National Paranormal Day

Hey, hey, hey all you paranormal peeps! Today is May 3rd and it has been brought to my attention that today is also known as National Paranormal Day (an unofficial National holiday). However, the origin of this spooky day is unknown….. BUT…. go out there and continue to investigate those ghostly haunts, supernatural specters and anything else that goes bump in the night!

If it makes your skin crawl and those tiny, little hairs on the back of your neck stand up…. even if it’s not scary, if you have a paranormal tale that’s rather uplifting and positive, then I wanna hear about it and so does everyone else. We wanna know your ghost story! Don’t be afraid…. share! 😉


Happy National Paranormal Day all you beautiful people!


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5 thoughts on “National Paranormal Day

  1. OK. I’ve told this story maybe three times in 35 years, but don’t know if I’ve told you. In my thirties, while working misc jobs, I lived in an older hotel. I also was looking at and investigating anything that could possibly make a difference in my life.
    In the back of a magazine was the ad for a cassette tape, that if you played it every night as you’re going to sleep, well, your life was supposed to change.
    So I did that, every night, maybe 2-3 weeks. One night I woke up and there next to my bed were what looked like three kings side by side, actually touching. The were white, not like ghosts, maybe more grayish.
    I got so scared that I laid back down and covered my head.
    Did I really see something or was I dreaming? I don’t know. I’ve heard it said that if you experience the supernatural, then go ahead and experience it because it can’t hurt you.

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    • Wow, that must have been pretty intense! Thank you for sharing your experience! Would love to know more about the entities that you saw….. Wonder what the origin was? Perhaps they were connected with the location, with it being an older hotel I’m sure there were lots of people who passed through while on their travels.

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