Phantom Travelers ~ a.k.a. ~ Ghostly Hitchhikers

There have been countless reports of these preternatural creatures throughout the centuries. Phantom travelers are supposedly the spirits of humans and/or animals that haunt certain locations like roads or well traveled areas. They’re thought to originate from the catastrophic events that happened at these locations, therefore intensifying tenacious emotional attachments that heighten the supernatural energy of these places. Such horrific events include car crashes, train wrecks and motorcycle accidents just to name a few that have proven fatal.

These spirits appear as if they are among the living, like you and me. They seem tangible without any transparency at all. Yet, they are not to be confused with doppelgangersΒ for they are not harbingers of doom. The opaque apparitions seem deeply saddened, traumatized and severely lonely.

They are commonly seen alongside roads, railroad tracks and even cemeteries. Often, a passerby traveling will see these life-like phantoms as they suddenly appear in the car’s headlights. Looking as if they are distressed, the driver will ask the ghost if they are in need of any help or possibly wanting a ride somewhere. Several reports claim that when the living person’s kind offer was accepted, there was little interaction with their ghostly passenger. And once destination was reached, the phantom traveler exited the vehicle only to vanish into thin air, leaving the driver completely terrified and confused.

When I was growing up, an urban legend floated around town that mystified all those who listened. The details, for me, were never clear, but I somehow remember the tale of a headless woman that haunted a small bridge on a county road. It was said that anyone stopping on this old bridge around the hour of midnight, turning off their car and then repeatedly flashing the headlights, would see the vision of the headless woman carrying her head in front of the vehicle. Did I ever try this alleged paranormal experiment? Of course I did with many of my friends, but was unable to witness anything conclusive.

Perhaps the ghostly hitchhikers aren’t aware of their passing or are simply too distraught to move on, causing them to be trapped in our physical realm. Who knows….

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~ Sheila Renee Parker on Twitter @sheilarparker.


10 thoughts on “Phantom Travelers ~ a.k.a. ~ Ghostly Hitchhikers

  1. Awesome. I think just about every nook and cranny of this country has a story like this. I’ve often heard of those spirits walking a road only to be seen with no face when they are passed. I remember seeing a story like that on Unsolved Mysteries! Around here there are quite a few of those, but none I have ever seen. I spoke about one or two on my site before. They’re great lore, but I don’t think there have ever been any actual sightings caught on video or anything, which is a shame, because those stories are so much fun!

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  2. In jacksonville fl on Fey road. There is a legend of a woman that rides a white horse along side the road at night. She is weeping and riding side saddle. She travels a sretch of road about 2 miles long. And when someone stops to check on her. The woman horse and all is said to disappear.

    This dates all the way back to the early 70’s. Where supposedly a woman whose child was severly ill and needed a doctor, She had no car or phone so she took a horse from a neighbors field and was riding it to get help for her child.

    The car was struck by a large truck or some say a drunk driver. And she was killed. Her spirit is the one they say haunts the road. She has been seen many times by all types of people including a few police officers.

    She was even talked about and drivers warned to look out for her on the radio in the mid 80’s. 2 people have had heart attacks while traveling fey road and both said it was caused by being frightened when she disappeared in front of their eyes as they stoped to offer aid.

    I have done 2 seperate investigations on the road but have not had any experince seeing her yet.
    But my aunt who has lived in florida for over 40 years and very close to fey road has seen her twice.

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  3. The only time i have had experince with a ghostly hitchiker when i was 17 i picked up a elderly gentleman and gave him a ride to a place called woods cove in alabma. He was very friendly and even knew my name. But i figured he was friends with my grandfather who new everyone in our little town.

    When he asked me to let him out i thought it was strange but i stoped let him out and drove off. The last thing he said to me was to be carefull james people drive crazy these days.

    I didnt think any more about it untill 3 days later my mother was duting off some old pictures and i saw one of the man i picked up. I told her i knew him i had given him a ride a few days ago.

    Mom said son thats immposible. I laughed and tolder her no it wasnt i gave him a ride. She said James thats your great grandfather and he has been dead since before you was born. She asked me where i gave him the ride and i told her. She told me that he is burried there in woods cove. The grave yard he is burried in was at the top of a hill off the road aways in the very curve he asked me to let him out at.

    I remember he told me exactly to becareful james people drive crazy these days. 9 days later i had a serious accident that almost killed me.

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