“Spooky Random Fact: #19”

“Spooky Random Fact: #19”

Automatic writing….. hmmmm…..

What is this mysterious form of writing and why are some so enraptured by it while others find it insidious? The practice of automatic writing (a.k.a. psychography) is a supernatural ability used by many individuals to communicate with spirits.

Often a person will sit in a trance-like state with a small chalkboard and a piece of chalk. While channeling, the individual allows the spirit to communicate through them. The person will transcribe the spirit’s message onto the chalkboard. This can also be done with the use of pen and paper. The individual, through which the spirit is communicating, claims to have no control over what’s being written, claiming that the spirit is in total control.

The mere thought of doing such an act frightens many people because of the idea of spirits entering (even if it’s for a brief period of time) a person’s body. They fear the possibility of a spiritual attachment. The use of a Ouija Board has also been considered a form of automatic writing.

A well-known case of automatic writing comes from the nineteenth century. New York Supreme Court Judge, John Worth Edmonds didn’t express any interest in automatic writing until after the passing of his wife. Even though Judge Edmonds put his career on the line, that didn’t stop him from pursuing communication with the spiritual world. Along with the help from his spiritualist friends, the judge claimed to have communicated with both historic figures….. Read more at Automatic Writing





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3 thoughts on ““Spooky Random Fact: #19”

  1. I practice automatic writing all the time and I do not fear possession or attachment. I believe that we are in control of the Physical Realm and if we protect ourselves with confidence we will be fine. I only allow Spirits who I know and trust to use my hands to type or write . I also feel that if I focus on fearful things I will attract them. So, protect yourself but do not focus on such things as possession/attachment or low vibrational entities.

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  2. I’m going to tell you something I’ve been doing this for quite sometime even have written while in the movies or while the tv is on and people are talking yes something does take over …..i have spoken about it but never heard of this said in the way you have defined it….i am very spiritual and I’ve been meditating for 15yrs…i do believe in spirit and I know this from experience….it can go very deep…i have been there and back..i have said too much already… curiosity is still the cat
    As Sheldon Yoursly

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