“Spooky Random Fact: #21”

“Spooky Random Fact: #21”

Street Light Interference….. what is this electrical phenomenon?

It’s a supernatural ability claimed by those who believe they have the power to manipulate outdoor lighting, like street lights, by turning them on or off at will when approaching them. A popular theory shared by believers suggest that individuals with this extraordinary ability can create street light interference by using the energy they emit from their own bodies. People who supposedly have this ability are referred to as Sliders.

Many skeptics believe that the cause behind SLI (Street Light Interference) is from the idea that street lights have timers and that the SLI events are simply pure coincidental when the lights happen to turn on or off at the exact same time when Sliders are near. Some skeptics even blame the lights going out on old, burned out light bulbs.

There is another phenomenon that closely resembles Street Light Interference and this other one is referred to as…. Read more at Street Light Interference: An Electrical Phenomenon






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7 thoughts on ““Spooky Random Fact: #21”

  1. Not so improbable; street lights are also on light-sensitive switches, and if one of these switches is tuned to the frequency of the Light emitted by one of these “Sliders,” it will turn off. I’ve seen it happen more than once.

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  2. When I was in college I noticed a lot of streetlamps going off when I passed them. I was 99% convinced it was just a combination of coincidence and my noticing it. One time when walking across campus lat at night I told my companion that streetlights went out when I was near. True to my word, 90% of them did go out, at least when I was close, if not actually under them. To say she was freaked is an understatement 😉 Later somebody told her that when the ballast on a streetlamp gets old, it will tend to cycle on and off. You usually don’t notice unless you are watching for it. Since we were watching, and must have been walking through a neighborhood full of lamps with old ballast, we just noticed it more. I was having fun with it, but she was mad that I lied to her about being able to turn of streetlamps. Oh well, you can’t win.

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