Deja Vu

Deja vu is a French term meaning “already seen”. It basically describes the feeling one gets when they’re experiencing a current situation even though they know that it has never happened before. Why do so many people claim to experience such phenomenon? Who knows. Perhaps it’s a form of premonition or maybe even something due to reincarnation…. the mere possibility that the individual had been in that exact same situation in a previous life and being there in this life could have triggered some sort of “past-life” memory. As perplexing as it sounds, there may be some basis to that theory, but then again, that’s subject to one’s interpretation.

Like many others, I’ve had deja vu moments. I remember when I was a teenager, I was out with some friends and it was close to Halloween. We were going to a haunted Halloween trail. When we arrived at the location, I was in a state of awe, like wow! I didn’t say anything to my friends because I didn’t want to embarrass myself, but the familiar feeling of being there before was extremely intense. Weird thing was, that this location was in another county that I had never visited. But prior to arrival, I already knew what the main building looked like and the layout of the Halloween attraction’s trail. Spooky, right?! I thought so too at the time. Maybe that was the result of a premonition?

Another deja vu moment that I’ve experienced happened just last summer when my son and I visited an old hospital that had been beautifully restored and turned into a museum. As we toured this historic location, we walked through each room taking in the sights. So many things on display, it was astonishing! The whole time we were there, I kept getting this extreme feeling that I had been there before, but I knew for a fact that we had never been to that historical site. And there was no way possible that I was ever a patient there because the hospital closed down before I was even born. The connection that I felt to that place was absolutely undeniable!

Have you ever experienced deja vu? If so, please share!!


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~ Sheila Renee Parker on Twitter @sheilarparker.



deja vu


11 thoughts on “Deja Vu

  1. My most vivid deja vu experience was also when I was a teenager. I was sitting in the kitchen talking with my mom and sister. And for the next few minutes I knew exactly word for word what they were going to say. I was in awe so I just sat there thinking this is so weird and cool. It’s not a life altering premonition or what ever, but my deja vu experiences have never been anything other then feeling like I’m reliving some mundane, everyday experience of my life.

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  2. Sheila- Deja vu’ is due to a past life experience. We come here in so many lifetimes, we have been everywhere! We are also in more than one lifetime at the same time, diff. aspects of ourselves in each life experience. I have had a many of Deja Vu’ experiences. One was in Lovingston, Va. in an old house that was up for sale. I knew that I had lived or as the case turned out to be, I had worked there. I saw a door ajar and it concealed a spiral stair to the ground floor. I could see myself walking up and down it. After the first visit, I began getting recall about it. I had been a slave and I worked with horses in the livery behind the front of the building. I went across the street to look at another house and I walked to a rectangular depression in the back yard.. I knew that I had lived there when I was a slave- these were the slaves quarters, now gone. Both houses just sang to me, I had loved my work there. It had been an Inn. Later at home, meditating on it, I saw myself in that cabin, with my grandchildren around me. I was sick and could no longer get out of bed. The over seer just walked in and said that the boss couldn’t keep worthless niggers around , and he pulled out a pistol and shot me in front of my family. My body was then thrown down a dry well. Another experience that was so very strong- I was driving home from work in Lovingston, and I saw a road on my right. I can’t recall why I turned but I did, and to my right was a river, that was fast moving, and deep looking. I saw vacation homes to my left, but it was that river that I recognized. It appeared to be muddy colored, like it had swollen after a rain. As I was driving, probably in alpha rythum, because I felt like it was a trance, I said “weeping rock”. What the heck was that? I finally turned around but I felt like I needed to get out and go to the waters edge. I meditated on it at home and I was told that I had been Native American before the coming of the white man to that area. My name was “Many Rivers” because I cried a lot as a child. They were Souix. Weeping rock was a big flat rock which jutted out over the river, and it was customary to stand there and cry after the loss of a loved one. I went back a day later, and found that the once rapid, deep and wide river was now a very rocky and shallow stream! I had apparently seen the past. There have been other glimpses into my past. Ask for help with this and you may be helped to see these things, if you know that you have been there before. On the road to awakening, this is an opportunity for growth! Sheila, I would like to do a free reading for you on this, if you would like. E mail me if you want one. It’s

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  3. It is normally a conversation or an encounter with a person. I feel like I’ve dreamed it before. I know that at that moment, I am on my path, doing what needs to be done.

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  4. I experience it all the time. Sometimes it is stronger than other times. I even get dizzy when it is really strong. I still remember one specific instance from 1989. I was in school in the Navy. I was at my desk taking a test. The feeling was so strong that I almost passed out. 26 years later, I still remember it clearly. I still remember the setup of the room, and exactly where I was sitting when it happened.
    Like I said, it still happens, and it drives me crazy. I believe we were discussing empathic abilities on Twitter somewhat recently. I get so frustrated that I can’t control that, and I feel the same way about deja vu.

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  5. Have had these experiences where the events of one work night will play out like they seem to have before word for word item to item then paranoia to fight or flight awareness instincts will start to kick in. In only one case it seemed helpful usually it starts a frustrating argument about the argument already happening an a laugh afterwards

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