Meet Drew Stevens

If you haven’t read my paranormal romance, The Spirit Within, then what are you waiting for? πŸ™‚ Previously I’ve introduced you to two main characters, Cassy Blakemore and Raleigh Nichols and their crazy, insane relationship. But…. here’s where the plot thickens…. Meet Drew Stevens!

Who is this sexy, yet shy man of mystery? Drew Stevens is a reticent bookstore clerk who just so happens to arrive in Cassy’s life at the most opportune time! He takes a liking to her rather quickly and sweeps her off her feet with his spellbinding ways. Drew’s sweet and compassionate, but he’s also full of secrets. Why does he appear in Cassy’s life at just the right moment? Does Drew know something that she doesn’t? And if so, what does he have to reveal?

Protector, savior, or foe? You decide…..


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Here’s the sketch that I did of Drew Stevens from my novel, The Spirit Within. Prints of my sketch are available at….




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(“Drew Stevens”. Sketch by Sheila Renee Parker)


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