Poetry in Motion

“Life is a myriad of emotions, ever changing like seasons in the wind.” ~ Sheila Renee Parker

Life is funny with its ups and downs… side to sides and all those crazy roller coaster rides. Well, metaphorically speaking.

It can be a real kick in the pants. A real eye opener, especially when something insane comes totally out of left field.

And then sometimes you just gotta rip that band-aid off. As painful as it can be, sometimes it’s for the best.

Day to day we are faced with certain challenges. Some not so tough, while others make ya wanna scream on the top of your lungs. And you know what? That’s ok…. Our frustrations, the turmoil that can make a person go mad can actually be the fuel to help us achieve our dreams… as long as we are productive and constructive with that pent up energy. Never destructive!

We want to encourage ourselves and others with a positive mindset. Proof that anything is possible. Our strengths .. our wisdom… All that we have learned from our trials and tribulations.

Life is a beautiful teacher. Allow it to help us grow and become better people than what we were in the past.

Black, white…. shades of grey… are all ok to embrace, but there are also so many magnificent colors of life that are waiting to behold.

We all have our moments. I’m no pollyanna, that’s for sure, but I try my best to live life to the fullest.

Remember, with rain comes rainbows… and always be grateful, not hateful.

Stay strong and blessed, everyone. Negate that negative energy! You all are much loved!! ♥️

~ Sheila 💋

Black and white photo of me… Embracing that beautiful yellow. Kinda reminds me of sunshine! 😉

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