Dreams… or Premonitions?

Dreams come in many forms. For some people, dreams occur like random flashes of broken images while other individuals may experience visuals that are in-depth with extreme detail. Many people dream in various shades of black and white, and others dream in vivid colors. Dreams are as unique as the individual who has them. There are even people who claim they don’t dream at all. Some dreams can have such an effect on us that they may linger on our minds for days. However, some can become easily forgotten within minutes upon us waking.

And yet, there are those of us who have dreams that are more than mere fantasy. I’m speaking in regards to premonitions like the ones that I have. When I get premonitions, they happen like reoccurring dreams. Often, I will have them over a matter of weeks and more extreme ones have happened over a matter of a few years. For me, these reoccurring dreams (or premonitions as I like to call them) don’t cease until they actually happen in real life. Occasionally, I will get a premonition only once just prior to it becoming real.

Do I consider myself a seer? Absolutely not. I’ve never experienced visions like those reported by Michel de Nostredame, Edgar Cayce or even Sylvia Brown. I don’t even have visions on a regular basis. They’re not something that I can easily pull out of thin air either.

Some of the earliest premonitions that I can recall happened back when I was a little girl in elementary school. The visions weren’t anything epic, but nonetheless, they were still something to me. I could “see” events happening in advance and other similar things. Like I stated earlier, my premonitions occur during dreams. I, like everyone else, have ordinary dreams that aren’t premonitions. It’s easy for me to tell them apart. All my dreams and premonitions come to me very vividly and realistically. However, with my premonitions I get a feeling that’s kind of hard to explain. The best way for me to describe it would be to say that when I get a premonition dream, the vision is accompanied by an intense sense of “knowing”.

When I was a kid I wouldn’t speak about my visions, but as I got older, I would randomly say little things to my friends and they would be like, “how did you know?”. I would simply shrug my shoulders and laugh it off, being very nonchalant about it. Do I take my premonitions lightly? Of course not, but I don’t shy away from them either. I welcome them and always listen to my intuition.


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11 thoughts on “Dreams… or Premonitions?

  1. I thought I was the only one! My dreams aren’t pleasant but not scary enough to be nightmares and yes they continue. Sometimes I can’t differentiate if it was a dream or it’s deja-vu. Maybe you can write a piece from the deja-vu point of view?

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  2. What a coincidence 🙂 I was just mentioning to a friend earlier while on vacation in a bus on our way to Chichen Itza about a dream she had that night before and rolled into a whole convo on dreams. Long story short, I mentioned about the only premonition dream I ever had. Semi interesting and not relevant here 😀 But talking my Universe stuff et al and your Random Chance Blog on dreams was perfect. My thanks, Sheila.
    Dreams…I have one blog left and may be able to tie some dream weaver stuff there. Peace 😀

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  3. I too, confess that I have those “premonitions” from time-to-time. It’s like you lived out a few non-descript seconds before, in a dream—and how, fully-awake some days or weeks later there’s a moment when everything seems so eerily-familiar, like a jolt—and you’re encountering a few seconds of life all over again. Everything flows together and your eyes widen with super-clarity, as if by magic. Whether we live on a time-line of matter & spirit and “jump ahead” as we get a peek through “our third eye”. Maybe “a brain-burp” from the pineal gland, or that part of the brain that’s more or less responsible for our sense of attuned, spiritual connection or if spirits swirl around like a dim mist just beyond the reach of the usual senses. I couldn’t say, but “I know the feeling”.

    — Michael Adams
    St. Louis

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  4. Very interesting, Sheilar. I dream every night, sometimes it feels like all night, and upon waking, everything gone 99% of the time. That’s a bit frustrating but what are ya gonna do? I’ve had a few nightmares but no premonitions that I know of, but they sound interesting too. I have a couple times lost something, and looked for it so hard that I dreamed about it and the next day I found it. Thanks for the follow, and I look forward to seeing your next offering.

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  5. I can relate to your experience; sometimes a dream comes you see the events, you see the people there are in the events, you hear the words. The maybe a couple of days, or perhaps weeks, you are having a conversation with someone, or you are at a location then you remember your dream it is exactly what took place, you know what will happen next. You can change the outcome or go with it………

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