An Event To Remember!

Happy weekend one and all! Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween. I know I sure did! This has always been my favorite time of year, the smell of the crisp autumn air as it sweetens the chilled autumn evenings. However the nights are getting longer, it gives us the opportunity to light those candles and enjoy their warm, illuminating glow.

Earlier in the week I was the guest speaker at a paranormal speaking event. Had such an amazing turnout and met some really fantastic people who were also there to share their paranormal experiences. We all engaged in topics ranging from ones that have been discussed on this blog like ghostly travelersΒ to the different types of hauntings.

The subject of reincarnation even found its way into the discussion. A lady who attended the event shared with everyone a very interesting story. She told us all about an extremely vivid dream that she once had. But she said that her dream wasn’t just a dream. She said that it felt more like an actual memory, perhaps a memory from a past life. Upon waking, she remembered every minute detail. In her dream, the lady saw herself, yet it wasn’t her in this lifetime. She was from a different era, turn of the century…. Victorian times. In her realistic dream, she even discovered the name of the woman who she thought to be her. So the next day, it sparked something in her so much that it prompted her to research the woman. Her findings were conclusive. The Victorian era lady from her dream actually did live at the turn of the century and had the exact name that was mentioned in the dream. This woman who attended the speaking event said that prior to her dream, she had never heard of the Victorian lady before in her life. She had no explanation to why she had the mysterious dream. Her belief is that it was a fragmented memory from a previous lifetime that surfaced its way into her subconscious mind during sleep.

Other stories that were shared were quite uplifting that included deceased loved ones who still visit the living by showing signs only recognizable to those they hold dear. While some stories were sadder in nature and somewhat emotional. I, too shared several of my own paranormal experiences, like the time when I was a young girl witnessing my first shadow person, followed by more encounters throughout my life. Then, there was the time that I had a frightening experience with a Ouija BoardΒ when I was a teenager. An unforgettable memory, even though it happened many years ago, I still remember it as if it occurred only yesterday.

The speaking events that I host aren’t only for me to discuss the paranormal, they’re also a way for others to openly share their preternatural encounters. Having an open mind is key to understanding the unknown.

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~ Sheila Renee Parker on Twitter @sheilarparker.

10 thoughts on “An Event To Remember!

  1. Hi Sheila! Sounds like you had quite a time! Bravo!
    So strange and interesting as always…the series of synchronistic events that lead to an unpredictable outcome. In this moment, the outcome is a shared paranormal-type experience. Ashland kept popping up this weekend, and then culminating with reading your Event to Remember, which then prompted me to be like, Huh, yes the Ashland experience. I was three years old, 1973, and this would probably be one of the oldest memories I have.
    My mom was in college at Ashland University (Ashland College back then). She had left for a while (to have me) and then finally went back with me in tow (single mom). We lived in a duplex type house where I remember my mom telling me in later years that we had to share the bathroom with the neighbors. Cozy. The bedroom was also the living room and we slept on a pullout couch bed. I remember sitting up and staring at the end of the bed and some man was standing there. He looked pretty messed up. Terrifying. I can’t remember exactly but it looked like he was holding up some kind of cinder block. He was SO ANGRY. He wanted to kill me. Crush me, and he couldn’t, which made him even angrier. I looked over at my mom and she was sleeping, and looked back at the monstrosity who was still there screaming I think, mouth open in a silent scream. Something happened though. I cannot remember exactly but…I felt safe. I laid back down and went to sleep.
    Now the only other thing of significance from that time period (because I do not know if this was the next day) that something else happened. This kind of segues together and I remember my mom telling me the story, my grandmother, and my great aunt who told this to me again but with greater detail than I knew before (mom and grandma had both been long passed by then).
    From time to time, my grandma and my great aunt (grandma’s youngest sister by 20yrs) would make the trip to Ashland to visit us. This one particular Saturday morning, my grandmother surprised my aunt with a call and saying she wanted to go visit us. It’s a three hour trip and my aunt and her had usually made plans well in advance in the past, however, she had a “feeling” that she needed to visit us. They arrived and knocked on the door. My mom’s car was there…no answer. They pounded with no answer. My aunt said she remembered walking across the porch and looking into our front window. We were sleeping on the pullout. She banged on the window and we didn’t stir. Then they smelled it. Gas. My aunt smashed the window, opened it, opened the door, and her and my grandma got us out and to the hospital. We were treated and released, and when we got back we found our kitten didn’t make it. She fell asleep and never woke up. Exactly what would have happened to my mother and I if my grandma hadn’t got her Feeling. The gas main behind the stove came loose. The Cause of the gas leak, but no idea “how” it came loose.
    In retrospect, I think the entity that wanted to hurt me so bad found a way. However, there was no way for it to know that I had no reason to be afraid. It was a Feeling.
    I know it wasn’t a dream because I seem to have pretty decent recall of the traumatic events from early childhood. For example, I had two babysitters while at Ashland. Grandma Grimm and Grandma…No Idea the name. I remember my mom telling me how much I LOVED Grandma No Idea Name. I have Zero recollection. I remember Grandma Grimm perfectly well. She was an incredibly mean spirited woman. Won’t get into all the stories (I remember a few) but the funniest (weird and haha) was one time when my mom picked me up, Grandma Grimm turned all smiles and went out of her way to get me cookies and milk. I think the feeling I had was something like Incredulous.
    Anyway! Apologies, for the long reply/comment, Sheila. I don’t write much, but when I do it sometimes comes spilling out all over the place.
    Feliz Dia de los Muertos!

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    • Reading this Ben has caused me to recall a time from my past where a spirit wanted to hurt me. I was very young about 7 years old and a very strong empath. I just felt the angry energy and then the saw the form with it’s haggard appearance. My own departed Grandpa came to my rescue and sent the dark shadow away. I’m thankful that your Grandma and Great aunt were able to save you and your Mom on that day. And I thank you for letting me share my experience here. As I felt compelled to do so.

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  2. Wow that sounds like s very fascinating Halloween event. I know I was led to your blog by you’re following mine. And thank you very much for that kindness. In reading this one my goosebumps are plentiful as we’ve had similar paranormal experiences. I have always jokingly referred to myself as “being good with weird.” I have shared or alluded through my blog to some of these experiences and truthfully I haven’t told many people of them. And here I am writing and sharing them on social media. πŸ˜‰ So I’m happy to find your blog, and you’re kindred spirit. 😊

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  3. Hi Sheila, I am a huge advocate of past life regression as I think we can learn a lot about our current life by digging into previous lives. At the end of one regression session I participated in, when people were sharing their experiences, I was quite surprised to discover that the woman lying next to me had experienced the same past life as me…she had hired me to sew a wedding dress for her daughter!

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