Death’s Design

“By accepting what lies beyond Death’s door, we allow ourselves to fear no more.”

~ Sheila Renee Parker ~



Lately, I’ve been watching Final Destination; all of the films within the series. It’s morbid how many grotesque ways death is portrayed in each movie. The chain of tragic events that continue to snowball until the last victim meets their demise is truly twisted.

However, as disturbing as these films are, they got me to thinking. Now I’m well aware that death is inevitable and there’s no running from it (like the people try to do in the movies), but does death really have a design as theorized in the fictional flicks of Final Destination?

Death, throughout the ages, has been ghoulishly personified as the Grim Reaper, giving him a dark, hooded presence with skeletal hands wielding a scythe waiting to claim one’s soul. No wonder so many are terrified of Death. I mean, come on…. if a big, scary dude that looked like that started chasing after me, I would run like hell to get away from him, too. And then, what happens once he’s caught ya? It’s horrifying, right?! The kind of stuff nightmares are totally made of!

But here’s where my thinking gets weird, a creepy notion to ponder. Instead of fearing the unknown, how about facing it head on with strength and perseverance? Losing a loved one is never easy. Like others, I know that pain all too well. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve begun to accept things more differently. Meaning that a passing, regardless of how tragic and sudden it may be, happens beyond our control. Now I’m not trying to sound insensitive by any means, but by accepting what is, as it is, will help to heal the heart. Again, it is inevitable, we just have to be strong and know that we are not alone.




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16 thoughts on “Death’s Design

  1. I don’t see it as weird thinking at all, if we taught out children it was a beginning of something and not an end how wonderful would it be? We celebrate life arriving, why not celebrate it moving on? After all science and society have no proof either way about the finality of Death. Let’s give the Reaper a white robe and a flower instead and see how perceptions change.

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  2. I’ve never known someone to realize that death is inevitable because of Final Destination! I love it! I love how thoughts work! But, it’s so true Death is pretty sneaky, creative and scary. It (or he/she to be PC) Can strike at any time.

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  3. Somehow reality is at odds with religion at every turn. I have heard many of my friends and acquaintances speak of the fear of death and unsure how they would cope without faith. After my deconversion I had this great calm and oneness with the universe come over me and my fear was gone.

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