Street Light Interference: An Electrical Phenomenon

Now this next topic is one that definitely grabs my attention. It automatically makes me think of the widely known novel, Carrie written by Stephen King. It’s about a misunderstood teenager named Carrie who possesses otherworldly powers and at one point in the story, she walks down a street and all the electrical malfunctions occur simultaneously without warning. However, with the discussion of Street Light Interference (also known as SLI), it doesn’t mean that it happens when an angry high school girl causes it to occur. Even though Carrie is a phenomenal fictional novel, the phenomenon of Street Light Interference actually is very real for many people.

Street Light Interference is a supernatural ability claimed by those who believe they have the power to manipulate outdoor lighting, like street lights, by turning them on or off at will when approaching them. A popular theory shared by believers suggest that individuals with this extraordinary ability can create street light interference by using the energy they emit from their own bodies. People who supposedly have this ability are referred to as Sliders.

Many skeptics believe that the cause behind SLI is from the idea that street lights have timers and that the SLI events are simply pure coincidental when the lights happen to turn on or off at the exact same time when Sliders are near. Some skeptics even blame the lights going out on old, burned out light bulbs.

There is another phenomenon that closely resembles Street Light Interference and this other one is referred to as Traffic Light Interference (also known as TLI). People who claim to have this supernatural ability say they can manipulate traffic lights at will. However fascinating SLI and TLI may sound, there is no scientific evidence that validates such phenomena.

The subject of Street Light Interference quickly reminds me of a story that was shared at my recent speaking event. An older gentleman spoke about a lady who used to work at a courthouse for many years. Although Street Light Interference never occurred, every morning when the lady walked down the courthouse corridor, the photos of judges that were hanging on the wall would, one by one, turn in the direction of the lady walking as she passed them by. This became a daily occurrence said the man and there was never any explanation found. The baffled courthouse employees had gotten so used to it happening that instead of further questioning the mysterious phenomenon, they would just reposition the photos every single day the courthouse doors were opened.


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14 thoughts on “Street Light Interference: An Electrical Phenomenon

  1. I believe there is something to to the electrical interference theory. I think that some people’s own circuits have the ability to disrupt electrical and wireless signals. At least this is what I tell myself when my husband walks by and the internet signal dies.

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  2. I work down near Manhattan Beach, and coming home from work I have to cross over the footbridge over Sheepshead Bay. Given the change in season, it’s frequently dark before I can leave, so the bridge is always illuminated by orange lamps. And more than once, they’ve been doused as I cross the bridge. Not to read too far into SLI, it’s definitely an eerie thing to experience. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. I just had to comment.. My sister does this!! She even has problems with things such as microwaves, watches, coffee makers etc.. I hope you don’t laugh but I am a believer in energy within and around us.. It is almost a visible thing with me like waves if you will!! I am off to read more from you!! Caro

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  4. I had no idea there was actually a name for it. I will walk down a street and the lights will flicker, or completely go off. I always thought they were just defunct lights that decided to go awry just as I passed under them – or I was being followed by a spirit (actually I like the street light interference idea much better).

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