Monsters: Real or??

Yes, monsters are definitely real! Now, I’m not talking about fictional ones like Grendel in the epic poem, Beowulf, or even H. P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu in The Call of Cthulhu. But then again, who’s to say that they weren’t inspired by real monsters. I am a strong believer that there is a basis for everything, including fictional things. It just all depends on each individual’s perspective.

On occasion while doing paranormal talks or being the guest on radio shows, I’ve been asked what’s the most frightening thing I’ve ever encountered, and my answer has always been this…. I have experienced many things regarding the paranormal from seeing shadow figures, visions in my mind’s eye, being touched by apparitions, hearing unexplained sounds, smelling unexplained odors/fragrances and being able to “feel” things with my empathic ability. But, with all that being said, and I’ve had some pretty freaky experiences, none of that has ever compared to the real monsters that exist out there in the real world.

I’m referring to the ones that we all have seen on the six o’clock news. The vile, heartless individuals that prey on the weak and the innocent. The ones who live double lives and show completely no remorse for their despicable actions. The rapists, the murderers, etc….. The ones who are our neighbors that, while out tending to their flower gardens, smile and wave to us as we drive by.

Many are prominent figures in society. One that comes to mind is Dennis Rader, a.k.a the “BTK Killer”, a serial killer convicted of murdering ten people. He was an active member in his church and a Cub Scout leader. Knowing that alone gives me chills!

Then, there was the charismatic Ted Bundy, another serial killer who kidnapped, raped, and murdered many young ladies during the 1970s. It terrifies me that so many fell victim because of his “good looks and charm”.

And the above are just a couple of the countless murderers throughout history. Other ones are political figures and leaders such as Hitler and Stalin. Not to mention certain religious dignitaries that have been convicted of sex crimes against members of their own churches.

What about the disgusting news reports regarding child care and/or nursing home providers who neglect and/or abuse loved ones…. or even rape them…. the ones they’ve been entrusted to care for.

It’s people like these so-called “human beings”  who are the ones that I’m referring to when I say that monsters are definitely real. Anyone with a heart wouldn’t dare do the horrific acts executed by these blackened souls.

Now, I can go on and on, but I choose not to. I refuse to give these monsters the notoriety that many of them seek, for whatever selfish reasons they may have or had. That’s the reason why I cannot stand to turn on the car radio in the morning to listen to a broadcast on the way to work, or watch the evening news. So much negativity is out there, it’s draining! That’s why I try so hard to constantly spread positive vibes, in hopes to brighten people…. not bring them down.  I’ve actually been criticized for being “too bubbly”. That cracked me up because my cheerful disposition literally ticked someone off. My response? “Oh well!” … lol ….

Anywho…. not ranting here, but just wanted to get that out there. Yes, I do believe in monsters. However, that’s why when I’m asked what’s the most frightening paranormal thing I’ve ever encountered was? I always answer that the most frightening thing I’ve ever encountered was from the living, not the dead. I don’t fear the paranormal, only the human “monsters” that are seen, and often go unnoticed for their crimes in our society.





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39 thoughts on “Monsters: Real or??

  1. Monsters are very real.

    There are those who endeavor to define the psychopathy of “human beings” like those you listed above and label them with a “mental illness,” but I’m not a fan of that school of thought. It’s an easy out. “He understood what he did was wrong, but he’s crazy.”

    Despite differences in spiritual leanings and beliefs–or non-beliefs–most of us believe in “good” or the goodness in others. However, you cannot have good without evil, and that’s exactly what living, breathing monsters are.

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  2. You said, “I don’t fear the paranormal, only the human “monsters” that are seen, and often go unnoticed for their crimes in our society.”

    Gave me goose bumps, too. I actually know someone who worked in a prison; met some of the most notorious criminals when he worked in the highest level security prisons…talk about chills! I worked in a prison, and there is a definite “Feeling” when in the presence of evil (a true sociopath – where in trying to relate; empathy gets sucked into the deepest darkest BOTTOMLESS pit. The ghost is felt THERE…HAUNTING). UGH!! (Crossing self).

    I agree 100% with you. Sometimes…maybe too often, people hide/conceal themselves behind a…”Perception” of a thing. Priest, police officer, nurse, doctor…”Healer”…of these, the perception/label/ideal is “Good,” but terrible evil can be cloak behind this. THIS IS WHAT OCULT IS. That said, Good can be hidden by the stoic and humble. Cheer can hide sadness. Laughter can hide despair.

    The meek can hide great virtue in silence; the bombastic can hide great insecurity. I say all this to mitigate too much of a generalization, but of true horror and evil, “Charisma” can hide malice and malignancy.

    Discernment – Man…Trust your instincts…which you seem to be aware of already. Glad of the article. It’s a good reminder to just be holistically aware.

    Peace! And Thanks!!!

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  3. While I agree with VM Sang that the “monsters” in our midst are the exception, it’s always the exceptions that we notice most.

    I like that you (Sheila) are like me in that your biggest fear isn’t of those shadowy, go-bump-in-the-night experiences, but those human monsters who have so little regard for their fellow humans.

    Great blog!

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  4. And so I’m the one who has to say we are all born innocent, and no-one wants to be a monster, but a newborn is a blank canvas for the artists of life to use or abuse as they will. Accepting this makes the full-grown article no less fearsome, I know, but even at knife-point I find myself asking – what brought you to this?

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