A Transcendental Connection

Have you ever experienced a connection with an animal that you simply couldn’t explain? And I’m not referring to our beloved house pets either, even though they are adorable and we love them with all our hearts. The animals that I’m actually referring to are the ones that we may feel a connection with on a spiritual level. For some people, they may feel a connection with wolves. For others, it may be with eagles and for some it may even be with felines.

Me? I have always felt a connection with spiders. I’m not one to kill them. Actually, what I will do when I see one is safely pick it up and release it outside. I’m not frightened by them or feel uncomfortable. In fact, what I feel with them is like a sense of coexistence. I know a lot of people are completely terrified by these eight legged creatures, but not me. I think they’re beautiful. In my bedroom, there’s a massive, nearly eight foot wide window and once a week, a spider’s web will manifest itself stretching from the glass to the window’s frame. Every time I remove the sticky web, days later it’s back up again. Yet, I’ve never found the little arachnid responsible for it.

Having a spider as a spirit animal is suppose to symbolize feminine energy with a great deal of creativity. I can easily relate with that, well because I am a female and am extremely passionate about my writing and art. Other character traits of having a spider as a spirit animal are having a quality of high receptivity and the ability to tune into the high’s and lows of energy levels. Again, I can relate with both of those because I’m an empath. Patience is another trait. (I’m still learning with that one.) And lastly, the character trait of “shadow self”, meaning the acceptance of the dark aspects of life. I relate with that one as well because I openly embrace both, light and dark. To me, they’re a harmonious balance of one another.

The picture below is of a spider that I happened upon while on a nature walk. The black beauty didn’t even move. It stayed in that spot as if posing for the photo.

So what’s your spirit animal??


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~ Sheila Renee Parker on Twitter @sheilarparker.




12 thoughts on “A Transcendental Connection

  1. I like your attitude, Sheila. I’ve always liked the wolf, but my spirit animal is the crow. When I was growing up on the farm I never had a pet crow but whenever I heard them cawing I felt a connection. The same where I live now. At first they were always talking nearby, but then I started getting neighbors. Now their song is rare.
    I’ve never looked into my connection with them…I should some time.

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  2. As cliche as it sounds the wolf has always been my spirit animal and connection . ive had 3 as my companions and own a half wolf now. I relate to their fiece loyalty to family.

    And understand their instinct to survive. As i have always felt natural in the wilds hunting tracking and just being free.

    And its the animal i have always felt a kinship with the most. They are beautiful strong and can have a very dark side. But their love of family is their greatest strength.
    And your right to find balance you have to accept your dark side and everyone has one. Its what you do with it that counts.

    Another great post sheila as always and one to make you stop and think. Great work.

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  3. I have always connected to the Rat, like the native New Yorker I am 🙂 They frighten stupid people who are not worth the time, but the truth is they are very amazing.

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  4. I have a thing for spiders, too! I do the same thing, if I see one in the house, I scoop it up and relocate it outside or in the garage, and wish it well. People think I’m weird for talking to and naming spiders, but I do. They are actually beneficial little creatures. I mostly leave them be, to carry on with their business, but I do take their pictures first. Actually I’ve always know my spirit animal to be the Tiger. When I was very little, the tiger would come to me in dreams, and as I was born in the year of the Tiger, it was fitting.

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  5. I’m another person that releases spiders out into the garden, and considering the spiders we have in Australia, sometimes it’s risky business, but aren’t all creatures amazing, no matter their species? 😀

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  6. I have had a true life experience with a wolf in the Northern Yukon, Canada. While camping alone a white wolf approached and sat ten feet from me and our eyes locked for what seemed an eternity. I felt such a connection and then it turned and walked away.

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