“I’m Blocking You!”

Nah… not really. Don’t worry, I would never do that to any of you because you all rock and I love you guys!! But… the reason for my crazy, abrupt title is…. Being an empath is not always an easy thing to be. And for those of us who have this ability, we must learn how to control the sudden changes that we encounter emotionally, mentally and physically. Many of us consider this ability as a curse, like I used to do. But as the years went on and I learned how to live with my ability, I now consider it as a gift. Being an empath is a blessing to me. It’s taught me how to be more understanding and compassionate to others. I’ve also learned how, through meditation and the protection of white light and my spirit guides, to block negative energy. I use a technique that I call “bubbling”. And what that means is that when I am around any sort of negativity, for example: be it a negative person or at a haunted location (while researching or investigating), I will envision a bright “bubble” of white light encircling me, and other individuals around me if they ask me to aid them as well. As I’m doing so, that’s when I call upon my spirit guides for assistance. Suddenly, I can feel their warm presence and all of their positive energy around me, immediately negating anything negative and draining. This is how I block anything that doesn’t feel right to me.

Being an empath is something very dear to me. However, I didn’t always feel this way. Why? Because growing up with this ability, not knowing what it was, was really scary at times. When I was younger I didn’t know what being an empath even was. All I knew was that I could feel what others were feeling. And not just because they verbalized what they felt (what I felt from them wasn’t due to the power of suggestion either). But I could honestly “feel” what other people were going through… sense they’re happiness… fear… anger… etc, etc….

It wasn’t until my adult years that I discovered my ability as an empath. Like I said, when I was a kid I knew I was different, just didn’t realize exactly what it was. I always felt a little out of place even though I had my friends, I still felt different.

Since then, I’ve met many other empaths. How we interpret our abilities depends upon our own perceptions. For me, the vibrational waves of energy that I pick up from others, including from the beautiful Earth, aren’t only what I can detect emotionally, but as I get older, this ability to hone in on these energies is something I can physically feel as well. For instance, happy energies cause me to feel somewhat like an adrenaline rush. Their vibrations are energetic and cheerful. Negative energies make me feel awkward and jittery. Their vibrations cause me to feel a great deal of discomfort. And when someone is in any kind of pain, the vibrational energy surrounding them makes me feel nauseous deep in the pit of my stomach.

Now that I’m older, I can easily discern others’ energies from my own. It wasn’t so easily when I was younger, but by learning how to embrace my ability, I have learned how to guard myself and protect my own energies. I am extremely spiritual in my beliefs and have faith in the assistance from my spirit guides and white light protection.

Below is an image of a plasma globe. For me, to describe how being an empath is, is as simple as this. The more connections that are made with the plasma globe, the more energy beams that are produced. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and that’s okay because I know how to recharge myself when needed. Which is very important for everyone to do. I love going on nature walks, breathing in the fresh air and feeling the sun’s rays beam down upon my skin. It’s absolutely magical!

If you’re an empath, let’s hear from you, too! How do you cope and recharge? And do you consider your ability as a gift or a curse? We want to know….. 🙂





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20 thoughts on ““I’m Blocking You!”

  1. I’ve considered myself an empath for a good long while – not just because I could feel others pain, but because I could read the signs of it. Some of that comes from years of narcissistic abuse – which certainly honed my skills! I recharge on my own, in a magical mind space that is serene and beautiful. I tend to avoid crowds, too many emotions to sift through to. Chaos, you know? It can be either a gift or a curse, depending on the day. If it’s a show I really want to see, then yeah – it can be a bit much to handle with all the other emotions rolling over me. On the other hand, it’s a gift when it comes to knowing when to let someone have space, or when to be a bit pushy.

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  2. Oh yea – so feel this too and it goes deeper. Since I’m Clairvoyant so many images come in as well. Really all my Clairs are on in public and it’s really hard to turn off – but why would I? They keep me safe and at this point in my life, I know MY stuff from everyone else’s.

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  3. There was actually an old Star Trek “Original Series” episode about an empath. Men “didn’t get it” but it went up the charts in terms of feminine relatability. Via different limbic systems of the brain, THIS ONE “HIT THEIR REFLEXES” like no other.

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  4. Hi, it’s so nice to meet you. Sometimes I feel very alone in being an empath. It has taken me years to learn exactly what I was experiencing. I always try to express to people that I don’t care for large group events because when everyone is talking and conversations are going on around me, I feel as though there is a radio being tuned in my intuitive center and I am hearing and feeling what all of them are broadcasting. It can be exhilarating or extremely exhausting. But it is why I have to get out in nature at least once a week, taking photos and connecting the animals and the earth. I so get what you are expressing.

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  5. Hello, Since you were kind enough to start following my blog I am now reading and following you. I was shocked at how much I related to your words about being an empath, I have a lot of that happening to me, I didn’t know what it was called and as I am now 53 I have long accepted that I am sensitive. I am so happy to see there are so many other people out there like this, how special we are! Thank You x

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