“The Unforeseen”

Step by step, I stroll the streets
darkened by monochromatic shades of black.
Atop the buildings that stand tall and bleak
lurk nefarious creatures and their impending attacks.

Their eyes aglow with a sinister red as they wait with guarded stance
to claim their prey on the streets below at the first given chance.
The innocent who know not of what awaits their fate will soon succumb
before it gets too late.

The air is cold, damp and foul
and echoes bellow of the creatures’ howl.
I grip my coat, pulling it tight,
ready to put up what might be a fight.

Then, these creatures, they see me as I see them
and they suddenly realize, it’s their fate that’s grim.
For they are my prey… I hunger… I feed…
Protecting the innocent whenever they need.

(~ poem by Sheila Renee Parker)




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