A Ghostly Perspective

This next post was inspired by a film that I’ve recently watched titled, The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia. The film is based on a true story and here is its description: “A historic Southern home’s new residents come face to face with a malevolent force.”

While watching, that was when it dawned on me that I was already familiar with the people portrayed in the film. I had seen them on other paranormal shows talking about their story and discussing the daughter’s ability of clairvoyance and communicating with the dead.

After I finished watching the film, it got me to thinking about ghosts and why some of them seem to be so malevolent. Perhaps their spirit isn’t actually malevolent at all. Maybe they just seem that way because they are trying to convey a message to the living. And after countless failed attempts of communication with the living, the ghosts become enraged because they have something to say but have no way of reaching the other side.

I know it may sound crazy, even far-fetched, but it made me think. So, by the time these ghosts finally find someone with whom they are able to communicate, they’re ready to unleash all their built-up emotions. And with the rush of feeling (and the fact that they’re dead) it’s easy to understand why the living can get so terrified by a paranormal encounter.

It makes total sense to me. Put yourself in their position. One day you’re walking down the street and all is well, then unfortunately something tragically out of the blue happens and you’re no longer part of the living. You’re now on the other side. You’re terrified, freaking out and you have no one to turn to. You try so hard to communicate with the living, but nothing – nadda. You try and try until one day your persistence finally becomes successful when you’re able to communicate with someone. But by this time, when you’re able to speak to a clairvoyant or whomever, you’ve got all this rush of excitement and that’s what scares the living because it becomes too overwhelming for them to handle.

Now this isn’t me in any way, shape or form, discarding all malevolent entities as non-malevolent. Extreme caution should always be utilized when investigating the paranormal because there are evil creatures/beings on the other side. So, be careful!

But the film did make me think and I wanted to share……


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1 thought on “A Ghostly Perspective

  1. I very much like your thoughtfulness regarding spirits.There’s already so many negative tropes about them, that when people encounter them, they’re scared silly. In fear mode, we don’t always interpret the situation well, and it is very easy to get overwhelmed with strong energy and interpret it as malevolent when it might simply be intensity or excitement.

    I had a very intense encounter with multiple beings while I was a doorkeeper for an Inipi ceremony, and while I felt concerned, both for myself and for them, I was focusing my prayers on their well-being. Since it was a ceremony with fire, I was able to invite them the ride the smoke plumes up to God and the Angels while I prayed for them. They were all crying because they had all recently died very tragically in a mass shooting, so my concern was for their well-being. The shooter’s spirit was there too, but he hung back, crying, remorseful, and feeling undeserving of any grace. I invited him to ride upwards too and told him that God’s energy was all-loving, and the heavenly realm would help heal him. (For that is what LOVE does when people are remorseful.) When the ceremony ended, I told the leaders who were very frightened, but I told them they had been safe, there was no evil intent against them.

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