Hidden Heidi

She’s mean, not sweet.
She’s light on her feet.
From the depths she’s crawling.
Before you know it, she’s right behind you
just to send you bawling.

Hidden Heidi’s her name
and fear is her game.
She’s evil to the bone.
She’s smart, she’s quick, she knows what to do
to get you all alone.

And when she does, her plan is complete.
She’s mischievous, yet very discreet.
In her grasp she has you.
Then, deep in your skin she sinks her teeth in,
and just like that she’s through.

Hidden Heidi’s her name
and death is her game
‘tis told that this is true.


(Poem by Sheila Renee Parker.)





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~ Sheila Renee Parker on Twitter: @sheilarparker.

~ Sheila Renee Parker on Facebook: Sheila Renee Parker – Author

~ Sheila Renee Parker on Instagram: @sheilareneeparker

~ Art by Sheila Renee Parker available at: https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/sheilarenee-parker.html



(“Hidden Heidi” ~ a watercolor painting by Sheila Renee Parker. Prints available at…. https://fineartamerica.com/featured/hidden-heidi-sheila-renee-parker.html )





9 thoughts on “Hidden Heidi

  1. You might be “on to something”. . . . . if you gave it about 50% more “Shel Silverstein” you’d have a book of thoughtful children’s poems for the Y.A. market. Hey, you never know. . . . .

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  2. “Hidden Heidi”, a poem about a vampire– maybe on roller-skates, rolling-up and sinking her teeth into someone’s neck. Your sketch gave me the idea. I’m not an artist by any means– just took a peek at “How to draw comics THE MARVEL WAY”. Of course, it would “only mean more work”, but keep the juices flowing, and the creativity robust!!!

    — From the fan club. (“FIEND CLUB”)

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  3. ‘Tis the spirit! Keep posting. Catch-up with ‘ya later.

    P.S. Have you checked out the program “Coast-to-Coast A.M”? That was the old Art Bell program about paranormal subjects, UFO’s, alternative history, and open phone-lines. Here’s an interesting show he did on “Shadow People”. I tend to download “audio, only” and catch-up with it later “after dark”. See ya’ around the campus.

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