“The Apparition” by Sheila Renee Parker ~ CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY!!!

Ho! Ho! Ho! The holiday season is upon us!! Can you believe it? December is here! And in honor of this beautiful festive time, I am having a CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY!!! That’s right and I am so excited!!

The prize is a signed print (6″ x 8″) of my painting, The Apparition! https://fineartamerica.com/featured/the-apparition-sheila-renee-parker.html

All you have to do is send in your name to Contact Sheila Renee ParkerEntries for the drawing must be submitted before the deadline date and time of Friday, December 15th at 11 p.m. Eastern time. The winner will be notified the following day.


Good luck, everyone! 🙂

~ Much Love & Light, Sheila



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~ Sheila Renee Parker on Twitter: @sheilarparker.

~ Sheila Renee Parker on Facebook: Sheila Renee Parker – Author

~ Sheila Renee Parker on Instagram: @sheilareneeparker

~ Art by Sheila Renee Parker available at: https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/sheilarenee-parker.html



“The Apparition” ~ by Sheila Renee Parker. Prints available @… https://fineartamerica.com/featured/the-apparition-sheila-renee-parker.html)





6 thoughts on ““The Apparition” by Sheila Renee Parker ~ CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY!!!

  1. Hello,

    I usually never post comments on other blogs but I wanted to let you know I listened to parts of an interview you did:

    It was interesting.

    I grew up in several haunted homes and would consider myself an empath as well.

    I may post that interview on my site.


    Liked by 1 person

      • Hi,

        It was a good interview and I posted in on my site. I have many stories myself that pertain to the paranormal, my whole family has experienced unusual happenings. I’ve been tuned into it that world since I was a kid. I think once you experience stuff like that you really can’t shake it. You can try and block it out but it’s always there.

        Nice to meet you as well. If you feel like ever trading stories just contact me via my contact page. I don’t post my email address all over the place because the content on my website seems to attract some off the wall people and who like to make some very nasty comments.

        It’s called spam reduction. lol.

        Liked by 1 person

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