in such a way that it calculates to 666 like Pierre did for his name and Napoleon’s name in “War and Peace”. If I remember correctly, Pierre decided Napoleon was the Anti-Christ and he, Pierre, was the anti-Anti-Christ. But then Nero’s name calculates to 666 when translated to Hebrew and 616 when translated to Latin (a little confusing for some biblical scholars). And now you throw in an Angelic side of 666. Another spooky random fact about 666, is that U.S. Route 666 that serves the Four Corners states of NM, AZ, UT, CO, was recently changed to US 491 in NM, UT and CO and US 191 in AZ. The portion of old US 666 in NM that runs north from Old US 66 is remote and had high rates of accidents and fatalities, so it was called “the Devils Highway”. The highway signs with 666 on them would disappear, also. By changing the name of the road, and making safety improvements, the signs no longer disappear, and the fatality rates are lower. Fun times with 666.

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  2. I got on the scale the other day and it said 166.66 – I embraced it because it’s 17 pounds less than it was! It’s funny how people let fear overtake them. Turn the 6 upside down and it’s a 9 – completion 🙂

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